Review by Jennifer McClear, adult services library assistant at the Peapack-Gladstone branch

“You’re going on a journey. A journey through memory. Your destination? A place and time you’ve been before. To reach it, all you have to do is follow my voice.” – Nick’s words at the start of every session. 

Hugh Jackman plays Nick who has the technology to help people looking to go down memory lane. His friend Watts (played by Thandiwe Newton) assists Nick in running the business; she works the controls of the machine, while Nick’s voice guides the person through their journey. 

If given the opportunity, would you relive a part of your past? If so, what part of it? A moment of pure happiness you remember … a moment you’ve forgotten that’s buried deep … a more recent moment that’s just a little fuzzy? 

Mae comes in hoping to remember where she last saw her keys. What starts off as another client for Nick turns into a relationship and, then, an obsession when Mae goes missing. Nick is convinced that she didn’t just up and leave without a trace or a word spoken to him; he’s convinced she’s in trouble and is determined to find out the truth behind her disappearance. 

To what extent is he willing to go to find out the truth and whether the truth will bring him happiness or even peace of mind? Or will he succumb to his own devices forever living in the recess of his memories?