Locust lane

Amidon, Stephen 2023

The Book Haters’ Book Club

Anthony, Gretchen 2023

Fresh blood: VAMPS. Book 1

Arend, Nicole. 2023 Fantasy

The Mitford affair: a novel

Benedict, Marie 2023 Historical fiction

Checkout 19: a novel

Bennett, Claire-Louise 2022

The blue window: a novel

Berne, Suzanne 2023

Off the deep end: a thriller

Berry, Lucinda 2023

Karma of the sun

Boey, Brandon Ying Kit 2023 Science fiction

In love’s time

Breslin, Kate 2022 Romance

Daughter of darkness: Viridian Deep. Book 2

Brooks, Terry 2023 Fantasy

Red lightning

Bucci, Marco. 2022 Graphic novels

Critical role: The Mighty Nein origins. Fjord Stone

Burke, Kevin 2022 Graphic novels

Hearts of steel: Blackstone legacy. Book 3

Camden, Elizabeth 2023 Romance

A tidy ending: a novel

Cannon, Joanna 2023

The survivalists: a novel

Cauley, Kashana 2023

Cinco cerditos

Christie, Agatha 2022

El misterioso caso de Styles

Christie, Agatha 2022

El misterioso Mr. Brown

Christie, Agatha 2022

The brilliance of stars: a Jack and Ivy novel. Book 1

Ciesielski, J’nell 2022 Romance

Something old, something new

Clipston, Amy 2022 Romance

Este vacio que hierve

Comensal, Jorge 2022

The Winter garden

Cornick, Nicola 2023 Historical fiction

The rom-com agenda

Denker, Jayne 2023 Romance

Independence: a novel

Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee 2023 Historical fiction

Liar, dreamer, thief

Dong, Maria 2023

The shards

Ellis, Bret Easton 2023

If I survive you

Escoffery, Jonathan 2022 Historical fiction

A love by design: Secret scientists of London. Book 3

Everett, Elizabeth 2023 Historical fiction

How to turn into a bird

Ferrada, María José 2022

Real bad things

Ford, Kelly J 2022

Heather: a McCutcheon family novel. Book 4

Fyffe, Caroline 2023 Romance

Lessons in chemistry

Garmus, Bonnie 2022 Historical fiction

Once & future. Volume five, The Wasteland

Gillen, Kieron 2023 Graphic novels

Uncanny times: a Huntsmen novel. Book 1

Gilman, Laura Anne 2023 Fantasy

La lista del juez

Grisham, John 2022

Jane Foster & the Mighty Thor

Grønbekk, Torunn 2022 Graphic novels

Too dead to die: a Simon Cross thriller

Guggenheim, Marc 2022 Graphic novels

This other Eden: a novel

Harding, Paul 2023 Historical fiction

Scorch: a Steel brothers saga. Book 24

Hardt, Helen 2022 Romance


Harper, Jane 2022

Everybody knows: a novel

Harper, Jordan 2023

The cloisters: a novel

Hays, Katy 2022

Never leave me: Waters of time. Book 2

Hedlund, Jody 2022 Romantic suspense

Really good, actually: a novel

Heisey, Monica 2023 Romance

How to sell a haunted house

Hendrix, Grady 2023 Horror

La novela del verano

Henry, Emily 2022 Romance

The secrets we share

Hill, Edwin 2023

Maybe now: Maybe someday series. Book 3

Hoover, Colleen 2023 Romance

The bullet garden: an Earl Swagger novel. Book 4

Hunter, Stephen 2023 Historical fiction

Newthink. Volume 1.0

Hurwitz, Gregg 2022 Graphic novels

Lunar love: a novel

Jessen, Lauren Kung 2023 Romance

Age of vice

Kapoor, Deepti 2023


Keegan, Claire 2022

Batman: killing time

King, Tom 2022 Graphic novels

You should have told me

Konen, Leah 2023

The house at the end of the world

Koontz, Dean R. 2023 Horror

Beneath an alien sky. 1

Kotian, Siddharth. 2022 Graphic novels

Exes and o’s

Lea, Amy 2023 Romance

Booked on a feeling

Lee, Jayci 2023 Romance

The three lives of Alix St. Pierre

Lester, Natasha 2023 Romance

The matchmaker’s gift: a novel

Loigman, Lynda Cohen 2023 Historical fiction

Mother daughter traitor spy: a novel

MacNeal, Susan Elia 2023 Historical fiction

The nightmare man: a novel

Markert, James 2023 Horror

What lies in the woods

Marshall, Kate Alice 2023

The glassmaker’s wife: a novel

