The Philadelphia heiress

Abriel, Anita 2024

Summers at the Saint

Andrews, Mary Kay 2024 Romance

Where there was fire

Arias, John Manuel 2024

The triumph of the lions: a novel : a Lions of Sicily. Book 2

Auci, Stefania 2024 Historical fiction

Stag: a novel

Bahr, Dane 2024

I will ruin you: a novel

Barclay, Linwood 2024

Killadelphia. Vol. five, There’s no place like home

Barnes, Rodney 2023 Graphic novels

The waves take you home: a novel

Barrios Vélez, María Alejandra 2024 Romance

Truly, madly, deeply: a novel

Bellefleur, Alexandria 2024 Romance

Effie Olsen’s summer special

Bilow, Rochelle 2024 Romance

The woman with no name: a novel

Blake, Audrey, active 2020 2024

The ministry of time: a novel

Bradley, Kaliane 2024 Science fiction

Mistakes we never made

Brown, Hannah 2024 Romance

Sheltering angel: a novel based on a true story of the Titanic

Bryant, Louella 2023 Historical fiction


Bulling, Nino 2024 Graphic novels

Reinbou: a novel

Cabiya, Pedro 2024

What the mountains remember

Callaway, Joy 2024

Light it shoot it

Chaffee, Graham 2024 Graphic novels

Village weavers: a novel

Chancy, Myriam J. A. 2024

888 love and the divine burden of numbers

Chang, Abraham 2024 Romance

The takedown

Chu, Lily 2024 Romance

Lay your body down: a novel of suspense

Clarke, Amy Suiter 2023


Conway, Elly 2024

Five broken blades: Broken blades. Book 1

Corland, Mai 2024 Fantasy

Victory parade

Corman, Leela 2024 Graphic novels

The translator

Crawley, Harriet 2023 Romance

Clear: a novel

Davies, Carys 2024

The palace of forty pillars: poems

Davoudian, Armen 2024

The secret life of insects

Esquinca, Bernardo 2023 Short stories

A perfect vintage: a novel

Fagan, Chelsea 2023 Romance

The dredge: a novel

Flaherty, Brendan 2024

This summer will be different

Fortune, Carley 2024 Romance

Love you, mean it: a novel

Gagnon, Jilly 2024 Romance

The fall of the house of Usher: graphic novel

Garcia, Raúl 2023 Graphic novels

The inheritance: a novel

Goodman, Joanna 2024

The secret keeper

Graham, Genevieve 2024 Historical fiction

She left: a novel

Grey, Stacie 2024

The invisible hotel

Ham, Yeji Y 2024 Horror

The outlaw Noble Salt: a novel

Harmon, Amy 2024 Romance

Long after we are gone: a novel

Harris, Terah Shelton 2024

The Paris notebook

Harris, Tessa 2024 Historical fiction

Better by far: a novel

Hayes, Hazel 2024

My favorite terrible thing: a novel

Henry, Madeleine 2024

Who to believe

Hill, Edwin 2024

The monstrous Misses Mai: a novel

Hoang, Van 2024 Fantasy

The stolen child: a novel

Hood, Ann 2024

On the plus side: a novel

Howe, Jenny L 2024 Romance

If you hate me

Hunting, Helena 2024 Romance

Fatal domain

James, Steven 2024 Christian

The Metabarons. Second cycle finale

Jodorowsky, Alejandro 2024 Graphic novels

The Metabarons. The complete second cycle

Jodorowsky, Alejandro 2024 Graphic novels

The black crescent

Johnson, Jane 2024 Fantasy

The prophet and the idiot

Jonasson, Jonas 2024

Escape…Beyond the Lindens

Jung, John G 2023 Historical fiction

The Kamogawa food detectives

Kashiwai, Hisashi/ Kirkwood, Jesse. 2024

Real Americans: a novel

Khong, Rachel 2024

Relative strangers

Kim, A. H 2024

The mother of all things

Landau, Alexis 2024

Love, lies, and cherry pie: a novel

Lau, Jackie 2024 Romance

The paradise problem

