The Wolves of Winter by Tyrell Johnson

Lynn is 23 and desperately wants to see more than the valley of the Yukon her family fled to when the world fell apart from nuclear war and a deadly strain of flu. She once lived in Chicago and then a small town in Alaska but it’s been years since she has seen a human being outside of her extended family in their cluster of cabins or their horrible downstream neighbor. Then one day a man and his dog wander into their valley. Will more humans be far behind? And will they be friend or foe?

The best thing about reading this while the snow was falling and the wind was blowing was that I felt like I was there and it made the weather here seem pleasant. The book starts with the basics of survival in the new reality and the isolation the small group experiences and then gradually introduces other elements of the world like Immunity — a group involved in some way with finding a cure for the flu. It’s light on science but big on action.

Fans of post-apocalyptic writing like Station Eleven and The Walking Dead (and no, there are no zombies here I promise, just a wariness of encountering other humans), teens and adults alike, will find a lot to enjoy about this book. It will be available soon so place your hold now!