The Mystery of Mercy Close by Marian Keyes

Helen Walsh’s life is falling apart.  She just lost her flat and has to move back in with her parents.  She has no jobs on the horizon and she’s starting to feel awful again.  Possibly returning to the hospital awful.  Thinking that catching the plague or suffering from spontaneous combustion would be a grand thing awful.  However, not all is bad.  Her boyfriend is wonderful.  Her parents love her.  Her doctor has given her new meds.  And her ex-boyfriend has got a well-paying job for her.  As a private investigator she’s looked for missing people before, but Wayne, the weird-one in Laddz, a boy-band coming back for a reunion tour, is proving ready hard to find.  Their first gig is in less than a week.  Will Wayne reunite with Laddz soon enough to learn his choreography?

This is an eye-opening look at the inside of depression.  Helen was hospitalized after a suicide attempt, and she can see the warning signs now, but is hoping to keep them at bay while giving her finances a much needed boost with her new case.  Helen is sympathetic and fun despite all that is going on in her head.  You empathize with her and also want to hang out with her at the pub on a Saturday night.  It’s a humorously told tale, with serious undertones.  A delightful listen.

I didn’t realize, until I was writing this post, that this book is in the Walsh Sisters series.  When I’m looking for a snarky fun Irish listen (March sounds perfect) I will probably pick another entry in this series to listen to and enjoy during my commute.