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I Remember You (Psychological Suspense Film — Icelandic)

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I Remember You (Psychological Suspense Film — Icelandic)

I Remember You (Psychological Suspense Film — Icelandic)

Yrsa Sigurdardottir’s ghost story comes to life on film!

A couple and their friend set about to renovate an old house on an abandoned island into a B&B only to discover it is haunted. A doctor, father to a son who disappeared without a trace, has his life upended when the suicides of some elderly people seem to have a connection to his son’s disappearance. Could his son be reaching out to him and others? Or is someone else trying to be found?

If you aren’t a fan of horror films but want something a bit creepy, this is the slow build with jumps, but not a lot of gore, that you might be looking for! The story goes about to solve not one, but two, childhood disappearances and while the ending is satisfying to mystery lovers it will still leave you a bit shocked.

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