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The Bricklayer by Noah Boyd

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The Bricklayer by Noah Boyd

The Bricklayer by Noah Boyd

Steve Vail used to work for the FBI. But he had authority figure issues. Big time. So he left the Bureau behind and took up again the job he worked before his time as an agent, he became a Chicagoan bricklayer. Now the FBI has a major problem, one that may lurk inside their ranks, so they need an outsider to help clean house. Who better than a former employee who happens to be between construction jobs?

Vail is not a team player. He truly has problems answering to superiors and following the rules. He even has issues with staying within rough guidelines. But you have to like him because he gets the job done. Makes me wonder what the author, a former FBI agent himself, is like.

The second in the series Agent X has just come out with less than favorable reviews, so I’m going to wait for book three and hope Vail is back in the top form he is in this debut outing.

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