Lauren, Christina 2024 Romance

The girl in the vault: a thriller

Ledwidge, Michael 2024

Backchannel. 1

Lee, Stan 2023 Graphic novels

The book of fire: a novel

Lefteri, Christy 2024

The funeral cryer: a novel

Lü, Wenyan 2024

The band: a novel

Ma-Kellams, Christine 2024

Friends in Napa: a novel

Marikar, Sheila Yasmin 2024

The alone time

Marr, Elle 2024

Point zero

Matsumoto, Seichō 2024

Steel of the celestial shadows. 2

Matsuura, Daruma 2024

Doorway to the stars

McDevitt, Jack 2024 Science fiction

The summer swap

Morgan, Sarah 2024


Mukherjee, Abir 2024

1795: the order of the furies

Natt och Dag, Niklas 2024

Granite harbor

Nichols, Peter 2024

Signals. Volume two, The other psychic

Nika 2024 Graphic novels

Tourist season

Novak, Brenda 2024 Romance

The blue maiden: a novel

Noyes, Anna 2024

Whale fall

O’Connor, Elizabeth 2024

Dixon, descending: a novel

Outen, Karen 2024

I am Rome

Posteguillo, Santiago 2024

The rush: a novel

Prak, Michelle 2024

Good bones: Renovation romance. Book 2

Rey, Aurora 2024 Romance

Ella: a novel

Richards, Diane 2024

The Best life book club

Roberts, Sheila 2024

Home is where the bodies are

Rose, Jeneva 2024

The Joker: the man who stopped laughing. Vol. 2

Rosenberg, Matthew 2024 Graphic novels

She-Hulk by Rainbow Rowell. Vol. 4, Jen-Sational

Rowell, Rainbow 2024 Graphic novels

You should be so lucky: a novel

Sebastian, Cat 2024 Romance

Masters of the Universe: forge of destiny

Seeley, Tim 2024 Graphic novels

The library thief: a novel

Shenjé, Kuchenga 2024

Bad boy beat

Simon, Clea 2024

Miss Morgan’s book brigade: a novel

Skeslien Charles, Janet 2024 Historical fiction

The werewolf at dusk and other stories

Small, David 2024 Graphic novels

Lore Olympus. Volume six

Smythe, Rachel 2024 Graphic novels

Damn them all. Volume 2

Spurrier, Simon 2024 Graphic novels

Thorn city: a novel

Statz, Pamela 2024

Captain America by J. Michael Straczynski. Vol. 1, Stand

Straczynski, J. Michael 2024 Graphic novels

All the glimmering stars: a novel

Sullivan, Mark T 2024

Lost to Dune Road

Thomas, Kara 2024

Long Island: a novel

Tóibín, Colm 2024

The gathering: a novel

Tudor, C. J. 2024

House of Slaughter. Vol. 4, Alabaster

Tynion, James, IV 2024 Graphic novels

Nightmare country. 2, The glass house

Tynion, James, IV 2024 Graphic novels

Sipsworth: a novel

Van Booy, Simon 2024

Highcliffe house

Walker, Megan 2024 Romance

I’m f*cking amazing: a novel

Warden, Anoushka 2024

The devil’s grip

Wolff, Lina 2024

How to read a book: a novel

Wood, Monica 2024

The excitements: a novel

Wray, CJ 2024

Fourth wing: Empyrean. Book 1

Yarros, Rebecca 2024 Fantasy

Colton Gentry’s third act: a novel

Zentner, Jeff 2024 Romance

The happiness blueprint

Zetterberg, Ally 2024 Romance

Uncomfortable conversations with a Jew

Acho, Emmanuel 2024 Religion & spirituality

The weight of nature: how a changing climate changes our brains

Aldern, Clayton Page 2024 Society & social sciences

I finally bought some Jordans: essays

Arceneaux, Michael 2024 Literature

Open wide: a cookbook for friends

Blanco, Benny 2024 Food & drink

Reading the Constitution: why I chose pragmatism, not textualism

Breyer, Stephen G. 2024 Society & social sciences

Zhou Enlai: a life

Chen, Jian 2024 Biography

Italian/American: it’s a QCP cookbook, Betch!

