Wild Tales (Foreign Film / Argentinean)
The title is perfect.  This is a film that collects six wild tales.  The tales have nothing in common except their exploration of vengeance and the violence it produces.  All six tales were entertaining but two were standouts.  Even if you are not a foreign film fan I do suggest watching the first tale.  It’s short, only about ten minutes, and it’s amazing.  I watched about half wondering what was going on and then my mouth hung open in shock for the duration.  Like any well-crafted short story by O. Henry I can’t tell you what it is about because I’ll ruin it for you. The third tale was tied in my mind for first place in the anthology.  It is all about the dangers of road rage.  Again, that is all I will say. 
This is a black comedy, if there was a shade darker than black I would use it.  These tales show the dark places vengeance sends humans.  It is by turns violent and disturbing, but so often it was so over the top I found myself laughing and then scolding myself for finding it funny.  Typically I don’t really agree with Academy Award Nominations, but this film deserved a nomination, maybe even a win.