The Somerset County Library System of New Jersey is working on a new strategic plan!

We’re using the Dynamic Planning Model from the Public Library Association. This process starts from the idea that our services should be based on the community’s needs. We’ll gather demographic and survey data about our communities, but we’ll also conduct a series of community conversations to help us understand people’s concerns and aspirations about the place in which they live. By focusing on community needs, rather than on the Library, we will be able to identify our core services — the materials, services and programs we will continue to provide to our patrons, no matter what — as well as the areas of strategic priority where the Library can help create the kind of community people want to be a part of.

PLA Dynamic PlanningThe model has four phases:

  • Assess (through November 2022) – gather community data, conduct community conversations, perform community needs assessment
  • Strategize (November-December 2022) – analyze data, identify core services and strategic priorities
  • Engage (January-March 2023) – develop goals and actions that meet service needs
  • Impact (January 2023-December 2024) – execute plan actions, establish outcomes and methods for assessment, evaluate success