Martin, Lee 2022 Historical fiction

Extended stay

Martinez, Juan 2023 Horror

The housemaid

McFadden, Freida 2022

Scarred: a never after novel. Book 2

McIntire, Emily 2022 Fantasy

Wretched: a never after novel. Book 3

McIntire, Emily 2022 Romance

Moonrise over New Jessup: a novel

Minnicks, Jamila 2023

The secret life of sunflowers

Molnar, Marta 2022 Biographical

The echoes: Kinship series. Book 4

Montgomery, Jess 2023 Historical fiction

Ojos azules

Morrison, Toni 2022

The dream builders: a novel

Mukherjee, Oindrila 2023

The reindeer hunters: Sister bells trilogy. Book 2

Mytting, Lars 2022 Historical fiction

Well behaved wives: a novel

Nathan, Amy Sue 2022

Rubble of rubles: a novel

Novakovich, Josip 2022

The reunion: a novel

Olson, Kayla 2023 Romance

Marauders by Steve Orlando. Vol. 1

Orlando, Steve 2022 Science fiction

In the time of our history

Pari, Susanne 2023

Pulling the wings off angels

Parker, K. J 2022 Fantasy

Friends don’t lie

Pattison, Nell 2022

Take my hand

Perkins-Valdez, Dolen 2022

Murder book: a novel

Perry, Thomas 2023

Si estuvieras aqui

Picoult, Jodi 2022

Killers of a certain age

Raybourn, Deanna 2023

La loba y el leñador

Reid, Ava 2022 Fantasy

Please report your bug here: a novel

Riedel, Josh 2023 Science fiction

The guest lecture: a novel

Riker, Martin 2023

The widow

Rouda, Kaira Sturdivant 2023

Reef Road: a novel

Royce, Deborah Goodrich 2023

Lazarus. Volume seven, Fracture lI

Rucka, Greg 2022 Graphic novels

Valley of shadows: a novel

Ruiz, Rudy 2022 Historical fiction

Fantastic Four: life story

Russell, Mark 2022 Graphic novels

You should smile more: a novel

Ryan, Anastasia 2023

Usagi Yojimbo origins. Volume 4, Lone goat and kid

Sakai, Stan 2022 Graphic novels

After the bite: an Argeneau novel. Book 35

Sands, Lynsay 2022 Romance

Regrets only

Scott, Kieran 2022

Phaedra: a novel

Shepperson, Laura 2023 Fantasy

Suicide Squad: blaze

Spurrier, Simon 2022 Graphic novels

Everyone in my family has killed someone

Stevenson, Benjamin 2023

Pandora: a novel in three parts

Stokes-Chapman, Susan 2022 Historical fiction

Dune: the official movie graphic novel

Sturges, Lilah 2022 Graphic novels

A guide to being just friends: a novel

Sullivan, Sophie 2023 Romance

Tales of the Amazons

2022 Graphic novels

In the upper country: a novel

Thomas, Kai 2023 Historical fiction

House of Slaughter. Vol. 2, Scarlet

Tynion, James, IV 2022 Graphic novels

Summer’s end

Van Stry, John 2022 Science fiction

A castle in Brooklyn: a novel

Wachtel, Shirley Russak 2023 Historical fiction

Qi chu. Ji nian

Wang, Shuo 2022

Nubia: Queen of the Amazons

Williams, Stephanie 2022 Graphic novels

Decent people: a novel

Winslow, De’Shawn Charles 2023

Darling in the Franxx. 1-2

Yabuki, Kentaro 2022 Graphic novels

Darling in the Franxx. 3-4

Yabuki, Kentaro 2022 Graphic novels

Darling in the Franxx. 7-8

Yabuki, Kentaro 2022 Graphic novels

La vida privada de los arboles

Zambra, Alejandro 2022

Stillwater. Vol. 1, Always loyal

Zdarsky, Chip 2022 Graphic novels

Crohn’s and colitis for dummies 2022

Ali, Tauseef 2022 Health

Love, Pamela

Anderson, Pamela 2023 Biography

Magic: the Gathering : the visual guide

Annelli, Jay 2022 Sports & recreation

WordPress in easy steps 2022

Bartlett, Darryl 2022 Computers

Linux all-in-one for dummies 2023

Blum, Richard 2023 Computers

The rise and fall of the Danish empire

Bregnsbo, Michael 2022 History & genealogy

Elizabeth Taylor: the grit & glamour of an icon

Brower, Kate Andersen 2022 Biography

Fundraising for dummies 2023

Browning, Beverly A. 2023 Society & social sciences

Your table is ready: tales of a New York City maître d’

