The Somerset County Library System of New Jersey has meeting room space available for non profit and community groups

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Meeting Room Reservations

  • Patrons must agree to the meeting room terms and conditions before being able to book a room.
  • Rooms can be reserved up to 95 days in advance.  
  • A valid SCLSNJ library card number and pin are required to reserve a room.
  • The minimum booking time is 30 minutes and the maximum time is 4 hours.  
  • Patrons are limited to 2 bookings per month and up to 8 hours per month.
  • Rooms are not available for use on Sundays. Rooms are available during branch open hours:
    • Monday – Thursday 10-8
    • Friday -Saturday 10-6
  • Library staff are not responsible for setting up a meeting room or cleaning up after a group. Patrons are responsible for returning the room to the way in which they found it. Patrons can possibly lose room reservation privileges if they do not follow the guidelines set forth in the meeting room terms and conditions.
  • Patrons will receive an email confirmation when booking or cancelling a room.
  • A patron can view already confirmed bookings or cancel their room reservation by using the Manage Your Room Reservations page. Bookings can be viewed by name and confirmation number (found in the confirmation email), or by logging in with their library card. 

Need more help? Talk with library staff: or contact your branch.