This framework outlines the Strategic Priorities and Core Services that SCLSNJ will be focused on for the next 3-5 years.

How were these items chosen?

Each of the priorities and services is based on the community data we have gathered over the last four months. Based on our analysis, these items:

  • Have value to members of the community
  • Address a community need
  • Have an intended impact

Who decides?

The Strategic Plan Steering Committee, made up of staff from across the library system, have been looking at the data, developing drafts, and gathering feedback. Ultimately, the Somerset County Library Commission approves the framework as our strategic road map for moving forward.

What happens next?

Library staff will define the impact we wish to have in each strategic priority area over the next one to three years, and then develop specific initiatives, actions and assessment methods to help us achieve our desired impact.

How can I keep track of what you’re doing?

We will continue to update this site with additional planning documents and our quarterly progress updates to the Library Commission.