Our new strategic plan will be made up of two areas: core services and strategic priorities.

  • Our core services will be the things that are the library’s “bread and butter. ” Examples include circulating popular materials, providing public computers and wifi, early literacy activities, etc.
  • Strategic priorities will be determined based on the feedback we get from the community.

We aren’t focused on feedback about the library!

Our community conversations will help us learn what people hope for and are concerned about for their communities, and how they want their communities to move forward. So instead of asking people what they want from the library, we’ll review feedback about what they want for their communities and look for ways that SCLSNJ can make an impact in the areas they care about.

So what does that actually look like?

If, for example, we hear a lot from our community conversations and other feedback about making sure that all children are meeting grade level reading targets, we might make Reading Competency a strategic priority. We might define some outcomes around improvement in kids’ level of comfort with reading, our plan actions could have to do with focusing our summer reading program activities on improving reading confidence, and we could measure kids’ attitudes toward reading at the beginning and the end of the summer to see whether or not we’ve having an impact.