The Tourist Attraction” by Sarah Morgenthaler

Reviewed by Yvonne Selander, collection development librarian

Zoey has scrimped and saved her tips from the truck stop diner for years to afford her trip to Moose Springs, Alaska. Sure, she’s staying on the couch in her best friend’s luxury suite, but she’s in Alaska, finally! She has lots of excursions planned and is prepared to make this the best trip ever. Too bad things keep going terribly wrong.

Graham hates tourists. He named his diner The Tourist Trap and despite making the diners bus their own tables, kicking people out whenever he feels like closing (if he even opens), and only having three or four items on the menu, it’s THE place to go in town. Who knew reindeer dogs and awful service would be so popular?

Sparks fly when Zoey and Graham meet but he doesn’t just want a vacation fling and she has to leave when her two weeks are up. Can they resist each other knowing that it isn’t forever?

Okay, so you know this is going to have a happy ending despite all the mishaps, misunderstandings and mistakes along the way. But that’s okay because spending time with these two goofy romantics is a lot of fun. It was so nice having the millionaires as the secondary characters in a romance novel for a change. Zoey is a breath of fresh air, she’s a person who has to watch her spending and doesn’t give her credit cards a workout to make a reader cringe thinking about the aftermath. 

Since going on vacation right now isn’t going to happen it’s nice to journey to Alaska through the pages of a book for a while.