Bright lights, big Christmas: a novel

Andrews, Mary Kay 2023 Romance

A fire in the flesh: Flesh and fire novel. Book 3

Armentrout, Jennifer L 2023 Science fiction

Fall of ruin and wrath: Awakening. Book 1

Armentrout, Jennifer L 2023 Fantasy

Don’t look at me like that

Athill, Diana 2023

Baumgartner: a novel

Auster, Paul 2023

Secondhand daylight

Bacon, Eugen M. 2023 Science fiction

Unfortunately yours

Bailey, Tessa 2023 Romance

No two persons

Bauermeister, Erica 2023

The glutton: a novel

Blakemore, A. K. 2023 Historical fiction

The eighth continent

Bruno, Rhett C 2023 Science fiction


Cassidy, Nat 2023

Organ meats: a novel

Chang, K-Ming 2023 Fantasy

I must be dreaming

Chast, Roz 2023 Graphic novels

Christmas and other horrors

2023 Short stories

Tremor: a novel

Cole, Teju 2023

Don’t forget to write: a novel

Confino, Sara Goodman 2023

One woman show: a novel

Coulson, Christine 2023

The good part: a novel

Cousens, Sophie 2023 Romance

He should have told the bees: a novel

Cox, Amanda 2023 Christian

The prospectors: a novel

Djanikian, Ariel 2023

Rumors of her death: a novel

Donellan, J. M. 2023

The paleontologist: a novel

Dumas, Luke 2023

Let the dead bury the dead: a novel

Epstein, Allison 2023 Historical fiction

Saving Grayson: a novel

Fabry, Chris 2023 Christian

It’s a fabulous life: a novel

Farmer, Kelly 2023 Romance

How to build a boat

Feeney, Elaine 2023

Her body among animals

Ferrante, Paola 2023 Science fiction

Cursed at dawn: a Blackbird trilogy. Book 3

Graham, Heather 2023 Romantic suspense

Secrets in the dark

Graham, Heather 2023

The last close call

Griffin, Laura 2023 Romance

The exchange: after The Firm

Grisham, John 2023

The defector: a novel

Hadfield, Chris 2023

The Christmas appeal: a novella

Hallett, Janice 2023

All the dead shall weep: Gunnie Rose. Book 5

Harris, Charlaine 2023 Fantasy

Hot springs drive: a novel

Hunter, Lindsay 2023

The Mantis: a novel

Isaka, Kōtarō 2023

These burning stars: Kindom trilogy. Book 1

Jacobs, Bethany 2023 Science fiction

The trade off

Jones, Sandie 2023

A dictator calls: a novel

Kadare, Ismail 2023

The Graham effect: a Campus diaries. Book 1

Kennedy, Elle 2023 Romance

Vanished: DC Jack Warr. Book 3

La Plante, Lynda 2023

Savage lover: Brutal birthright. Book 3

Lark, Sophie 2023 Romance

The girl in the vault: a thriller

Ledwidge, Michael 2023

Blood sisters

Lillie, Vanessa 2023

The galaxy game

Lord, Karen 2023 Science fiction

The manor house: a novel

Macmillan, Gilly 2023

A power unbound: Last binding. Book 3

Marske, Freya 2023 Fantasy

The unsettled

Mathis, Ayana 2023

Someone else’s bucket list

Matthews, Amy T 2023


McDermott, Alice 2023

West Heart kill

McDorman, Dann 2023

Wednesdays at one

Miller, Sandra A 2023

My husband’s wife

Mora, Anya 2023

Lies and sorcery

Morante, Elsa 2023

The last true Templar: Tales of the lawless land. Book 2

Morrison, Boyd 2023 Historical fiction

Love the sinner

Moshaty, Mo 2023 Short stories

The further memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

Myles, Caiden Cooper 2023

The night house

Nesbø, Jo 2023

Julia: a novel

Newman, Sandra 2023 Science fiction

Christmas at Corgi Cove: a novel

Noblin, Annie England 2023 Romance

Guy’s girl

Noyes, Emma 2023 Romance

Strange Sally Diamond

Nugent, Liz 2023

The vulnerables

Nunez, Sigrid 2023

Same bed different dreams: a novel

Park, Ed 2023 Science fiction

The berry pickers: a novel

Peters, Amanda 2023


Power, Helen 2023 Horror

The wind blows in sleeping grass

Powner, Katie 2023 Christian

It’s a date (again)

