The Quake: Skjelvet [Norwegian Disaster Film]

The same geologist that predicted the giant wave that devastated a town on a fjord in northern Norway sees signs that an earthquake will soon strike Oslo. Naturally people assume he is just being paranoid after having predicted and  survived an awful natural disaster. Nevermind the fact that an earthquake did shake Norway in 1904 and it could be long overdue to happen again.

When he sees the signs that a quake is imminent he rushes to the capital. Of course his wife is working in a skyscraper of a hotel in downtown Oslo, his son is attending University, no one is answering their phone and he thinks his young daughter is sitting in the car like he asked her to when he reaches the top floors of the hotel to get his wife to evacuate before the quake…

I thought The Wave was the best natural disaster movie I ever saw. I probably think it still is but the sequel is terrific. I had to keep stopping the film and jumping up and down to freak out. I have no idea how they filmed the exterior shots of the hotel; I know it’s CGI but it’s so so good. I do know if I ever go to Oslo I will not stay above the sixth or seventh floor in a hotel and I will think twice about getting in an elevator anywhere that earthquakes have ever occurred. A must for action fans.