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How do I find an article?2017-03-10T20:43:19-05:00

If you know the name of the magazine that you’d like to find, type the name of the magazine in our catalog. If that title is available electronically, the listing will include a link to online resources.

If you are looking for articles, type your search in the box above, and make sure you select Articles & Research. We have access to thousands of magazines and journals online, and you can always ask us if you need help with your search.

How do I place a hold?2019-09-12T14:49:28-04:00

To request an item from a different SCLSNJ branch to be held for you to pick up, or to put yourself on the waiting list for a popular item, place a hold.

  • After you find the item you’re looking for, click on “Place Hold”. You will then be asked for your library card number and your PIN number. If you don’t know your PIN, try the last 4 digits of your phone number, and if that doesn’t work call, email the library or click here. We’ll be glad to help you.
  • If the title you would like is currently checked in and you plan on coming to the library that day, feel free to call the library and have us pull it off the shelf for you.
  • If you plan on placing a hold on more than one item, it is a good idea to log into your account first. Then, as you search for each book you will only need to click on “Place Hold” rather than re-entering your information for each request.

Suspend a Hold
“Suspending” is an option available in your library record. “Suspending” a hold allows you to keep your place in line while waiting for a book. For example, you know you are going to be out of town next week, but you are number 2 on the holds list. You’ve been waiting for a particular title for a long time and it looks like the book you’ve been waiting for will come in while you’re away. “Suspending” keeps your place in line until you’re ready to release the hold, just like letting people go in front of you in line at the store.

How do I get a library card?2020-07-03T09:18:11-04:00
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