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Today is National Camera Day

//Today is National Camera Day

Today is National Camera Day

Today is National Camera Day 

Created by Yvonne Selander, collection development librarian

Remember taking rolls of film to the Fotomat to be developed? And how when you finally got your photos back you couldn’t remember what you were attempting to take a picture of in each shot? (Okay, that was me, I had some epically wonderful pictures of my thumb. They were very impressive…)

My photography has greatly improved thanks to the invention of the digital camera. I can see what I’m taking a picture of immediately and take 20 shots at a time to get the “perfect” photo. And if I don’t have my camera on me there is always my phone which takes pretty amazing pictures — and you can add filters easily to make your photos pop.

Check back on Thursday to see some of the great New Jersey nature pictures taken by our staff and learn about online photography tutorials too!

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