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Revival by Stephen King

//Revival by Stephen King

Revival by Stephen King

Revival by Stephen King
On a sunny day in Maine six-year old Jamie meets Reverend Charles Jacobs for the first time.  Jacob’s becomes Jamie’s Fifth Business – the person that you aren’t related to or even friends with that keeps showing up in your life again and again and again.  Unfortunately for Jamie Jacobs is his Fifth Business and not someone, anyone, else.  Reverend Jacobs is an inventor obsessed with electricity, not normal electricity mind you, but what he calls Special Electricity.  With Special Electricity Jacobs is able to heal, and more.  What exactly is Jacobs’ ultimate goal?  Jamie knows he will find out, but he also knows he really doesn’t want to know the answer.
King plays with the word of his title throughout the book.  Think of all the ways revive and revival can be defined.  That’s the only clue I’ll give you about the novel.  Well, okay, I’ll give you one more.  Lovecraft fans will be thrilled, Uncle Stevie finally “went there” in this one.  I can’t say anything else without giving away major plot points but I can say that the Necronomicon is mentioned in this novel. 

The novel starts off slow and you have to wonder why King is telling you so much but as the plot starts moving faster and faster it all comes together.  All those “extraneous details” surrounding Jamie’s life are important once again.  On audio the beginning was particularly slow, but King keeps it entertaining and the dread builds slowly as the plot moves faster.  It worked really well.
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