Rose, Jeneva 2023 Romance

Super magic boy. 1, I am a dinosaur

Roselló, Jarod 2023 Graphic novels

Ekalā manera deśa

Senagupta, Pallabī 2023

The wishing bridge

Shipman, Viola 2023 Romance

Testament: Egyptian series. Book 9

Smith, Wilbur A 2023 Historical fiction

Today tonight forever: a novel

Sneed, Madeline Kay 2023 Romance

Deadly neighborhood Spider-Man

Taboo 2023 Graphic novels


Tamaki, Mariko 2023 Graphic novels

Above the salt

Vaz, Katherine 2023 Romance

The covenant of water: a novel

Verghese, Abraham 2023

American girl: novel

Walker, Wendy 2023

Let us descend: a novel

Ward, Jesmyn 2023

The unmaking of June Farrow: a novel

Young, Adrienne 2023 Romance

Fear is just a word

Ahmed, Azam 2023 Criminology

Crave: bold recipes that make you want seconds

Akunowicz, Karen 2023 Food & drink

ChatGPT for dummies 2023

Baker, Pamela 2023 Computers

Beetles of the world: a natural history

Barclay, M. V. L. 2023 Science

Emperor of Rome: ruling the ancient Roman world

Beard, Mary 2023 History & genealogy

Every shot counts: a memoir of resilience

Boozer, Carlos 2023 Sports & recreation

Investing in commodities for dummies 2023

Bouchentouf, Amine 2023 Business

Investing in dividends for dummies 2023

Carrel, Lawrence 2023 Business

Romney: a reckoning

Coppins, McKay 2023 Biography

The blue machine: how the ocean works

Czerski, Helen 2023 Science

Investing in cryptocurrency for dummies 2023

Danial, Kiana 2023 Business

I’ve been thinking

Dennett, D. C. 2023 Biography

Poverty, by America

Desmond, Matthew 2023

Lies about Black people: how to combat racist stereotypes and why it matters

Dibinga, Omékongo 2023 Society & social sciences

Counting the cost

Duggar, Jill 2023 Biography

Lady ref: making calls in a man’s world

Eastin, Shannon 2023 Sports & recreation

Some people need killing: a memoir of murder in my country

Evangelista, Patricia 2023 Criminology

Underground empire: how America weaponized the world economy

Farrell, Henry 2023 Society & social sciences

We need to talk about antisemitism

Fersko, Diana 2023 Society & social sciences

Share your joy: mixed media shareable art

Gardner, Sarah J 2023 Art & photography

The book of (more) delights

Gay, Ross 2023 Literature

Truman and the bomb: the untold story

Giangreco, D. M. 2023 History & genealogy

15-minute German: learn in just 12 weeks

Goulding, Sylvia 2023 Dictionaries & languages

Hidden potential: the science of achieving greater things

Grant, Adam 2023 Personal development

Pie is messy: recipes from the Pie Hole

Grasley, Rebecca 2023 Food & drink

Tar Hollow trans: essays

Grover, Stacy Jane 2023 Society & social sciences

55 fantastic Japanese knitting stitches

Hayashi, Kotomi 2023 Crafts & hobbies

Elon Musk

Isaacson, Walter 2023 Biography

The great disappearance: 31 ways to be rapture ready

Jeremiah, David 2023 Religion & spirituality

Chronicles of the Juice Man: a memoir

Juicy “J” 2023 Biography

Girl, interrupted

Kaysen, Susanna 2023 Biography

Simple origami

Klam, Adeline 2023 Art & photography

Class: a memoir

Land, Stephanie 2023 Biography

15-minute French: learn in just 12 weeks

Lemoine, Caroline 2023 Dictionaries & languages

Ours was the shining future: the story of the American dream

Leonhardt, David 2023 Society & social sciences

The accidental homesteader

Lipp, Kathi 2023 Home & garden

15-minute Italian: learn in just 12 weeks

Logi, Francesca 2023 Dictionaries & languages

Star crossed: a true Romeo and Juliet story in Hitler’s Paris

Macadam, Heather Dune 2023 History & genealogy

On disinformation: how to fight for truth and protect democracy

