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The Second Sleep by Robert Harris

//The Second Sleep by Robert Harris

The Second Sleep by Robert Harris

The Second Sleep by Robert Harris

It is the Year of Our Risen Lord 1468 and a young priest, Christopher Fairfax, is sent by the Bishop to perform the funeral services for a parish priest in a small town in Wessex. This will be Christopher’s first funeral, first service of any kind, and he does not want to fail the Bishop. But there is some unrest in the small village of Axford; some wonder if the dead priest had a tragic accident or was helped along to his death. The man was rumored to have heretical interests proven by what Chrisopher finds in the man’s home. In the study is a cabinet made from the clear glass that could only have been made by the ancients. Inside are the typical items that are found from that time like plastic straws and plastic spoons with teeth  but on the top shelf is something spectacular and rare. A small box of plastic and glass with the symbol of an apple with a bite out of it on the back.

Neat right? This is the author’s imaginings of what the world would look like 800 years after the world we know ends. There are many mysteries here besides the death of the priest. What killed off the ancients? And why does the church want to hide all knowledge of the past?

A great mystery on all levels but while all questions are answered I think some people may not appreciate the ending of this tale.

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