The Passage by Justin Cronin

You may be wondering why my posting has slowed down.  First, I was on vacation.  Then, I decided to read some rather lengthy titles.  Clocking in at 776 pages this book was the longest on my “I’ve been meaning to read that” pile.  It took a lot of will power not to start reading the sequel as soon as I finished.  (I still can’t decide if the ending was the best, or most frustrating, cliffhanger ever.)

Experimentation creates a new weapon that leads to the infection and transformation of thirteen individuals.  These men are no longer men.  They are called many names, but vampire seems to be the most common in the early days, in the days before they escaped and the virus spread.  This future world is unrecognizable as the one we now know. 

In a walled town in what was once the southwestern United States there is great concern over batteries.  Sure, they are still holding a charge, but for how long?  They were made to last a decade or two, not a century.  What will happen when the lights that illuminate the darkness to keep the vampires away go out?  Where is there to go?  Are there more people out there?  Did the virus spread to the rest of the world?  Is there a cure?

Even if you’re not crazy about reading a book about vampires, I think you’ll enjoy this book.  How people deal with this new world of predators is fascinating, as are the vampires.  These vampires are more like the creatures of nightmares, not attractive at all!  And the ways they are so alien from us is really interesting.  I think fans of the Walking Dead and complex stories told in an epic style would enjoy this trilogy.  (Remember, only parts one and two have been released, you have to wait for part three!)