The War Widow” by Tara Moss

Review by Yvonne Selander, collection development librarian

Postwar Sydney is seeing young men returning from the war and reentering the workforce. The women who ran the country for years during their absence are being sent back home. Billie Walker was a war correspondent in Europe and can’t see covering Easter Parades and bake-offs for the newspaper, so she takes over her late father’s business as a private inquiry agent — what we here in America call a private investigator. Female clients feel more comfortable going to Ms. Walker and her new client is no exception. Thankfully it’s not another divorce case, this time a concerned mother asks Billie to look for her missing son. This case is a bit more all around than anyone could have expected.

Car chases, Nazi war criminals, glamorous nightclubs are all here and add excitement and intrugue to the plot. Fans of private investigators and strong female characters will find a lot to like here.

This book is set to be published on December 29.