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The Blooding by James McGee

//The Blooding by James McGee

The Blooding by James McGee

The Blooding by James McGee 
Reviewed by Keith McCoy, Somerset County Library System
Originally Submitted to Library Journal
This cat has more than nine lives.  In his fifth outing, British spy Matthew Hawkwood finds himself in Albany, and wanting to be in Canada.  The time is 1812, and the US is at war with England.  First Hawkwood spots a captured British officer from his past, then he notices the American troop build-up.  Of course, he has to rescue one and report the other, and so the chase and close calls begin.  The reader can barely catch a breath as the two Brits dodge bullets and tomahawks, and survive drownings and treachery in trying to cross the border.  The story is intercut with chapters about Hawkwood’s American childhood, which explains some of how he came to be the secret agent that he is.  The pace is fast, and never beyond belief, making for a most exciting story.
Verdict:  Not just for those who enjoy American historical fiction or war stories.  Readers who like their spies with quick wits and fists may want to start here with Hawkwood, and then return to the start of the series.

Put your holds on now: this book is released on July 15th!
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