Cecchi-Azzolina, Michael 2022 Biography

Cuba 2022

2022 Travel

Ink & wash florals: stunning botanical projects in watercolor & ink

Damsbo Brix, Camilla. 2022 Art & photography

I am the storm

Dean, Janice 2023 Society & social sciences

Doulas: del mito a la realidad

Fernández, Beatriz 2022 Health

Cuba: an American history

Ferrer, Ada 2022

Deduct it! 2023: lower your small business taxes

Fishman, Stephen 2023 Society & social sciences

Home business tax deductions 2023: keep what you earn

Fishman, Stephen 2023 Society & social sciences

Getting me cheap: how low-wage work traps women and girls in poverty

Freeman, Amanda 2022 Society & social sciences

Never finished: unshackle your mind and win the war within

Goggins, David 2022 Society & social sciences

Start, stay, or leave

Gowdy, Trey 2023 Personal development


Harry, Prince, Duke of Sussex 2023 Biography

Teach yourself visually iPhone 14

Hart-Davis, Guy 2023 Computers

Somewhere sisters

Hayasaki, Erika 2022 Society & social sciences

Life on dealy: making peace with a stutter

Hendrickson, John 2023 Biography

Pilates for dummies 2023

Herman, Ellie 2023 Health

Historia universal

2022 History & genealogy

Hello human: a history of visual communication

Horsham, Michael 2022 Society & social sciences

Adulting for dummies 2023/

Houy, Gencie 2023

Chemistry all-in-one for dummies 2023

Hren, Christopher 2023 Science

Sorry, sorry, sorry: the case for good apologies

Ingall, Marjorie 2023 Personal development

Great book of woodburning

Irish, Lora S 2022 Crafts & hobbies

Himalaya: exploring the roof of the world

Keay, John 2022 History & genealogy

The rough guide to Costa Rica 2022

Keeling, Stephen 2022 Travel

Cotton candy: poems dipped out of the air

Kooser, Ted 2022 Literature

The Ghibliotheque anime movie guide

Leader, Michael 2022 Entertainment

Drinking games: a memoir

Levy, Sarah 2023 Biography

Long-term care 2023: how to plan and pay for it

2022 Society & social sciences

Living while Black: portraits of everyday resistance

Mance, Ajuan Maria 2022 Art & photography

And finally: matters of life and death

Marsh, Henry 2023 Biography

Disability pride: dispatches from a post-ADA world

Mattlin, Ben 2022 Society & social sciences

Visual basic in easy steps 2022

McGrath, Mike 2022 Computers

Home decorating for dummies

McMillan, Katharine Kaye 2023 Home & garden

Infants & toddlers at play: choosing the right stuff for learning & development

McMullen, Mary Benson 2022 Society & social sciences

Moon Alaska 2023

2023 Travel

Moon Japan 2022

2022 Travel

Justice for animals: our collective responsibility

Nussbaum, Martha C. 2022 Personal development

Never give an inch: fighting for the America I love

Pompeo, Mike 2023 History & genealogy

Windows 11 for seniors in easy steps

Price, Michael 2022 Computers

The gospel of wellness

Raphael, Rina 2022 Health

QuickBooks Online for dummies 2023

Ringstrom, David H 2023 Computers

La fuerza de la vida

Robbins, Anthony 2022 Health

Downsizing for dummies 2023

Roberts, Ralph R. 2023 Home & garden

God of War: the official cookbook of the Nine Realms

Rosenthal, Victoria 2022 Food & drink

The creative act: a way of being

Rubin, Rick 2023 Personal development

The stranger beside me

Rule, Ann 2022 Criminology

Statistics all-in-one for dummies 2023

Rumsey, Deborah J. 2023 Science

Control: the dark history and troubling present of eugenics

Rutherford, Adam 2023 Society & social sciences

Apple watch for dummies 2023

Saltzman, Marc 2023 Computers

The future is analog: how to create a more human world

Sax, David 2022 Society & social sciences

Carving little caricatures

