by Elizabete Pata

Take some time out of this evolving job market and reframe your resume in 2021. Virtual recruitment is here, and likely to stay a significant way recruiters find new talent. Here’s how to adapt your resume to catch the eye of recruiters in the digital age.

While not included below, remember to always check for grammatical errors, update listed work experience, do not go overboard with formatting options, and keep a resume as concise as possible (1 page is ideal; no 3 page resumes!).

Customization: Customize your resume to each application. Many companies utilize applicant tracking systems (ATS), which quickly scan and filter out resumes that don’t include important keywords found in the job posting. You want your resume to cater to each job’s unique requirements so that the ATS algorithms pick up on all those important keywords. There is no “one size fits all” with resumes – if you want consistent success in getting interviews, customization is key.

Summary of Qualifications: Leave out vague objectives and include a brief overview of your top skills and experience that can quickly communicate to a recruiter who you are as an employee. Examples of summary of qualifications for different fields of work can be found in these resume building books found in our e-book collection.

What to Omit:

  • References available upon request: Most recruiters assume you’ll have someone to vouch for you, and references won’t be needed until you make it to the final stages of the interview process.
  • Your address: Similar to the references, your mailing address won’t be needed until you make it past the interview stage. Plus, it leaves more room for relevant information.
  • Every duty you’ve ever had: Listing every duty for your past work experience is a common error. Keep employment experience duties concise and scan your experience listing to avoid repeating duties from multiple past jobs.

What to Include:

  • Technical skills: Your technical skill set is more valuable than ever in 2021. Ensure you highlight your software and hardware experience and certifications. Looking to brush up on your technical skills? Browse SCLSNJ’s online subscriptions such as, Gale Presents: UdemyGale Courses, or Brainfuse HelpNow for free virtual classes on relevant topics.
  • Quantify your accomplishments: Rather than listing duties, recruiters like to see quantifiable successes at work. Include important numbers such as sales figures, people supervised, locations managed, etc.
  • Remote work skills: Be sure to include collaborative software like GoogleDocs or virtual hosting platform familiarity like Zoom.

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