Conte, Gianluca 2024 Food & drink

First love: essays on friendship

Dancyger, Lilly 2024 Personal development

Populus: living and dying in ancient Rome

De la Bédoyère, Guy 2024 History & genealogy

The diaspora sonnets

De la Paz, Oliver 2023 Literature

Digital SAT prep

2024 Society & social sciences

Stuzzichini: the art of the Italian snack

Ferrari, Stef 2024 Food & drink

Saying no to hate: overcoming antisemitism in America

Finkelstein, Norman H. 2024 Society & social sciences

Ghosted: an American story

French, Nancy 2024 Biography

For love of country: leave the Democrat Party behind

Gabbard, Tulsi 2024 Society & social sciences

Unstressable: a practical guide to stress-free living

Gawdat, Mo 2024 Personal development

FDR’s mentors: navigating the path to greatness

Gerhardt, Michael J. 2024 History & genealogy

Hoop atlas: mapping the remarkable transformation of the modern NBA

Goldsberry, Kirk Patrick 2024 Sports & recreation

An unfinished love story: a personal history of the 1960s

Goodwin, Doris Kearns 2024 Biography

Authentic interiors: rooms that tell stories

Gorrivan, Philip 2024 Home & garden

The end of everything: how wars descend into annihilation

Hanson, Victor Davis 2024 Society & social sciences

So to speak

Hayes, Terrance 2023 Literature

The feel good foodie cookbook

Jawad, Yumna 2024 Food & drink

Rebellion: how antiliberalism is tearing America apart-again

Kagan, Robert 2024 History & genealogy

Profiles in mental health courage

Kennedy, Patrick J. 2024 Society & social sciences

Microskills: small actions, big impact

Landry, Adaira 2024 Society & social sciences

Thunder song: essays

LaPointe, Sasha taqwšeblu 2024 Literature

Warren and Bill: Gates, Buffett, and the friendship that changed the world

McCarten, Anthony 2024 Society & social sciences

Co-intelligence: living and working with AI

Mollick, Ethan 2024 Society & social sciences

Bite by bite: nourishments & jamborees

Nezhukumatathil, Aimee 2024 Food & drink

Newt: a cookbook for all

Nguyen, Newt 2024 Food & drink

Beaverland: how one weird rodent made America

Philip, Leila 2023 Society & social sciences

Diabetes cookbook for dummies 2024

Poole, Simon 2024 Food & drink

Silk: a world history

Prasad, Aarathi 2024 Crafts & hobbies

Say more: lessons from work, the White House, and the world

Psaki, Jen 2024 Society & social sciences

Why do we stay?: how my toxic relationship can help you find freedom

Quayle, Stephanie 2024 Personal development

The T in LGBT: everything you need to know about being trans

Raines, Jamie 2024 Society & social sciences

Power moves: ignite your confidence & become a force

Roberts, Sarah Jakes 2024 Religion & spirituality

You never know: a memoir

Selleck, Tom 2024 Biography

Bad therapy: why the kids aren’t growing up

Shrier, Abigail 2024 Health

The woman in me

Spears, Britney 2024

Love is a burning thing: a memoir

St. Pierre, Nina 2024 Parenting

Thailand 2024

2024 Travel

Solitude: the science and power of alone time

Weinstein, Netta 2024 Personal development

The mystic Jesus: the mind of love

Williamson, Marianne 2024 Religion & spirituality

Wild life: finding my purpose in an untamed world

Wynn-Grant, Rae 2024 Biography

I curse you with joy

Haddish, Tiffany 2024

Darling girls: a novel

Hepworth, Sally 2024

Murder road

St. James, Simone 2024

American dream

21 Savage 2024 Rap

Nu king

Derulo, Jason 2024 Rock/Pop

The show: the encore

Horan, Niall 2024 Rock/Pop

Kaiser Chiefs’ easy eighth album

Kaiser Chiefs 2024 Rock/Pop

One deep river

Knopfler, Mark 2024 Rock/Pop

The sky will still be there tomorrow

Lloyd, Charles 2024 Jazz

Sun without the heat

McCalla, Leyla 2024 Folk

What happened to the beach?