McIntyre, Lee C. 2023 Society & social sciences

Investing in stocks for dummies 2023

Mladjenovic, Paul 2023 Business

Heirloom rooms: soulful stories of home

Napier, Erin 2023 Home & garden

This is so awkward: modern puberty explained

Natterson, Cara 2023 Health

George Harrison: the reluctant Beatle

Norman, Philip 2023 Music

Annuities for dummies 2023

Pechter, Kerry H 2023 Society & social sciences

Conflict: the evolution of warfare from 1945 to Ukraine

Petraeus, David Howell 2023 Society & social sciences

Why we love baseball: a history in 50 moments

Posnanski, Joe 2023 Sports & recreation

Limited liability companies for dummies 2023

Reuting, Jennifer 2023 Society & social sciences

Democracy awakening: notes on the state of America

Richardson, Heather Cox 2023 Society & social sciences

Determined: a science of life without free will

Sapolsky, Robert M 2023 Personal development

Fearfully and wonderfully made: the astonishing new science of the senses

Seaberg, Maureen Ann 2023 Personal development

How to say Babylon: a memoir

Sinclair, Safiya 2023 Biography

Nervous: essays on heritage and healing

Soriano, Jen 2023 Health

If you would have told me: a memoir

Stamos, John 2023 Biography

Difficult conversations: how to discuss what matters most

Stone, Douglas 2023 Personal development

My name is Barbra

Streisand, Barbra 2023 Biography

Bartleby and me: reflections of an old scrivener

Talese, Gay 2023 Entertainment

Bears of North America

Tekiela, Stan 2023 Science

Goth: a history

Tolhurst, Laurence 2023 Music

Top 10 Madrid 2023

2023 Travel

Top 10 Vienna 2023

2023 Travel

Never enough: when achievement culture becomes toxic–and what we can do about it

Wallace, Jennifer Breheny 2023 Society & social sciences

Thicker than water: a memoir

Washington, Kerry 2023

Investing in bonds for dummies 2023

Wild, Russell 2023 Business

Investing in ETFs for dummies 2023

Wild, Russell 2023 Business

Center mass

Bangalore Choir 2023 Rock/Pop

Screamin’ at the sky

Black Stone Cherry 2023 Rock/Pop

Keeping secrets will destroy you

Bonnie “Prince” Billy 2023 Rock/Pop

Brothers Osborne

Brothers Osborne 2023 Country

Damn good and ready

Chickenbone Slim 2023 Blues

Black classical music

Dayes, Yussef 2023 Jazz


Enforcer 2023 Rock/Pop

Comfort zone

Euge Groove 2023 Jazz

Jump for joy

Hiss Golden Messenger 2023 Rock/Pop


Lukather, Steve 2023 Rock/Pop

Sonatas for piano & violin

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus 2023 Classical

Snow angel

Rapp, Reneé 2023 Rock/Pop

Hackney diamonds

Rolling Stones 2023 Rock/Pop

All my love for you

Rush, Bobby 2023 Blues

You’ve got to learn

Simone, Nina 2023 Jazz

Morning shift

Steep Canyon Rangers 2023 Country

Funny girl: new Broadway cast recording

Styne, Jule 2023 Soundtrack

Greatest hits

Turner, Josh 2023 Country

Only in New York

Alexander, Heather 2023 Nonfiction

I can be all three

Alikhan, Salima 2023 Picture book

Meet the megafauna!

Balkan, Gabrielle 2023 Nonfiction

I survived the American Revolution, 1776

Ball, Georgia 2023 Comics/graphic novel

Lila Greer, teacher of the year

Beaty, Andrea 2023 Picture book

Stanley’s school

Bee, William 2023 Picture book

The village

Brooks, Max 2023 Fiction

Recipe for success: Love puppies. 4

Brown-Wood, JaNay 2023 Fiction

Star stuff

Burkert, Rand 2023 Picture book

Addie and the Amazing Acrobats

Cagan, Shauna 2023 Picture book

A day at the aquarium

Capucilli, Alyssa Satin 2023 Early reader

Super boba café. 1

Chanani, Nidhi 2023 Comics/graphic novel

Night market rescue

Cheng, Charlotte 2023 Picture book

Oh, Olive!

