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Seeders by A. J. Colucci

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Seeders by A. J. Colucci

Seeders by A. J. Colucci
Thrilled to see the grass get greener, flowers blooming and buds on the trees?  This book may make you think twice about your love of flora.  The plants have been abused enough by us and they aren’t going to take it anymore.
George Brookes, a once prominent and promising botanist, dies on his remote island off the coast of Nova Scotia.  Brookes’ daughter Isabelle, his girlfriend Ginny and former protégé Jules are named in his will and return to the island for the reading.  Isabelle brings her two sons and foster daughter with her to enjoy two relaxing weeks in the wilderness, the place of her fondest childhood memories.  The island has changed.  It is evident that her father went mad in the years since she was in contact.  He was involved in strange experiments and a black fungus is growing on every type of vegetation around.  The house is in disrepair and it looked like he burned his life’s work in a gigantic bonfire just before his death.  One by one the new residents of the island start seeing things and acting strangely.  Could Brookes’ theories that plants can communicate with each other and with humans be true?  If plants could talk to us, what would they say?  How would they say it? 
The science is weird but not knowing too much about plants I was willing to go along with the new takes on plant biology.  The gore does get over the top at times; I could see this being made into a great SyFy horror flick.  If you love spending time in your yard and garden this book could make you think twice before pruning that hedge, or picking that ripe and juicy tomato.  
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