The Somerset County Library System of New Jersey’s (SCLSNJ) branches are known for offering Somerset County residents access to books, research materials, digital magazines, in-branch and virtual programs, and fun take-home craft opportunities.

The Manville branch has added a new, and unique, do-it-yourself (DIY) project to the branch’s disabilities services cabinet of fun. This new item is called Reading Focus Cards and was designed by a dedicated staff member.

Reading Focus Cards are designed to help guide your eyes along the page as you read.  Individuals with reading disabilities, ADD, ADHD, and low vision can benefit from the reading strips as they can make the words clearer by blocking out competing lines of text.

“As a child with attention issues, I had a teacher show me how to use an index card to follow along the current line in a book and block out some of the surrounding text,” said Renee Decker, adult services library assistant and card creator. “It’s a trick I use to this day whenever I’m having trouble reading something. Eliminating visual clutter on the page helps me to pay attention and read; hopefully, this focus card can do the same for our customers.”

The Manville branch is located at 100 South 10th Avenue in Manville. To learn more about this DIY project and others found in the cabinet of fun, call (908) 458-8425 or email To discover all SCLSNJ has to offer, visit or connect with SCLSNJ on FacebookTwitter, or YouTube.