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The Orchid Affair by Laura Willig

//The Orchid Affair by Laura Willig

The Orchid Affair by Laura Willig

The Orchid Affair by Laura Willig

Laura Grey joins the Selwick Spy School to put a little excitement in her dull life, and serve her country of course. She’s spent half her life as a governess and knows that life is passing her by, that’s why she decides to enroll in spy classes and change her life. She is not happy with her first assignment as the Silver Orchid. She’s to go undercover at the Parisian home of Jaouen, a top member of the Ministry of Police, as his children’s governess. She can’t seem to leave her past in the past. But a job is a job and she’s determined to make the most of it.

The backdrop of Paris in the Napoleon era and the conspiracies that abounded during that time flourish in this novel. The chemistry between the stubborn protagonists, Jaouen and Laura, keeps you guessing about their loyalties while hoping they will be able to overcome their differences and possibly be happy together one day.

This is the eighth novel in the Pink Carnation series and I have listened to every one. If you’re a fan of historical adventure, romance or spy thrillers give this series a try. You’re going to want to start from the beginning with The Secret History of the Pink Carnation because there are two storylines in each book; the historical spy storyline and the current storyline featuring an American historian working on her Doctoral thesis (about flowery spies of course) and her English beau.

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