Scalin, Karen 2022 Art & photography

The perfectionist’s guide to losing control: a path to peace and power

Schafler, Katherine Morgan 2023 Personal development

8 rules of love: how to find it, keep it, and let it go

Shetty, Jay 2023 Personal development

Candles: a modern guide to making candles

Sinteh, Ebi 2022 Crafts & hobbies

Low-cholesterol cookbook for dummies 2022

Siple, Molly 2022 Food & drink

iPhone for seniors for dummies 2023

Spivey, Dwight 2023 Computers

This afterlife: selected poems

Stallings, A. E. 2022 Literature

Falastin: un viaje culinario

Tamimi, Sami 2022 Food & drink

Las homicidas

Trabucco Zerán, Alia 2022 Criminology

Night terrors: troubled sleep and the stories we tell about it

Vernon, Alice 2022 Personal development

Barron’s AP psychology premium 2022-2023

Weseley, Allyson 2022 Society & social sciences

The fight of his life: inside Joe Biden’s White House

Whipple, Chris 2023 History & genealogy

After dark

Wong, Liam 2022 Art & photography

Master slave husband wife: an epic journey from slavery to freedom

Woo, Ilyon 2023 Society & social sciences


Apollo, Omar 2022 Rock/Pop

Diabelli variations: Beethoven

Beethoven, Ludwig van 2022 Classical

The family

Brockhampton 2022 Rap

Die to live

Curtis, Maranda 2022 Religious

Blue skies

Dehd 2022 Rock/Pop

Things happen that way

Dr. John 2022 Rock/Pop

A woman with a purple wig

Eri Yamamoto Trio. 2022 Jazz

So icy boyz 22

Gucci Mane 2022 Rap

Women talking: original motion picture score

Guðnadóttir, Hildur. 2023 Soundtrack

Country stuff: the album

Hayes, Walker 2022 Country

Reforged: Ironbound

Iron Savior 2022 Rock/Pop

Thriller 40

Jackson, Michael 2022 Rock/Pop

Live at Yankee Stadium, June 22 & 23, 1990

Joel, Billy 2022 Rock/Pop

Cody Johnson & the Rockin’ CJB: live

Johnson, Cody 2022 Country

Violent revolution

Kreator 2022 Rock/Pop

Luxury disease

2022 Rock/Pop

Double album

NOFX 2022 Rock/Pop


Panda Bear 2022 Rock/Pop

The war to end all wars

Sabaton 2022 Rock/Pop

Between us…

Shankar, Anoushka 2022 World

Live at the Greek Theater 2019

Starr, Ringo 2022 Rock/Pop

Metal never rusts

White Skull 2022 Rock/Pop

The music man: the 2022 Broadway cast recording

Willson, Meredith 2022 Soundtrack

Zappa ’75 Zagreb, Ljubljana

Zappa, Frank 2022 Rock/Pop

Stacey’s remarkable books

Abrams, Stacey 2022 Picture book

It’s Chinese New Year, Curious George!

Adcock, Maria Wen 2023 Board book

The monsters on the bus

Albee, Sarah 2022 Board book


Alejandro, Rocío 2022 Picture book

Let’s add up!

Allenby, Victoria 2022 Picture book

The ghost with the smelly old underwear

Andrés, José Carlos 2022 Picture book

Cooking with the Birthday Bird

Armand, Glenda 2023 Early reader

Working with tools

Armstrong, Zoe 2022 Nonfiction

Loonicorns. 1

Asna, Cedric 2022 Comics/graphic novel

I love you, cockatoo!/

Aspinall, Sarah 2022 Picture book

I lost my polka dots!

Auerbach, Annie 2023 Picture book

Monster escape: Diary of a Roblox pro. 1

Avatar, Ari 2022 Fiction

Railroad engineer: Olive Dennis

Baillie, Kaye 2022 Biography

I survived. Hurricane Katrina, 2005

Ball, Georgia 2022 Comics/graphic novel

One million trees: a true story

Balouch, Kristen 2022 Biography

The winter bird

Banks, Kate 2022 Picture book

Yo soy!: afirmaciones para desarrollar la resiliencia

Barbosa, Bela 2022 World languages

Roxie loves adventure

Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta 2022 Picture book

Amy and the emerald snake: Critter Club. 25

Barkley, Callie 2022 Fiction

Three Billy Goats Gruff

Barnett, Mac 2022 Picture book


Barrows, Annie 2022 Picture book

The science of baking

Beaty, Andrea 2022 Nonfiction

Level up!