Cho, Lian 2023 Picture book

The memory thieves: Conjureverse. 2

Clayton, Dhonielle 2023 Fiction

Colonization and the Wampanoag story

Coombs, Linda 2023 Nonfiction

Protecting Earth’s waters

Crane, Cody 2023 Nonfiction

Lawrence & Sophia

Cronin, Doreen 2023 Picture book

It found us

Currie, Lindsay 2023 Fiction

Farewell Cuba, mi isla

Diaz, Alexandra 2023 Fiction

Travel to Italy

Doeden, Matt 2023 Nonfiction

A message in the moon

Downey, Roma 2023 Picture book

Apple pie picnic

Duran, Alicia 2023 Picture book

Bears and their food chains

Eason, Katherine 2023 Nonfiction

Big cats and their food chains

Eason, Katherine 2023 Nonfiction

Big snakes and their food chains

Eason, Katherine 2023 Nonfiction

Crocodiles, alligators, and their food chains

Eason, Katherine 2023 Nonfiction

Sharks: and their food chains

Eason, Katherine 2023 Nonfiction

Wolves: and their food chains

Eason, Katherine 2023 Nonfiction

The glitter bug

Elliott, Rebecca 2023 Fiction

Wish: the deluxe junior novelization

Falligant, Erin 2023 Fiction

There’s a bear in your book

Fletcher, Tom 2023 Picture book

Sonic the Hedgehog. 15, Urban warfare

Flynn, Ian 2023 Comics/graphic novel

Checkmate!: the wonderful world of chess

Foley, John 2023 Nonfiction

What is the story of Jurassic World?

Gigliotti, Jim 2023 Nonfiction

Rock your mocs

Goodluck, Laurel 2023 Picture book

I’m from

Gray, Gary Jr. 2023 Picture book

I don’t want to read this book aloud

Greenfield, Max 2023 Picture book

Secrets of Camp Whatever. 3, The witching hour

Grine, Chris 2023 Comics/graphic novel

Winter: a solstice story

Gross, Kelsey Ebben 2023 Picture book

The Museum of Nothing

Guarnaccia, Steven 2023 Picture book

Mazie’s amazing machines

Haft, Sheryl 2023 Picture book

The widely unknown myth of Apple & Dorothy

Haydu, Corey Ann 2023 Fiction

Avatar, the last airbender: Azula in the spirit temple

Hicks, Faith Erin 2023 Comics/graphic novel

Two New Years

Ho, Richard 2023 Picture book

The Bad Guys: a very bad holiday

Howard, Kate 2023 Fiction

LEGO Marvel: visual dictionary

Hugo, Simon 2023 Nonfiction

The Big Cheese

John, Jory 2023 Picture book

The making of a ninja!

Johnson, Nicole 2023 Picture book

Elle Campbell wins their weekend

Kahn, Ben 2023 Fiction

Bábo: a tale of Armenian rug-washing day

Kamalyan, Astrid 2023 Picture book

Ruby and Lonely

Karst, Patrice 2023 Picture book

Mr. Pine’s Mixed-Up Signs

Kessler, Leonard. 2023 Picture book

Zain’s super Friday

Khan, Hena 2023 Picture book

Knowledge encyclopedia

2023 Nonfiction

It’s fall!

