Sweet Lamb of Heaven by Lydia Millet
When Lena was born Anna started hearing the voice.  The voice would recite dictionary entries, song lyrics and poems whenever Lena was awake.  As soon as Lena started to speak the voice stopped. 
We meet Anna and Lena when the girl is six years old and they are living in a seaside motel on the coast of Maine in the off season.  Anna took her daughter there after leaving their last temporary home, moving to avoid her husband Ned whom she left years ago in Alaska.  But now Ned is running for office and he needs to have his wife and daughter by his side for the campaign.  But will he let them go, safe and sound, once the election is over?
Okay, I should have known this was going to be really weird.  After all I read her Mermaids in Paradise last year and that was definitely the oddest one I read in a while and I mean that mostly in a good way.  This book got great reviews so I figured I would give the author another try.  Now I really like weird books.  But this one, not so much.  The philosophical musings on the origin of the voice were really neat, but in the end I don’t think things were resolved, or at least not to my liking. 

If you like book that make you suspend belief and ponder the fabric of the universe you may enjoy this one, if you’re looking for something a down to earth with just a touch of the “other” this one probably isn’t for you.