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The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown

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The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown

The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown

Three sisters, all named after Shakespeare’s heroines, come home again to help their sick mother. Well, not really. They are all running from their respective lives to the comfort of their wacky childhood home. Rose (Rosalind) is in love, but her fiancé is in London and wants her to join him, she is a homebody and the idea scares her. Bean (Bianca) leaves a wake of destruction in her path from New York City and continues her destructive ways. And Cordy (Cordelia) is pregnant and out of options from her life on the road so she returns to the only home she knows.

Fans of Shakespeare will love guessing which plays the quotes, which family members love to use, are from, and will delight in the meaning these old words have hundreds of years later. Those with sisters will enjoy the sibling rivalry and the way family, and a love of literature, saves all.

Probably the neatest thing about this book is the narration, it is told in first person plural, told by the Weird Sisters as three parts of one entity. It’s a little strange when you start out, but it grows on you, and it’s a neat way to tell the story.

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