World War Z by Max Brooks

The subtitle of this book describes it pretty well: An Oral History of the Zombie War.  These are the personal stories of the survivors of the Zombie War, also known as World War Z.  In our future the dead begin to rise and life as we know it is changed forever.  We hear the eye witness accounts of a soldier at the Battle of Yonkers; an astronaut on the International Space Center; a Russian soldier; a woman seeking refuge up north and a few dozen others.  These short interviews provide a human side to the zombie infestation.

This is probably one of the best audiobooks I’ve heard.  The reader portraying the interviewer stays the same, but the reader of each interviewee’s part changes depending on the story.  The accents are some of the best I’ve heard and each voice is distinctive.  Famous people such as Nathan Fillion, John Turturro and even Martin Scorsese lend their talents to the mix.  Even if you’ve already read the book (like me) you should give this one a listen!