Watch Over Me” by Mila Gray

Review by Jennifer McClear, library technician at the Peapack & Gladstone branch

Zoey is almost always looking over her shoulder and always on high alert. She also doesn’t accept charity from anyone. She’s one tough cookie with an even tougher shell. She doesn’t trust anyone who isn’t family … especially men … especially Tristan. 

But when Zoey, her mom, and two younger siblings have to relocate due to a fire starting in her car and ending in her house, Zoey has to square her shoulders once again. And accept help … maybe just a little … maybe until they are back on their feet.

With the assistance of Tristan and company, Zoey begins to know what it feels like to have friends, a chance at college, maybe even a life she deserves; a normal life without fear. Could she also be starting to feel something for Tristan? She refuses and denies because it will only lead to trouble. 

Just when Zoey begins to relax, ever so slightly, things start happening; creepy things — bad things — it’s all starting again! All fingers point to an abusive father recently out of jail on good behavior. Is he seeking revenge on the daughter who had the audacity of telling the truth? Will the energetic but slightly angry younger brother finally be told the truth? Will the younger sister ever come out from behind her cell phone? 

When will it end? If it does end — will it end badly or will Zoey finally live the life she deserves?