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The Widows by Jess Montgomery

//The Widows by Jess Montgomery

The Widows by Jess Montgomery

The Widows by Jess Montgomery

In Kinship, Ohio in 1924 Lily Ross is home in town tending her children when she receives word that her husband Daniel was killed in the line of duty while transporting a prisoner. Since the next election for sheriff is a few months away Lily becomes acting sheriff. Many feel that she’ll just be a figurehead but Lily has other plans. She is going to solve her husband’s murder because the story she is being told is not adding up.

Marvena Whitcomb arrives on the day of Daniel’s funeral to see if he’s been able to find any information about her missing daughter. Instead she finds her childhood flame’s widow, a woman who knows nothing about her, yet Marvena knows all about Lily.

There is a great amount of tension in the town as the local mining operation threatens to open the coal mine nicknamed widowmaker: the mine that collapsed taking the lives of Lily’s father and Marvena’s husband. Both women need to decide if they are on the side of the company or the miners and if Daniel’s loyalty to a side may have caused his death.

This is another story that is based on a true story, that of the first female sheriff in Ohio, as well as being a nod to Mary Harris “Mother” Jones and the word she did to organize the labor movement for miners. A mystery forms the heart of the book but the labor movement and the push to unionize is a strong thread in the story. These are two formidable women caught up in the current affairs of the day, events which change their lives and their town far into their future.

This book is released January 8, 2019.

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