Write Before Christmas

Review by Jennifer McClear, library assistant at the Peapack-Gladstone branch

Most Hallmark movies fall under similar themes: girl comes home after heartbreak, ends up falling for local hunk (whom may or may not be girl’s former crush); said local hunk is usually in similar boat – not interested in romance, but as fate would have it they bump into each other constantly and end up rekindling. Side note: have the tissue box at the ready.  

Well, let me tell you this one is different. You won’t need that tissue box, but this one will leave you feeling full of Christmas cheer and warm fuzzy feelings in your heart.

Jessica absolutely loves Christmas, all the way down to her jammies. Her decorated home looks like Mrs. Claus could use some decorating tips. Jessica is also a little pushy regarding the holidays with her boyfriend – she has plans for the whole week leading up to the holiday into the weekend after. There’s also the five cards that she bought for said boyfriend that she wants to send him (one for everyday prior to Christmas).

Sorry Jessica, but he’s going to put the breaks on and end things with you the week of Christmas. This causes Jessica to go on a hiatus from relationships and Christmas but not before she sends out those five cards to those who have impacted her life the most. Those five people are her brother who is in the military; her aunt who raised them; her best friend who is always truthful; her music teacher from years ago who inspired her (Jessica owns a music shop and can play the cello, by the way); and a pop star whose music got her through those tough younger years. 

Watch as these people’s lives are inspired by Jessica’s act of kindness. Watch how Jessica, in spite of her holiday hiatus, is enchanted by the magic of Christmas. Add in some pizza and holiday cookies along with a small pooch looking for his forever home and you have yourself a cozy Christmas by the fireplace movie.