Spring (Film – Romantic Horror Hybrid)
Evan flees to Italy when his life in California falls apart.  In Italy he meets up with other tourists and enjoys his time traveling from one place to the next, but he decides to stop off in a small town outside of Naples and help a local farmer on his olive farm in exchange for room and board.  He didn’t choose the town randomly.  He met a beautiful woman at a local café one night and stays on to pursue the relationship.  Unfortunately the girl of his dreams is also the girl of his nightmares.
This movie is categorized as horror, and yes, there are some horrific elements – the makeup and special effects are quite good – but at the core it’s a story about star crossed lovers and whether love will conquer all. 
Interestingly enough I was talking about this movie with a colleague and we can’t agree on the ending.  He saw a hopeful and uplifting ending.  I thought the world was ending with the closing credits.  You’ll have to decide what happens the moment after the film ends yourself.