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Second Annual Book Lovers Tea Hosted at SCLSNJ

By | October 12th, 2017|Categories: SCLSNJ News, SCLSNJ Recommended Reads|

Enjoy an afternoon of books and tea at your Library Spend the afternoon savoring tempting sweets, heavenly teas, and intriguing books at the Somerset County Library System of New Jersey’s second annual Book Lovers ... read more about Second Annual Book Lovers Tea Hosted at SCLSNJ

Here are some helpful links for finding your next great read. Next time you’re in the library stop by the Reference Desk and talk to our expert staff about what you like (and don’t like!) to read. We’ll be able to offer up suggestions and send you home with books to read right away!

SCLSNJ Recommended Reads
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New York Times
Publisher’s Weekly
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This resource is also freely available in print at many of our branches but if you miss it, or misplace your copy, all the information is free online.
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What’s Next: Books in Series
Really quick and simple way to search by author, series name, or the title of a book in a series to see what comes next or what you may have missed.
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