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Redemption Road by John Hart

//Redemption Road by John Hart

Redemption Road by John Hart

Redemption Road by John Hart
Adrian Wall is paroled after thirteen years in prison for the murder of a woman ritually placed on the altar of a church.  He always swore he was innocent.  His time behind bars was hard on him not only because he was a cop. 
Elizabeth Black is a cop in trouble.  She is facing murder charges after shooting two men who sexually assaulted a teenage girl over the course of almost two days.  Elizabeth and the victim are white, the two dead men were black and they were shot eighteen times, but the way they were shot has the word “torture” is being whispered behind closed doors.
Elizabeth always thought Adrian was innocent.  She can’t see the man who saved her life guilty of leaving a body on the altar of her father’s church.  But another woman is found placed on the altar of the now abandoned church in the exact same way, days after Adrian is released.  Was Adrian actually guilty? 
Hart is a master at interweaving plot lines seamlessly.  Like most novels you know that the storylines will tie together at the end but his stories come together at different points in the narrative slowly binding them all together and it just feels so organic.  Nothing is even forced.  Did I guess who did it at the end?  Nope.  And I was sure I know who it was!  But at the final big reveal it all was made clear.
Don’t like mysteries and thrillers because you want solid well-developed characters?  It might be time to try this author.  He writes characters that you get to really know, who behave in ways that make sense, even when their logic is beyond our understanding.

I have been a John Hart fan for a few years now and I can’t wait to read what he writes next.  I enjoyed this book on audio, but I read the last 150 pages because I had to know how things would end and couldn’t want to get back in the car to find out.  And wow.  What an ending!  Pretty sure this will be my favorite southern mystery/thriller/book of the year!
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