Behling, Steve 2023 Early reader

Spidey and his amazing friends, Let’s swing, Spidey Team!

Behling, Steve 2023 Comics/graphic novel

Guandi: god of war

Bell, Samantha 2023 Nonfiction

The wrestling Cholitas of Bolivia

Bellante, Claudia 2022 Nonfiction


Berenstain, Mike 2022 Picture book

The Berenstain Bears gifts of the Spirit, Fair is fair

Berenstain, Mike 2022 Picture book

Sisterhood of sleuths

Bertman, Jennifer Chambliss 2022 Audiobook

Pig the rebel

Blabey, Aaron 2022 Picture book


Blackall, Sophie 2022 Picture book

Mission to Shadow Sea: Future hero. 2

Blackwood, Remi 2023 Fiction

Bluey. Seasons 1

2022 Video

We are in charge of our bodies

Bowers, Lydia 2022 Picture book

Heart string

Boynton-Hughes, Brooke 2022 Picture book

My life as a Muslim

Bradley, Fleur 2022 Nonfiction

Cocoa magic

Bradley, Sandra 2022 Picture book

Logan’s greenhouse

Brown-Wood, JaNay 2022 Picture book

Bright winter night

Brydon, Alli 2022 Picture book

Harriet Tubman: fighter for freedom!

Buckley, James, Jr. 2022 Biography

Scholastic year in sports, 2023

Buckley, James, Jr. 2022 Nonfiction

365 days of play: activities for every day of the year

Butler, Megan Hewes 2022 Nonfiction

Disney Pixar character encyclopedia

Bynghall, Steve 2022 Nonfiction

Infinity: figuring out forever

Campbell, Sarah C. 2022 Nonfiction

Space mission!

Carbone, Courtney 2023 Early reader

Fashionista: fashion your feelings

Clarke, Maxine Beneba 2022 Picture book

The fairy atlas: fairy folk of the world

Claybourne, Anna 2022 Nonfiction

Dragon noodle party: a story of Chinese zodiac animals

Compestine, Ying Chang 2022 Picture book

Stand up!: 10 mighty women who made a change

Cooper, Brittney C. 2022 Nonfiction

Infected: Piggy. 1

Crawford, Terrance 2023 Fiction

Passionate about penguins

Davey, Owen 2022 Nonfiction

A boy and his mirror

Davis, Marchánt 2023 Picture book

Figure it out, Henri Weldon

Davis, Tanita S. 2023 Fiction

My first guide to weather

De la Bédoyère, Camilla 2022 Nonfiction

Wombat said come in

Deedy, Carmen Agra 2022 Picture book

Knight Owl

Denise, Christopher 2022 Picture book

Wind and water

Derting, Kimberly 2023 Early reader

Mama’s days

Diehn, Andi 2022 Picture book


Doerrfeld, Cori 2023 Picture book

The LEGO ideas book

Dolan, Hannah 2022 Nonfiction

Me Gusta

Dominguez, Angela 2023 Readalong

Vaping: considering the risks

Dougherty, Terri 2023 Nonfiction

Lovely day

Duchess, Olivia 2023 Picture book

The sky’s the limit!

Eliopulos, Nick 2023 Early reader

Iris el valiente: Diario de un unicornio. [3]

Elliott, Rebecca 2022 World languages

La Princesa and the pea

Elya, Susan Middleton 2023 Readalong

Let’s go! / Let’s Go!

Emberley, Michael 2023 Early reader

Colors in the garden

Farina, Marcos 2022 Board book

Yasmin figures it out!

Faruqi, Saadia 2023 Fiction

Beak & Ally. 4, Snow Birds

Feuti, Norman 2023 Comics/graphic novel

The green piano: how little me found music

Flack, Roberta 2023 Biography

Wondering around

Fleming, Meg 2022 Picture book

I don’t care

Fogliano, Julie 2022 Picture book

Scaredy Bath

Foster Blake, Zoë 2022 Picture book

The Curiosities

Fraillon, Zana 2022 Picture book

It’s not the three little pigs

Funk, Josh 2022 Picture book

Grandma’s farm

Garland, Michael 2022 Picture book

The Purim panic

Gehl, Laura 2023 Picture book

Penguins: new and updated

Gibbons, Gail 2022 Nonfiction

Campamento de espías

Gibbs, Stuart 2022 World languages

The Vanderbeekers on the road: Vanderbeekers. 6

Glaser, Karina Yan 2023 Fiction

Berry song

Goade, Michaela 2022 Picture book

What does brown mean to you?

