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Uncover the Secrets in Killer Handwriting With Graphologist Terry Antoniewicz and SCLSNJ

//Uncover the Secrets in Killer Handwriting With Graphologist Terry Antoniewicz and SCLSNJ

Uncover the Secrets in Killer Handwriting With Graphologist Terry Antoniewicz and SCLSNJ

 Murder – it’s one of the most chilling words in the English language. Have you ever wondered what the mind of a murderer looks like? Did you know you can learn about some behaviors of murderers like Jack the Ripper and Ted Kaczynski just by looking at their penmanship? Explore the secrets behind handwriting with graphologist Terry Antoniewicz and the Somerset County Library System of New Jersey (SCLSNJ) on October 29 from 7-8 p.m., at the North Plainfield branch, located at 6 Rockview Avenue in North Plainfield. 

Just in time for the Halloween season, Library customers will have the opportunity to delve into high-profile cases with Antoniewicz by viewing handwriting specimens of famed killers. Different characteristics in penmanship such as slant, size of letters, pressure, and more, may explain various personality traits.  

“There are so many killers with fascinating handwriting traits,” said Antoniewicz. “The one that is most fascinating is Herman Webster Mudget, aka Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, aka the American Jack the Ripper. His handwriting shows exceptionally high intelligence, good planning, excessive imagination, high energy, and the need to impose his strong will on others.”

Antoniewicz’s interest in graphology, the study of handwriting, began over 50 years ago. She has worked as a professional calligrapher creating documents for royalty, government, and churches around the world. Her interest in graphology started in the early ‘70s as she became more involved in updating and repairing historical documents.

People have often asked me how I know so much about them after just meeting them and reading some of their handwriting,” she said. “Their handwriting just told me about them! I am especially fascinated by people who have lying and manipulative traits that are revealed in their handwriting. I have been consulted by police departments and private detectives to evaluate whether suspects are lying and individuals contact me to verify that their signature has been forged on documents that may leave them legally responsible to fulfill contracts.”

Explore killer handwriting:

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