Claire is thrilled that Kennedy won the Presidency and is looking forward to the Inauguration; wondering what Jackie will wear and what his speech will entail.  Her work on his campaign was a relief from her everyday existence as a housewife.  Claire is not happy, nor content.  Yet she doesn’t know what she can do to make her life better.
Vivian lost the love of her life in the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, yet years later she is still hoping to run into him again.  She has deluded herself into believing that he is alive somewhere suffering from amnesia.  After the disaster Vivian stumbles across a new career.  She becomes a sought after obituary writer, a woman who can get to the essence of a person with her words.
These two storylines come together in a very intriguing way at the end of the novel and leave you wondering what exactly will happen next.  The writing is spare, yet lyrical.  And the story will make you hope for the best for these women.