The Girl Before” by J.P. Delaney

Review by Jennifer McClear, Library Technician at Peapack-Gladstone branch

When one is searching for a new home, there are usually several different things to consider: affordability, location (perhaps), space (inside and outside), school system (if children are part of the equation), any contingencies and so on. 

What if you were given the opportunity to live in an affordable house that was gorgeous, simple, and spacious, but had the following contingency: no personal effects of any kind (e.g. no books, no pillows not even any photographs) … would you accept the offer to live there?

By the way, after viewing the space you have to fill out a rather lengthy questionnaire and go through an interview process. Still interested? 

Would you want to live in such a place? Would you want to go through an extensive interview process? Especially when we live in a society known for people in need of the newest technology and all our materialistic things in our lives. Could we let go of all that and live simply? Would we if given the opportunity?

All of that is just the tip of the iceberg with this novel. We catch a glimpse of some of the questions asked of the possible tenants without any of their answers; how would you score? 

Biggest question for the current tenant is … what happened to the previous tenant? Is there something she’s not aware of, lurking in the shadows at “One Folgate Street [where it’s] a minimalist design of pale stone, plate glass and soaring ceilings”?