The Child Next Door” by Shalini Boland

Review by Jennifer McClear, library technician at the Peapack-Gladstone branch

How well do you know your neighbors? Are you friendly enough with them to trust them? Or do they seem shady at times to you?

The Rawlings live in a cul-de-sac; simple, quiet, non-threatening type of neighborhood until it’s not. It all starts when Mrs. Rawlings (Kristie) hears something through her baby monitor, but Daisy is fast asleep upstairs. Thus starts a series of peculiar events that cause Kristie’s world to spin. Kristie’s paranoia is questioned by everyone including her husband, but she is convinced that something dark and sinister is afoot. Is she being paranoid or is she simply relying on motherly intuition?

Whom can she trust? Whom can she turn to when it seems everyone has something to hide? Is someone trying to steal Daisy from her? Will they succeed?

By the time you have reached the last page, you’ll be convinced you know which of the neighbors is the creepy one to watch out for – will you be right? Be sure to read the epilogue for a last minute twist.