Kurilla, Renée 2023 Picture book

The duck never blinks

Latimer, Alex 2023 Picture book

Field trip: Geeger the robot. 6

Lerner, Jarrett 2023 Fiction

Hidden gem

Liu, Linda 2023 Picture book

Scaredy cats

Mack, Jeff 2023 Picture book

How to speak in Spanglish

Mancillas, Mónica 2023 Picture book

LEGO Star Wars: Galaxy mission

March, Julia 2023 Nonfiction

Tired town

Marx, Patricia 2023 Picture book

Forever twelve: Evers. 1

McAnulty, Stacy 2023 Fiction

Gone wolf

McBride, Amber 2023 Fiction

Just because

McConaughey, Matthew 2023 Picture book

The light within you

Mehra, Namita Moolani 2023 Holiday

Taco falls apart

Miles, Brenda 2023 Picture book

The kingdom over the sea

Nabi, Zohra 2023 Fiction

Only for a little while

Orozco Belt, Gabriela 2023 Picture book

Yokai cats. 6

Pandania 2023 Comics/graphic novel

A Hanukkah surprise

Parent, Nancy 2023 Board book

Patchwork prince

Paul, Baptiste 2023 Picture book

Frogs: awesome amphibians

Prince, Liz 2023 Nonfiction


Pugsley, Kate 2023 Picture book

Dragon Kingdom of Wrenly. 10, Out of darkness

Quinn, Jordan 2023 Comics/graphic novel

Pass the baby

Reich, Susanna 2023 Picture book

There was a party for Langston, king o’ letters

Reynolds, Jason 2023 Picture book

The Night Raven: Moonwind mysteries. 1

Rundberg, Johan 2023 Fiction

There’s a yeti in my tummy

Rusu, Meredith 2023 Picture book

Top secret anniversary: Party diaries. 3

Ruths, Mitali Banerjee 2023 Fiction

Before, now

Salmieri, Daniel 2023 Picture book

Willow and Bunny

Schulte, Anitra Rowe 2023 Picture book

Snoopy, a Peanuts collection / touchdown! :

Schulz, Charles M. 2023 Comics/graphic novel

Down the hole

Slater, Scott 2023 Picture book

Do you remember?

Smith, Sydney 2023 Picture book

Grief is an elephant

Smith, Tamara Ellis 2023 Picture book

The triplet threat: Math mysteries. 1

Starmer, Aaron 2023 Fiction

The North Wind & the Sun

Stead, Philip Christian 2023 Picture book

I will read to you

Sterer, Gideon 2023 Picture book

Cut loose!: Chance to fly. 2

Stroker, Ali 2023 Fiction

A guide to the dragon world: Wings of fire

Sutherland, Tui 2023 Fiction

Max Fernsby and the infinite toys

Swallow, Gerry 2023 Fiction


Sweeney, Linda Booth 2023 Picture book

Warrior girl

Tafolla, Carmen 2023 Fiction

Tokyo night parade

Takahashi, J.P. 2023 Picture book

Plants vs. zombies. [22] The Unpredictables

Tobin, Paul 2023 Comics/graphic novel

The young teacher and the great serpent

Vasco, Irene 2023 Picture book

Who I am: words I tell myself

Verde, Susan 2023 Picture book


Waters, Charles 2023 Fiction

Kin: rooted in hope

Weatherford, Carole Boston 2023 Fiction

Not he or she, I’m me

Wild, A. M 2023 Picture book

Zora, the story keeper

Wilkins, Ebony 2023 Picture book

The otherwoods

Winans, Justine Pucella 2023 Fiction


Wyman, Christina 2023 Fiction

Place hand here

Yamasaki, Katie 2023 Picture book

Shang-Chi and the quest for immortality

Ying, Victoria 2023 Comics/graphic novel

Is this…winter?

Yoon, Helen 2023 Picture book

Connor kissed me

Zehava 2023 Picture book

Eight dates and nights

Alredge, Betsy 2023 Fiction


Anta, Julio 2023 Graphic novel

Together we rot

Arndt, Skyla 2023 Fiction

The blood years

Arnold, Elana K 2023 Fiction

Fire from the sky

Åstot, Moa Backe 2023 Fiction

The scarlet alchemist

Baker, Kylie Lee 2023 Fiction

Songs of Irie

Bromfield, Asha 2023 Fiction

Solo leveling. 6

Chang, Sŏng-nak 2023 Manga

Solo leveling. 7

Chang, Sŏng-nak 2023 Manga

A bright heart

Chenli, Kate 2023 Fiction

The night hunt

Christo, Alexandra 2023 Fiction

Unholy terrors

Clipstone, Lyndall 2023 Fiction

By any other name

Cotter, Erin 2023 Fiction

Too scared to sleep

Duplessie, Andrew 2023 Fiction

The looking-glass illusion

Ella, Sara 2023 Fiction

Huda F cares?