Grady, Ron 2023 Picture book

Captain America: the ghost army

Gratz, Alan 2023 Comics/graphic novel

The Tyrell show: season two

Grose, Miles 2023 Fiction

Ratty’s big adventure

Hawthorne, Lara 2022 Picture book

The lost galumpus

Helgerson, Joseph 2023 Fiction

Crazy for coconuts

Hokkanen, Mirka 2023 Early reader

Hooray for trucks!

Hughes, Susan 2022 Picture book

Build your own LEGO escape room

Hugo, Simon 2022 Nonfiction

Witch Hazel

Idle, Molly Schaar 2022 Picture book

Let’s play ddakji

Im, Seo-Ha 2022 Picture book

Mi primer emocionómetro

Isern, Susanna 2022 World languages

What’s in a name?

Iwai, Melissa 2023 Early reader

Skeletina y el entremundo

Jaramillo, Susie 2022 World languages

Meanwhile back on Earth

Jeffers, Oliver 2022 Nonfiction

A walk through the rain forest

Jenkins, Martin 2022 Nonfiction

This joy!

Johannes, Shelley 2022 Picture book

The moon tonight: our Moon’s journey around Earth

Jung, Chang-hoon 2023 Nonfiction

All about nurses

Kaiser, Brianna 2023 Nonfiction

Harmony and heartbreak: Suitehearts. 1

Kann, Claire 2023 Fiction


Karsten, Guilherme 2022 Picture book

Captain Stone’s revenge

Keene, Carolyn 2023 Fiction

Wake me up in 20 coconuts!

Keller, Laurie 2022 Picture book

Spirit Rangers: snoozing sun

Knight, JohnTom 2023 Early reader

Yo-kai watch. Volume 20

Konishi, Noriyuki 2023 Comics/graphic novel


Korman, Gordon 2023 Fiction

The superteacher project

Korman, Gordon 2023 Fiction

Love made me more

Kosinski, Colleen Rowan 2022 Picture book

They set the fire: Teddies saga. 3

Kraus, Daniel 2023 Fiction


Krovatin, Christopher 2023 Fiction

Poǩmon adventures: X-Y. 4

Kusaka, Hidenori 2023 Comics/graphic novel

The four seasons of the pipa

Lacoursière, Patrick 2022 Picture book

Dim sum, here we come!

Lam, Maple 2023 Picture book

El oso goloso: un cuento para aprender a compartir

Lambert, Jonathan 2022 World languages

Grumpy monkey: the egg-sitter

Lang, Suzanne 2023 Early reader

I’ll go and come back

LaRocca, Rajani 2022 Picture book


2022 Video

Llama Llama: colores

2022 World languages

Llama Llama: numeros

2022 World languages

Who is Megan Rapinoe?

Loh, Stefanie 2023 Biography

What are words, really?

Lubomirski, Alexi 2022 Nonfiction

Time to fly

Lyon, George Ella 2022 Picture book

Sometimes I feel scared

Mansfield, Nicole A. 2022 Nonfiction

On the hunt with crocodiles

Markle, Sandra 2023 Nonfiction

The lost year

Marsh, Katherine 2023 Fiction

Action!: how movies began

McCarthy, Meghan 2022 Nonfiction

Pout party

McColl, Sarah 2022 Picture book

How do ants survive a flood?: a book about bugs

McKay, Chason 2022 Nonfiction

Merci Suárez no sabe bailar

Medina, Meg 2022 World languages

Battle of the beast: Beast and the Bethany. Book 3

Meggitt-Phillips, Jack 2023 Fiction

Over and under the waves

Messner, Kate 2022 Picture book

Avocado feels a pit worried

Miles, Brenda 2022 Picture book

Knitting for dogs

Molk, Laurel 2022 Picture book

Planes go!

Morris, Harold 2023 Nonfiction

Trucks go!

