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The Jersey Devil by Hunter Shea

//The Jersey Devil by Hunter Shea

The Jersey Devil by Hunter Shea

The Jersey Devil by Hunter Shea

When I saw that the author of The Montauk Monster was coming out with a new book I was really happy, when I saw the title I knew I had to read it! 

A television personality and cryptozoologist teams up with a family of Upstate New York farmers to investigate the recent Jersey Devil sightings in the Pine Barrens.  Why are these farmers so interested in the Jersey Devil?  Will the cryptozoologist finally get proof that strange creatures exist in our world?  Will New Jersey survive?

Yep, this is a gore fest, that goes over the top, but it’s a monster/horror story so you have to expect that.  As a female some parts were extremely cringe-worthy, but if you know anything about the legend you kind of know where it was going.  I will give one spoiler here: the book should have been called The Jersey Devils…

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