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Borrowing from SCLSNJ2018-07-23T15:20:52-04:00

Borrowing from SCLSNJ

Are there limits to what I can check out?2017-07-05T20:28:49-04:00

You can have a maximum of 75 items checked out at any given time. Only a few types of items have specific limits — see the Fines and Loan Periods section below for more information.

More information about fines and fees2017-04-19T20:47:09-04:00

You can avoid fees and fines by signing up to receive a courtesy email reminder two days before your items are due!

The maximum fine for an overdue item is $10 or the cost of the item as established by the library, whichever is less.

Accounts shall be referred to a collection agency if there is a balance of $75 or more.

Patrons will be charged a fee of $5 for each collection agency referral.

How can I pay my fines or fees?2017-03-30T14:17:39-04:00
  1. In person – Pay by cash, check or credit card at any SCLSNJ location during regular operating hours.
  2. Online – Log into My Account and use your credit card to pay online
  • About your credit card payment:
    • No service charge
    • Payments immediately applied to your Library account
What if I don’t return an item on time?2017-07-26T14:16:50-04:00

The chart below lists overdue fines for different kinds of items. The maximum fine per overdue item is $10.00 or the replacement cost of item, whichever is less. You will not be able to check out items if you have $20 or more in fines and fees.

You can avoid fees and fines by signing up to receive a courtesy email reminder delivered two days before your items are due. This email will remind you to renew your items, which can be completed using the “My Account” link.

How do I renew an item?2017-03-30T14:19:51-04:00

To renew items you have checked out you will need to log into your account.

  • You will then be asked for your library card number and your PIN number. (If you don’t know your PIN, try the last 4 digits of your phone number, and if that doesn’t work call or email the library. We’ll be glad to help you.)
  • When in your record, to Renew items, click the # items currently checked out link.
  • Check the box in the Renew column before the title, then click the Renew Selected button. (Not all items may renew; please scroll down for the new due date.)

Fines and Loan Periods

Item Type Loan Period Fine per Day Checkout Limit
Audiobooks 3 weeks $0.20
Books 3 weeks $0.20
Music CDs 2 weeks $0.20
Magazines 1 week $0.20
DVDs (3 discs or fewer) 1 week $1.00
DVDs (4 discs or more) 2 weeks $1.00
Blu-Rays (3 discs or fewer) 1 week $1.00
Blu-Rays (4 discs or more) 2 weeks $1.00
Video Games 1 week $1.00 limit 7
Launchpads 1 week $1.00 limit 2
Business Kits 6 weeks $1.00
Book Discussion Kits 6 weeks $1.00
Storytime Theme Kits 2 weeks $1.00
Lucky Day – Books 10 days $0.20 limit 2
Lucky Day – DVDs 4 days $1.00 limit 2
Interlibrary Loans varies $1.00
Overnight Reference 1 day $1.00
Museum Passes 3 days $20.00

NOTE: Some popular items that are in high demand may have shortened loan periods.

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