McKenna, Declan 2024 Rock/Pop


Memphis Slim 2024 Blues

Mass in troubled times

Pickard, John 2023 Classical

Daphnis et Chloé: complete ballet

Ravel, Maurice 2023 Classical


Shibe, Sean 2023 Classical

Reasonable woman

Sia 2024 Rock/Pop

The book that almost rhymed

Abed, Omar 2024 Picture book

My mama is a work of art

Acabado, Hana 2024 Picture book


Adamson, Ged 2024 Picture book

The elephant detectives

Adamson, Ged 2024 Picture book

The thingamajig

Alexander, Rilla 2024 Picture book

Old clothes for dinner?!

Alonso, Nathalie 2024 Picture book

The invisible elephant

Anisimova, Anna 2023 Picture book


Antony, Steve 2024 Picture book

The one and only family

Applegate, Katherine 2024 Fiction

I heard: an American journey

Avery, J. Nailah 2024 Nonfiction


Azúa Kramer, Jackie 2024 Picture book

When I visited Grandma

Balasubramaniam, Saumiya 2024 Picture book

Cat out of water: a Cat in the Hat story

Baltazar, Art 2024 Comics/graphic novel

Keep up, Duck!

Bates, Ivan 2024 Picture book

A week of shenanigans: Rica Baptista. 2

Bates, Janet Costa 2024 Fiction

The last zookeeper

Becker, Aaron 2024 Picture book

The grateful goat

Behling, Steve 2023 Picture book

Animal albums from A to Z

Bell, Cece 2024 Picture book

Willis Watson is a wannabe

Bogan, Carmen 2024 Picture book

Bing, bop, bam: time to jam!

