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The Faithful Spy by Alan Berenson

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The Faithful Spy by Alan Berenson

The Faithful Spy by Alan Berenson

Reviewed by Ken, Librarian at Bridgewater Library

For John Wells, the goals are simple: “Get the bad guy, save the country, get the girl.” But things are far from clear cut for this CIA agent who has spent several years in Pakistan undercover inside al Qaeda. Not fully trusted by either side, he must maintain his cover long enough to learn of the terrorists’ next big attack, requiring him to return home and join a long dormant American sleeper cell. Can he prove his loyalty to both sides long enough to realize his goals?

Alex Berenson’s, The Faithful Spy, unfurls this intriguing scenario in a plausible, fast-paced fashion with a touch of deep characterization to boot. The book also gives the reader a feel for what types of challenges confront those preventing terror in America.

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