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The Great Zoo of China by Matthew Reilly

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The Great Zoo of China by Matthew Reilly

The Great Zoo of China by Matthew Reilly
China desperately wants a cultural centerpiece to compete with Disneyworld so five years ago they secretly started constructing a zoo.  It is massive in scale and extremely opulent.  Even without the animals it is a resort people would want to visit, if they wanted to travel all the way to Southern China.  But this zoo is special.  This zoo has something no one else has ever seen.  This zoo has dragons.
Dr. Cassandra Cameron, crocodilian expert, and her brother Hamish, a well-known photographer are invited to a behind the scenes tour of the Great Zoo on behalf of National Geographic.  Two reporters from the New York Times and the United States Ambassador to China and his aide are also invited on the tour.  Naturally, disaster strikes.
Imagine Jurassic Park but the creatures can fly, make Tyrannosaurs look puny and are very, very, very smart.  These dragons are not cute they are fearsome.  Reilly used the intelligence and learning habits of saltwater crocodiles to model his dragon behavior to the nth degree and it is frightening indeed.  The origin story of the creatures is really fascinating and he, as usual, does a great job with all the action scenes.  More importantly, to me at least, are the maps and layouts he includes in his book to help illustrate what is happening where.  I love when fiction books include illustrations of any kind.
If you’re looking for an action book, and are desperately waiting for the next Jurassic Park movie to be released, read this one to tide you over!
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