Bolling, Valerie 2023 Picture book

The storyteller

Bonilla, Lindsay 2024 Picture book

The boy who said wow

Boss, Todd 2023 Picture book

The night war

Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker 2024 Fiction

Plain Jane and the mermaid

Brosgol, Vera 2024 Comics/graphic novel

Mahogany: a Little Red Riding Hood tale

Brown-Wood, JaNay 2024 Picture book

Matzah ball chase

Burk, Rachelle 2024 Picture book

On the go

Busby, Ailie 2024 Nonfiction


Cartaya, Pablo 2024 Comics/graphic novel

The best worst camp out ever

Cepeda, Joe 2024 Early reader

Hen in the bed

Charman, Katrina 2024 Picture book

With twice the love, Dessie Mei

Chen, Justina 2024 Fiction

Lily Xiao speaks out

Chen, Nicole 2024 Fiction

Tricky chopsticks

Chen, Sylvia 2024 Picture book

Mama’s year with cancer

Churnin, Nancy 2023 Picture book

Don’t ask Cat

Cocca-Leffler, Maryann 2024 Picture book

The reflection in me

Colagiovanni, Marc 2024 Picture book

Albert’s ABCs: a sibling story

Cole, Henry 2024 Picture book


Cole, Lo 2024 Picture book

Rocket ship, solo trip

Colombi, Chiara 2024 Picture book

The book that can read your mind

Coppo, Marianna 2024 Picture book

Maisy loves bees

Cousins, Lucy 2024 Board book

Maisy loves trees

Cousins, Lucy 2024 Board book

The brothers Zzli

Cousseau, Alex 2023 Picture book

Gather round

Covell, David 2024 Picture book

Mama in the moon

Cronin, Doreen 2024 Picture book

Megatron is put to the test

Cruz, Gloria 2024 Early reader

I am extraordinary

Curry, Stephen 2024 Picture book

Girls of the world: doing more than ever before

Davis, Linsey 2024 Picture book

Charlie’s balloons

Degonse, Sarah 2024 Picture book

Farm boots

Detlefsen, Lisl H 2023 Picture book

The beginning: Orris and Timble. 1

DiCamillo, Kate 2024 Early reader

Ready to soar

Doerrfeld, Cori 2024 Picture book

Everyone gets a turn

Dubuc, Marianne 2024 Picture book

For you, I will

Duncan, Elle 2024 Picture book

Og finds the cog

Dyckman, Ame 2024 Early reader

Soren’s seventh song

Eggers, Dave 2023 Picture book

I’ll see you in Ijebu

Emenanjo, Bunmi 2024 Picture book

No cats in the library

Emmons, Lauren 2024 Picture book

PAWS. Vol. 3, Priya puts herself first

Fairbairn, Nathan 2023 Comics/graphic novel

Dim Sum Palace

Fang, X. 2023 Picture book

Grandmas are the greatest

Faulks, Ben 2024 Picture book

Solar bear

Ferry, Beth 2024 Picture book

Partly cloudy

Freedman, Deborah 2024 Picture book

Otter oughta know

Friedman-Everham, Karyn 2024 Picture book

Walking trees

Gay, Marie-Louise 2024 Picture book


Gibbons, Gail 2024 Nonfiction

Fawzia Gilani’s Treasury of Eid tales

Gilani-Williams, Fawzia 2023 Nonfiction

Rainbow in brown

Giron, Pavonis 2024 Picture book

Proper Badger would never!

Glattly, Lauren 2024 Picture book

You are here, England

Gleason, Carrie 2024 Nonfiction

The princess and the pee

Gleed, Effua 2024 Picture book

Can you teach a fish to climb a tree?

Godwin, Jane 2024 Picture book

Call your mother

Gold, Tracy C 2024 Picture book

Daisy the daydreamer

Goldfinger, Jennifer P 2024 Picture book

Yaya and the sea

Good Marable, Karen 2024 Picture book


Gratz, Alan 2024 Fiction

Jump for joy

Gray Ruelle, Karen 2024 Picture book

Fortune tellers

Greenwald, Lisa 2024 Fiction

Pizza for Pia

Groban, Betsy 2024 Early reader

Miss MacDonald has a farm

Gwarjanski, Kalee 2024 Picture book

Oops! Rabbit

Ham, Jo 2024 Picture book

Uh-oh! Rabbit

Ham, Jo 2023 Picture book

Yippee! Rabbit

Ham, Jo 2023 Picture book

Spider in the well

Hannigan, Jess 2024 Picture book

Julia and the shark

Hargrave, Kiran Millwood 2023 Fiction

Time to go, Larry!

Hawkins, Alison 2023 Picture book

When the rain came down

Helakoski, Leslie 2024 Picture book

Lion of the sky

Hemnani, Ritu 2024 Fiction

Penelope Rex and the problem with pets

Higgins, Ryan T 2024 Picture book

Métis like me

Hilderman, Tasha 2024 Picture book

Turtle-Turtle and the wide, wide river

Hillenbrand, Jane 2024 Picture book

Mia Madison, CEO: Hopscotch girls. 1

Holmes, Kathryn 2024 Fiction

Do mommies ever sleep?

Howard, Kim 2024 Picture book

Milo walking

Howe, James 2023 Picture book

Linus and Etta could use a win

Huntoon, Caroline 2024 Fiction

Benny Ramírez and the nearly departed

Iriarte, José Pablo 2024 Fiction

Perfect paper cranes

Iwai, Melissa 2024 Early reader

I am more than

James, LeBron 2024 Picture book

Wake up, woodlands

Jameson, Karen 2024 Picture book

You’re going to love this book!

John, Jory 2024 Picture book

Meatballs for Grandpa

Jones, Jeanette Fazzari 2024 Picture book

My first Earth Day

Katz, Karen 2024 Picture book

Code name Kingfisher

Kessler, Liz 2024 Fiction

Safiyyah’s war

Khan, Hiba Noor 2024 Fiction

A friend for Eddy

Kim Ha, Ann 2024 Picture book

Harper becomes a big sister

Kirst, Seamus 2024 Picture book

Puggleton Park: Puggleton Park. 1

Kizis, Deanna 2024 Fiction

Luigi, the spider who wanted to be a kitten

Knudsen, Michelle 2024 Picture book

Under-the-sea seder

Koffsky, Ann D. 2023 Holiday

Something on the hill

Kohuth, Jane 2024 Picture book

The story of chocolate

Koster, Gloria 2024 Nonfiction

Hope is a rainbow

Kotb, Hoda 2024 Picture book

Ooo . . . poo!

Kreloff, Elliot 2024 Picture book

Look! Look!