Fahmy, Huda 2023 Graphic novel

The girl I like forgot her glasses. 5

Fujichika, Koume 2023 Manga

Hockey girl loves drama boy

Hicks, Faith Erin 2023 Graphic novel

Gloria Buenrostro is not my girlfriend

Hoàng, Brandon 2023 Fiction

What the river knows: a novel

Ibañez, Isabel 2023 Fiction

Henshin! Volume 1, Blazing phoenix

Idle, Bon 2023 Manga

Doomsday with my dog. 3

Ishihara, Yu 2023 Manga

Something more

Khalilieh, Jackie 2023 Fiction

Seirei gensouki: spirit chronicles. 5

Kitayama, Yuri 2023 Manga

Catfish rolling

Kumagai, Clara 2023 Fiction


La Sala, Ryan 2023 Fiction

Mall goth

Leth, Kate 2023 Graphic novel

Reign: American royals series. Book 4

McGee, Katharine 2023 Fiction

One of us is back: Bayview High series. Book 3

McManus, Karen M 2023 Fiction

Flower and thorn

Mehrotra, Rati 2023 Fiction

Sengoku youko. 3

Mizukami, Satoshi 2023 Manga

Helck. 5

Nanao, Nanaki 2023 Manga

Thin air

Parker, Kellie M 2023 Fiction

Sleepless in Dubai

Patel, Sajni 2023 Fiction

Bittersweet in the Hollow

Pearsall, Kate 2023 Fiction

My fault

Ron, Mercedes 2023 Fiction

The grimmer

Ruthnum, Naben 2023 Fiction

The way I am now

Smith, Amber 2023 Fiction

The space between here & now

Suk, Sarah 2023 Fiction

Love’s in sight!. 3

Uoyama 2023 Manga

Clementine. Book two

Walden, Tillie 2023 Graphic novel

Hatchet girls

Wallach, Diana Rodriguez 2023 Fiction


Walls, Jasmine 2023 Graphic novel

All that consumes us

Waters, Erica 2023 Fiction

Loveboat forever

Wen, Abigail Hing 2023 Fiction

Look on the bright side

Williams, Lily 2023 Graphic novel

Cherish: Crave series. Book 6

Wolff, Tracy 2023 Fiction

In the clear moonlit dusk. 5

Yamamori, Mika 2023 Manga

Nigeria Jones

Zoboi, Ibi Aanu 2023 Fiction

Amores que matan

Barceló, Elia 2023 Adult World Languages

Ājukhele: smr̥ti-navala

Bhaṭṭa, Dhruva 2023 Adult World Languages


Bhaṭṭa, Parakha 2023 Adult World Languages

Nāṭyanirmāṇa: ekaṭi byaktigata anveshaṇa

Caṭṭopādhyāẏa, Debeśa 2023 Adult World Languages


Caṭṭopādhyāẏa, Pārtha 2023 Adult World Languages

Ālora mānusha

Caṭṭopādhyāẏa, Tridibakumāra 2023 Adult World Languages

Stambhadīpa: vārtāsaṅgraha

Caudharī, Aśoka 2023 Adult World Languages

Dibujo tecnicas artisticas

2023 Adult World Languages

El libro de la historia LGBTQ+

2023 Adult World Languages

Gran guía visual del cosmos

Futamase, Toshifumi 2023 Adult World Languages

Ādhunikā: mahekatā mānavamananī vārtāo

Ghārekhāna, Girimā 2023 Adult World Languages

Nunca, nunca. 3

Hoover, Colleen 2023 Teen World Languages

Verity: la sombra de un engaño

Hoover, Colleen 2023 Adult World Languages


Jānī, Bālenduśekhara 2023 Adult World Languages

Ḍô. Harshada Kāmadāranī rasīlī vārtāo

Kāmadāra, Harshada Vī. 2023 Adult World Languages

Baraphanī dīvāla: vārtāsaṅgraha

Kānābāra, Praphulla 2023 Adult World Languages

Māvajī Maheśvarīno vārtāloka

Maheśvarī, Māvajī 2023 Adult World Languages

Mientras ellas duermen

Marías, Javier 2023 Adult World Languages

Rojo sangre

Martín, Manuel H. 2023 Adult World Languages

Pintura tecnicas artisticas

2023 Adult World Languages

Geima ijha ovara: saspensa śorṭa sṭorī

Ravaiyā, Manahara 2023 Adult World Languages

Thênka yu milôrḍa

Rāvala, Anila 2023 Adult World Languages

La magia de la kombucha: recetas probióticas para mejorar la salud

Siñeriz, María G. 2023 Adult World Languages

Tierra: los secretos de nuestro planeta

2023 Adult World Languages