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The Hand That Feeds You by A. J. Rich

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The Hand That Feeds You by A. J. Rich

Morgan Prager is happy.  She’s engaged to a great guy and working on finishing her graduate degree in victim psychology at John Jay College.  When she comes home from class one day she finds her fiancé mauled to death by her beloved dogs.  She doesn’t want to believe her eyes, but the evidence is irrefutable.  Morgan feels strange about it, but she hires a lawyer to help her beloved pets which are all awaiting trial and probable execution.  While worrying about her dogs she is also trying to track down her fiancé’s family to let them know the horrible news.  No relative is turning up in Canada where he claimed he was from.  Actually, no person with his name is to be found anywhere either.  That is when Morgan hears from another woman engaged to her fiancé.  As she breaks into his email account she finds out more and more about the man she was to marry and the other women he was engaged to: other women who are turning up dead.
Morgan finds herself a victim, the very person she is studying, and a persona she thought she successfully left in her past.  As she puzzles out whom this man was the reader is also trying to puzzle out how he could have duped her so thoroughly.  Turns out he mostly likely could have duped anyone.  The character is based on a man the co-authors knew who was engaged to one of their dear friends.

This was a page turner that kept me guessing.  There were some references to a literary classic (can’t tell you which, it’ll give something big away!) that allowed me to guess where things were headed.  A great, truly creepy, retelling of an old story.
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