Krishnaswami, Uma 2024 Picture book

Jungle cat

Larsen, Andrew 2023 Picture book

I really like mom

Lee, Su-an 2024 Picture book

Nat the Cat has a snack

Lerner, Jarrett 2024 Early reader

The blue bowl

Leung, Flo 2024 Picture book

I lived inside a whale

Li, Xin 2024 Picture book

Always Anthony: Emmie & friends. 8

Libenson, Terri 2024 Fiction

Today is for you!

Lloyd-Jones, Sally 2024 Picture book

Pizza shark

Lowery, Mike 2024 Picture book


Luca, Luciana De 2024 Picture book

The secret library

Magoon, Kekla 2024 Fiction

Coco twinkles: Forever fairies. 3

Mara, Maddy 2024 Fiction

What if you had an animal home!?

Markle, Sandra 2024 Nonfiction

Medusa: Myth of monsters. 1

Marsh, Katherine 2024 Fiction

Baby-sitters little sister. 8, Karen’s sleepover

Martin, Ann M. 2024 Comics/graphic novel

Metal baby

Martin, Stephen W. 2024 Picture book


Mattern, Joanne 2024 Nonfiction

The wilderness

McCarthy, Steve 2023 Picture book

Apache helicopter

McKinney, Donna B. 2024 Nonfiction

B-2 stealth bomber

McKinney, Donna B. 2024 Nonfiction

F-22 Raptor

McKinney, Donna B. 2024 Nonfiction

F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

McKinney, Donna B. 2024 Nonfiction

V-22 Osprey

McKinney, Donna B. 2024 Nonfiction

Speck: an itty-bitty epic

Meganck, Margaux 2024 Picture book

How do you see the world?

Melikechi, Noureddine 2024 Nonfiction

Shadow and the ghost

Min, Cat 2024 Picture book

The first day of May

Moreira, Henrique Coser 2024 Picture book

Our wish for you: a story about open adoption

Moreno, Dano 2023 Picture book

The days are long, the years are short

Morton, Aya 2024 Picture book

I am a thundercloud

Moser, Leah 2024 Picture book

A voice like yours

Murphy, Frank 2024 Picture book


Nahum, Andrew 2024 Nonfiction

Sydney’s big speech

Newsome, Malcolm 2024 Picture book

The cats of Silver Crescent

Noel, Kaela 2024 Fiction

The quiet forest

Offsay, Charlotte 2024 Picture book

Lucky dogs

Oh, Joowon 2024 Picture book

The heart never forgets

Otaru, Ana 2024 Picture book

Amma’s sari

Parappukkaran, Sandhya 2024 Picture book

Wherever you go

Penfold, Alexandra 2024 Picture book

Tech-free activities in your yard

Phillips-Bartlett, Rebecca 2024 Nonfiction

The ABCs of trash with Oscar the Grouch

Posner-Sanchez, Andrea 2024 Picture book

Melowy. 6, The dream realm

Powell, Cortney Faye 2023 Comics/graphic novel

Mamá’s panza

Quintero, Isabel 2024 Picture book

From my head to my toes

Raisman, Aly 2024 Picture book


Rash, Andy 2023 Picture book

How to love a grandma

Reagan, Jean 2023 Picture book

We need everyone

Redhead Champagne, Michael 2024 Nonfiction

Curious George and me padded board book

Rey, H. A. 2024 Board book

Elmo and Abby’s playdate

Reynolds, Cat 2024 Board book


Riddiough, Lisa Frenkel 2024 Picture book


Romero, Libby 2023 Nonfiction

Find your porpoise

Ross, M. C. 2024 Fiction

Last best hope: Dungeon Academy. Book 3

Roux, Madeleine 2024 Fiction

Gabby’s Dollhouse 5-minute phonics: vowel sounds

Ruelos, Joanne 2023 Early reader

The most delicious soup: and other stories

Ruiz Johnson, Mariana 2024 Picture book

The real story

Ruzzier, Sergio 2023 Picture book

Kozo the sparrow

Say, Allen 2023 Picture book

Everyone starts small

Scanlon, Liz Garton 2024 Picture book

Zoom! Zoom!

