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The Walking Dead – Robert Kirkman, writer

//The Walking Dead – Robert Kirkman, writer

The Walking Dead – Robert Kirkman, writer

The Walking Dead – Robert Kirkman, writer; Tony Moore/Charlie Adlard, ill.
Reviewed by Chris, Librarian at Bridgewater Library

Police officer Rick Grimes awakens from a coma to learn that the world has been overrun by, well, the walking dead.  His wife and son are gone, and his hometown is all but empty of the living; with only the barest of plans, he sets off for Atlanta in the hope of finding his family, or at least a larger group of humans.

This is a bleak, bleak series.  Interesting; well written; but make no mistake, it’s bleak.  The apocalypse has happened and the survivors are running very low on hope.  Many people die; some at the teeth of zombies, but more often at the hands of their fellow humans.  The art style mirrors this: a lot of blank whites and grey tones, lending the book a sparse, washed-out atmosphere; the lack of reds don’t minimize the impact of the gore, however.  The artist changed after the first trade, switching to a more realistic style, but the tone remains.

If you like your post-apocalyptic fiction dark, violent, and all but hopeless, this is the series for you.  The current volume is 14; it is not known where the end will be.  The series was also adapted into a TV show on AMC, which will be starting its second will begin on Halloween.

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