Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman

Honeymooners Erin and Mark make a discovery while on a diving excursion off of Bora Bora. Rather then contact the authorities about the downed plane and the bag they found they decide to keep the spoils. Once they return to London they have to figure out what they will do about their newly acquired wealth and they start to wonder if there are people watching them and wanting the contents back.

While I am not the world’s fastest reader when I enjoy a book I can finish it in a week. I should have figured out that this book did not thrill me when a week passed and it was still not finished. I had a really hard time with the decisions Erin made from the time the bag was found. She would talk through the danger of what she was contemplating in her head and then do it anyway. As much as I liked her I was kind of hoping something a little bad would happen to her just to give her a slap of reality upside the head. But this is fiction so that didn’t happen. I liked the way the ending wrapped up but it was getting there that was the problem. There are so many great summer thrillers out there in my opinion you should try one of them instead.