The Escape Room by Megan Goldin

Four investment bankers are called to attend a mandatory corporate team building event on a Friday night. They don’t question the lateness in the request or the hour, all four know that their jobs are in jeopardy since they have inexplicably lost their company billions of dollars in the past few months on deals gone bad. As they are headed up in the elevator it abruptly stops and the doors will not open. On the screen in the elevator is the first clue. The escape room has begun.

An hour, three hours, five hours later the four know that this is not an event set up by their company and that something sinister is going on. The clues point towards some awful things the four did in their quest for money. The four are tied together by greed yet they all have secrets. Will they be able to escape? Will they survive?

The story is told in the past and the present with the past following a character who worked with the four in the elevator, an outside view of their corporate (and personal) greed. The book exposes the ludicrousness of the money earned by successful investment bankers and how that money destroys lives. This book is a great character study as well as an interesting look at the most dysfunctional office team I think I’ve even read about. A compulsive read examining the cost of greed and the obsession of revenge.