Schaefer, Lola M. 2024 Early reader

A sundae with everything on it

Scheele, Kyle 2024 Picture book

Snoopy, a Peanuts collection / Beagle scout adventures :

Schulz, Charles M. 2024 Comics/graphic novel

Cinnamon bun, I love you 1

Schwartz, Amy 2024 Picture book

Ellie and the marriage list

Seabolt, Tricia 2024 Fiction

Any way you look

Siddiqui, Maleeha 2024 Fiction

Phoebe and her unicorn. 19, Unicorn crush

Simpson, Dana 2024 Comics/graphic novel

Brave little bear

Small, Steve 2023 Picture book

Band camp. 1, All together now!

Smith, Brian 2024 Comics/graphic novel

Circle of love

Smith, Monique Gray 2024 Picture book

Love grows

Spiro, Ruth 2023 Picture book

The spice box

Sriram, Meera 2024 Picture book

Skandar and the chaos trials: Skandar. Book 3

Steadman, A. F. 2024 Fiction

The things we miss

Stecher, Leah 2024 Fiction

Dodo dodgeball

Stemple, Heidi E. Y 2024 Early reader

Happy Purim, Grover!

Sussman, Joni Kibort 2024 Board book

Lost stick

Syed, Anoosha 2024 Picture book

A maleta full of treasures

Sylvester, Natalia 2024 Picture book

The eXpets. [1]

Tatulli, Mark 2024 Comics/graphic novel

Kelp leads the way!

Testa, Maggie 2024 Early reader

Taxi, go!

Toht, Patricia 2024 Picture book

Fake Chinese sounds

Tsong, Jing Jing 2024 Comics/graphic novel

Are you listening?

Verde, Susan 2024 Picture book

How to catch a Mamasaurus

Walstead, Alice 2024 Picture book

The house before falling into the sea

Wang, Ann Suk 2024 Picture book

Hello: how Nüwa created the world

Wang, Viola 2024 Picture book

Moving up!: a graduation celebration

Wells, Rosemary 2024 Picture book

We’re happy you’re here

Wilkins, Julie 2024 Picture book

Are you big?

Willems, Mo 2024 Picture book

Go! Go! Dino!

Windness, Kaz 2024 Early reader

All that grows

Wong, Jack 2024 Picture book

I love myself

Wong, Wai Mei 2024 Picture book

Wonderful goodbyes

Wu, Kelly 2024 Picture book

The ABCs of queer history

Yasmin, Seema 2024 Nonfiction

Interrupting Cow meets the wise quacker

Yolen, Jane 2024 Early reader

See this little dot

Yolen, Jane 2024 Picture book

Two homes, one heart

Young, Jessica 2024 Picture book

The Wild

Zommer, Yuval 2024 Picture book

Just another epic love poem

Akhbari, Parisa 2024 Fiction


Ancrum, K 2024 Fiction

Your blood, my bones

Andrew, Kelly 2024 Fiction

Hearts still beating

Archer, Brooke 2024 Fiction

Love in winter Wonderland

Bello, Abiola 2023 Fiction

Blood justice

Benton-Walker, Terry J 2024 Fiction

The hedgewitch of Foxhall

Bright, Anna 2024 Fiction

Something kindred

Burch, Ciera 2024 Fiction

Book, beast, and crow

Byrne, Elizabeth 2024 Fiction

Royal scandal: Royal blood. Book 2

Carter, Aimée 2024 Fiction

Draw down the moon

Cast, P. C 2024 Fiction

Heartless hunter: the Crimson Moth. Book 1

Ciccarelli, Kristen 2024 Fiction

For the stolen fates

Clare, Gwendolyn 2024 Fiction

The boy lost in the maze

Coelho, Joseph 2024 Fiction

Made glorious

Eagar, Lindsay 2024 Fiction

My gently raised beast. 6

Early Flower 2024 Manga

Dead girls walking

Ellis, Sami 2024 Fiction

The girl I like forgot her glasses. 9

Fujichika, Koume 2024 Manga

Chainsaw man. 14, I wanna see penguins!