Morris, Harold 2023 Nonfiction

Agatha May and the anglerfish

Morrison, Nora 2022 Picture book

The kindest red: a story of hijab and friendship

Muhammad, Ibtihaj 2023 Picture book

How to help a friend

Newson, Karl 2022 Picture book

Leon. 1, The Extraordinary

Nicholas, Jamar 2022 Comics/graphic novel

Madam C.J. Walker: self-made millionaire

Nnachi, Ngeri 2023 Biography

The bears shared

Norman, Kim 2023 Picture book

Return to Atlantis: Atlantis. Book 2

O’Hearn, Kate 2023 Fiction

All the insects in the world

Opie, David 2022 Nonfiction

Darwin’s super-pooping worm spectacular

Owen, Polly 2023 Nonfiction

Fiercest feuds: 5 books in 1!

Pallotta, Jerry 2022 Nonfiction

Basketball dreams

Paul, Chris 2023 Nonfiction

Madani’s best game

Pintadera, Fran 2022 Picture book

Mister Kitty is lost!

Pizzoli, Greg 2023 Picture book

Who was Alex Trebek?

Pollack, Pam 2022 Biography

What is the story of Nancy Drew?

Rau, Dana Meachen 2023 Nonfiction


Richards, Dan 2023 Picture book

The secret stream

Ridley, Kimberly 2022 Nonfiction

Native American twelve days of Christmas

Robinson, Gary 2022 Holiday

Smart sisters

Roe, Mechal Renee 2022 Picture book

Malik’s number thoughts: a story about OCD

Rompella, Natalie 2022 Picture book

Mako & Tiger: two not-so-friendly sharks

Rothman, Scott 2022 Picture book

All about baby penguins

Rustad, Martha E. H. 2022 Nonfiction

Save the…whale sharks

Sanchez, Anita 2022 Nonfiction

My uncle is coming tomorrow = Mañana viene mi tío

Santana, Sebastián 2022 World languages

Star Wars: Tales from the rancor pit

Scott, Cavan 2022 Comics/graphic novel

Who will kiss the crocodile?

Senior, Suzy 2022 Picture book

Rock out!: Pizza and Taco. 5

Shaskan, Stephen 2023 Comics/graphic novel

Sallie Bee writes a thank-you note

Sheinmel, Courtney 2022 Picture book

Making happy

Sheth, Sheetal 2022 Picture book

Peculiar primates: fun facts about these curious creatures

Shumaker, Debra Kempf 2022 Nonfiction

Exploring Tatooine: an illustrated guide

Silverman, Riley 2022 Nonfiction

Dadaji’s paintbrush

Sirdeshpande, Rashmi 2022 Picture book

Head, shoulders, knees, and toes

Slater, Nicola 2022 Board book

Officer Clawsome. 1, Lobster cop

Smith, Brian 2023 Comics/graphic novel

How science saved the Eiffel tower

Smith, Emma Bland 2022 Nonfiction

Little owl’s love

Srinivasan, Divya 2022 Picture book


Stansbie, Stephanie 2022 Picture book

Today Is a Me Day.

Starkey, Ev. 2022 Picture book

The sun is late and so is the farmer

Stead, Philip Christian 2022 Picture book

The catalogue of hugs

Stein, Joshua David 2022 Picture book

Sisters of the Lost Marsh

Strange, Lucy 2023 Fiction

What happened to Rachel Riley?

Swinarski, Claire 2023 Fiction

Keyana loves her family

Tarpley, Natasha Anastasia 2022 Picture book

Love is a story

Tarpley, Todd 2022 Picture book

What’s sweeter

Tate, June 2022 Picture book

Save the… tigers

Taylor-Butler, Christine 2022 Nonfiction

The Magnificent Book of Sharks

Taylor, Barbara 2022 Nonfiction

A flag for Juneteenth

Taylor, Kim 2023 Nonfiction

Save the … elephants

Thomson, Sarah L 2022 Nonfiction

A pinch of love

Timms, Barry 2022 Picture book

Stacey Abrams and the fight to vote

Todd, Traci N. 2022 Biography

Groundhog gets it wrong

Townes, Jess 2023 Picture book

The big cheese

Trasler, Janee 2023 Early reader

Beatrice likes the dark

Tucholke, April Genevieve 2022 Picture book

My bindi

Varadarajan, Gita 2022 Picture book

That’s my sweater!

Von Innerebner, Jessika 2022 Picture book

The wishing balloons

Voss, Jonathan D 2022 Picture book

Ships go!

Walker, Alan 2023 Nonfiction

Saving Cody: Wilder boys. 3

Wallace, Brandon 2023 Fiction

The Capitol: a meet the nation’s Capitol book

Ward, Lindsay 2022 Nonfiction

Stacey Abrams: lift every voice

Warren, Sarah 2022 Biography

Let’s draw manga chibi characters

Whitten, Samantha 2023 Nonfiction

Bobby: a story of Robert F. Kennedy

Wiles, Deborah 2022 Biography

Alphabreaths too: more ABCs of mindful breathing

Willard, Christopher 2022 Nonfiction

Sometimes I feel lonely

Wilson, Lakita 2022 Nonfiction

The blanket where Violet sits

Wolf, Allan 2022 Picture book

Goodnight, little sea otter

Wood, A. J. 2022 Picture book

Key Player: Front desk. 4

Yang, Kelly 2023 Fiction

How do dinosaurs learn to be kind?

Yolen, Jane 2023 Picture book

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodbye?

Yolen, Jane 2023 Readalong

Lightlark: Lightlark series. Book 1

Aster, Alex 2022 Fiction

The final gambit: an inheritance games novel. Book 3

Barnes, Jennifer Lynn 2022 Fiction

The life and crimes of Hoodie Rosen

Blum, Isaac 2022 Fiction

Pencilmation: the graphite novel

Bollinger, Ross 2022 Graphic novel

Reggie and Delilah’s year of falling

Bryant, Elise 2023 Fiction


Canizales 2022 Graphic novel

Breakup from hell

Cardinal, Ann Dávila 2023 Fiction

Omens bite: Sisters of Salem. Book 2

Cast, P. C 2023 Fiction

For Lamb

Cline-Ransome, Lesa 2023 Fiction

Forestfall: World at Lake’s edge. Book 2

Clipstone, Lyndall 2022 Fiction

Mission: Yozakura family. 2

Gondaira, Hitsuji 2022 Manga


Hardinge, Frances 2023 Fiction

Night of the living cat. 2

Hawkman 2022 Manga

Highly suspicious and unfairly cute

Hibbert, Talia 2023 Fiction

My love mix-up! 6

Hinekure, Wataru 2023 Manga

Unseelie: Unseelie duology. Book 1

Housman, Ivelisse 2023 Fiction

Spice road: Spice Road Trilogy. Book 1

Ibrahim, Maiya 2023 Fiction

They’re watching you

Ichaso, Chelsea 2022 Fiction

Five survive

Jackson, Holly 2022 Fiction

Nine liars

Johnson, Maureen 2022 Fiction

French kissing in New York

Jouhanneau, Anne-Sophie 2023 Fiction

Socrates: a life worth living

Lehmann, Devra 2022 Biography

Rebel of fire and flight

Marufu, Aneesa 2023 Fiction

The elusive samurai. 3, Rogues 1334

Matsui, Yūsei 2022 Manga

We are all so good at smiling

McBride, Amber 2023 Fiction

Cursed: Gilded. Book 2

Meyer, Marissa 2022 Fiction

Romantic killer. 1

Momose, Wataru. 2022 Manga

Romantic killer. 2

Momose, Wataru. 2023 Manga

All that it ever meant: a novel

Musariri, Blessing 2023 Fiction

Unfamiliar. 1

Newsome, Haley 2022 Graphic novel

To your eternity. 16

Ōima, Yoshitoki 2022 Manga

To your eternity. 17

Ōima, Yoshitoki 2022 Manga

The girl in the castle

Patterson, James 2022 Fiction

The wrong kind of weird

Ramos, James 2023 Fiction

Los chicos fantasmas

Rhodes, Jewell Parker 2022 World languages

A young people’s history of the United States

Stefoff, Rebecca 2022 Nonfiction

Fruits basket another. 4

Takaya, Natsuki 2022 Manga

The love match

Taslim, Priyanka 2023 Fiction

The stranded

Viner-Daniels, Sarah 2023 Fiction

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra. 5, The Spark Eternal

Wong, Alyssa 2022 Graphic novel


Young, Skottie 2022 Graphic novel

Vinland saga. Book thirteen

Yukimura, Makoto 2022 Manga

Song of silver, flame like night

Zhao, Amélie Wen 2023 Fiction