Fujimoto, Tatsuki 2024 Manga

Chainsaw man. 15, Hors d’oeuvre

Fujimoto, Tatsuki 2024 Manga

Cursed cruise

Fulton, Victoria 2024 Fiction

The Revenant Games

Fuston, Margie 2024 Fiction

Mission: Yozakura family. 10, Mission complete

Gondaira, Hitsuji 2024 Manga

The perfect guy doesn’t exist

Gonzales, Sophie 2024 Fiction

Call forth a fox

Grabo, Markelle 2024 Fiction

The misdirection of fault lines

Gracia, Anna 2024 Fiction

Defy the storm

Gratton, Tessa 2024 Fiction

Song of freedom, song of dreams

Green, Shari 2024 Fiction

What monstrous gods

Hodge, Rosamund 2024 Fiction

7fates. 3 / Chakho,

HYBE 2024 Manga

Adults’ picture book. 1

Itoi, Kei 2024 Manga

Blue Lock. 12

Kaneshiro, Muneyuki 2024 Manga

The breakup lists

Khorram, Adib 2024 Fiction

Classroom of the elite. 10

Kinugasa, Syougo 2024 Manga

My special one. Volume 6

Koda, Momoko 2024 Manga

Kill her twice

Lee, Stacey 2024 Fiction

Bad like us

Lepore, Gabriella 2024 Fiction

I hope this doesn’t find you

Liang, Ann 2024 Fiction

Sheine Lende

Little Badger, Darcie 2024 Fiction

Disciples of chaos

Lobb, M. K 2024 Fiction


Lukens, F. T 2024 Fiction

The one that got away with murder

Lundy, Trish 2024 Fiction

Clever creatures of the night: a novel

Mabry, Samantha 2024 Fiction

Fairy tail. 15 / 100 years quest

Mashima, Hiro 2024 Manga


Matson, Morgan 2024 Fiction

Savage bred: Royal rose chronicles. Book 3

McCombs, Victoria 2023 Fiction

Under this red rock

McGinnis, Mindy 2024 Fiction

Four letter word: a novel

McNeil, Gretchen 2024 Fiction

Survival: Deadlands. 2

Melki-Wegner, Skye 2024 Fiction

Anyway, I’m falling in love with you. 2

Mitsui, Haruka 2024 Manga

Last one to die

Murphy, Cynthia 2024 Fiction

Breathing underwater

Nash, Abbey Lee 2024 Fiction

Most ardently: a Pride & Prejudice remix

Novoa, Gabe Cole 2024 Fiction

The diablo’s curse

Novoa, Gabe Cole 2024 Fiction

Grace notes: poems about families

Nye, Naomi Shihab 2024 Nonfiction

The someday daughter

O’Clover, Ellen 2024 Fiction

10 hours to go

Parrack, Keely 2024 Fiction


Penn, Farrah 2024 Fiction

Fate be changed: a twisted tale

Rochon, Farrah 2024 Fiction

We are mayhem

Rourke-Mooney, Beck 2024 Fiction

One last breath

Sain, Ginny Myers 2024 Fiction

A man & his cat. 10

Sakurai, Umi 2024 Manga

Ellie Haycock is totally normal

Schreiber, Gretchen 2024 Fiction

Not your average Jo

Shim, Grace K 2024 Fiction

Six truths and a lie

Shukairy, Ream 2024 Fiction

The daughter of the Bone Forest

Skye, Jasmine 2024 Fiction

Black clover. 35, Well done

Tabata, Yūki 2024 Manga

My cat is such a weirdo. 3

Tamagoyama, Tamako 2024 Manga

Darker by four

Tan, June CL 2024 Fiction

The king’s beast. 12

Tōma, Rei 2024 Manga

The ice guy and the cool girl. 3

Tonogaya, Miyuki 2024 Manga

The ice guy and the cool girl. 4

Tonogaya, Miyuki 2024 Manga

The beginning after the end. 5

TurtleMe 2024 Graphic novel

These bodies between us

Van Name, Sarah 2024 Fiction

Chronically Dolores

Van Wagenen, Maya 2024 Fiction

The lightning circle

VanSickle, Vikki 2024 Fiction

Every time you hear that song

Voris, Jenna 2024 Fiction

Star Wars Doctor Aphra. 7, Dark droids

Wong, Alyssa 2024 Graphic novel

The homecoming war

Woolridge, Addie 2023 Fiction

True beauty. 4

Yaongi 2024 Graphic novel

Dear Wendy

Zhao, Ann 2024 Fiction