Rogue justice: a thriller

Abrams, Stacey 2023

Mrs. Nash’s ashes

Adler, Sarah 2023 Romance

The three of us: a novel

Agbaje-Williams, Ore 2023

Locust lane

Amidon, Stephen 2023

The lie maker: a novel

Barclay, Linwood 2023

The disenchantment

Bell, Celia 2023 Romance

To shape a dragon’s breath: Nampeshiweisit. Book 1

Blackgoose, Moniquill 2023 Fantasy

The garden of lost secrets

Bowen, Kelly 2023

Ghosts caught on film

Bowlin, Barrett 2022 Short stories

Blue skies: a novel

Boyle, T. Coraghessan 2023

Don’t open the door: a novel

Brennan, Allison 2023

Maroons: a Grievers trilogy. Book 2

brown, adrienne maree 2023 Science fiction

Dual memory

Burke, Sue 2023 Science fiction

You’re my home: a rescue me novel. Book 7

Burns, Debbie 2023 Romance

The enchanted hacienda

Cervantes, J. C. 2023 Romance


Claycomb, Ann 2023 Fantasy

The guest: a novel

Cline, Emma 2023

Central Park West: a crime novel

Comey, James B., Jr. 2023

The senator’s wife: [a novel]

Constantine, Liv 2023

Before I do

Cousens, Sophie 2023 Romance

The lonesome hunters. Volume one

Crook, Tyler 2023 Graphic novels

Dances: a novel

Cuffy, Nicole 2023

A Calder at heart: Calder Brand. Book 3

Dailey, Janet 2023 Romance

Where coyotes howl

Dallas, Sandra 2023 Romance

Dykette: a novel

Davis, Jenny Fran 2023 Romance

My heart will find you

Deveraux, Jude 2023 Romance

Love at first set: a novel

Dugan, Jennifer 2023 Romance

Her deadly game

Dugoni, Robert 2023

A history of fear: a novel

Dumas, Luke 2023 Horror

The lost journals of Sacajewea: a novel

Earling, Debra Magpie 2023

The faraway world: stories

Engel, Patricia 2023 Short stories

Famous for a living: a novel

Ferguson, Melissa 2023 Romance

Blueberry blunder

Flower, Amanda 2023

Social engagement: a novel

Forrey, Avery Carpenter 2023

Killing me

Gagnon, Michelle 2023

All hallows

Golden, Christopher 2023 Horror

The chateau: a novel

Goldis, Jaclyn 2023

The rabbit hutch: a novel

Gunty, Tess 2023

The perfect ones: a thriller

Hackett, Nicole 2023

The making of another major motion picture masterpiece

Hanks, Tom 2023 Historical fiction

Titanium noir: a novel

Harkaway, Nick 2023 Science fiction

The fire and the ore: a novel

Hawker, Olivia 2023 Historical fiction

The twenty: a thriller

Holland, Sam 2023

Catwoman. Vol. 2, Cat international

Howard, Tini 2023 Graphic novels

King of wrath: King of sin. Book 1

Huang, Ana 2023 Romance

Kiss me now: Creekville Kisses. Book 1

Jacobson, Melanie 2023 Romance

To catch a raven: Women who dare. Book 3

Jenkins, Beverly 2023 Romance

The golden doves: a novel

Kelly, Martha Hall 2023 Historical fiction

Marry me a little: a graphic memoir

Kirby, Robert 2023 Graphic novels

Yellowface: a novel

Kuang, R. F. 2023

The true love experiment

Lauren, Christina 2023 Romance

Small mercies: a novel

Lehane, Dennis 2023

The time has come: a novel

Leitch, Will 2023

Colonel Weird and Little Andromeda

Lemire, Jeff 2023 Graphic novels

Harvey Knight’s odyssey

Maandag, Nick 2023 Graphic novels

Someone else’s bucket list

Matthews, Amy T 2023

The god of good looks: a novel

Mc Ivor, Breanne 2023

Summer reading

McKinlay, Jenn 2023 Romance

The slowworm’s song

Miller, Andrew 2022

Summer stage: a novel

Moore, Meg Mitchell 2023

Maps of our spectacular bodies

Mortimer, Maddie 2022

Homecoming: a novel

Morton, Kate 2023

Unladylike lessons in love

Murray, Amita 2023 Romance

Light carries on

Nadine, Ray 2023 Graphic novels

The maker of swans

O’Donnell, Paraic 2023

Fractal noise: a Fractalverse novel. Book 2

Paolini, Christopher 2023 Science fiction


2023 Romance

Down to the bone: a leukemia story

Pioli, Catherine 2022

A line in the sand

Powers, Kevin 2023


Roberts, Nora 2023 Romance

The Libyan diversion: a Markus Ryker novel. Book 5

Rosenberg, Joel C. 2023 Christian

Bad summer people

Rosenblum, Emma 2023

The celebrants: a novel

Rowley, Steven 2023

Tell me I’m worthless

Rumfitt, Alison 2023 Horror

Joe Death and the graven image

Schipper, Benjamin 2023 Graphic novels

The wishing game: a novel

Shaffer, Meg 2023

Family business

Sims, Jonathan 2022 Horror

Shunya: a novel

Sri M. 2022

Beautiful: a novel

Steel, Danielle 2022

The wedding planner: a novel

Steel, Danielle 2023 Romance

Season of skulls: Laundry files novel. Book 13

Stross, Charles 2023 Fantasy

Once more with feeling: a novel

Sussman, Ellen 2023 Romance

The late Americans

Taylor, Brandon 2023

The Ross 248 Project

2023 Science fiction

Good night, Irene

Urrea, Luis Alberto 2023

The covenant of water: a novel

Verghese, Abraham 2023

A hunter called night

Waggoner, Tim 2023 Fantasy

The Incal. [1], Dying star

Watters, Dan 2023 Graphic novels

Witch king

Wells, Martha 2023 Fantasy

City of dreams: a novel

Winslow, Don 2023

Bang bang Bodhisattva

Wood, Aubrey 2023 Science fiction

Stillwater. Vol. 3, Border crossing

Zdarsky, Chip 2023 Graphic novels

AP English language & composition prep 2023

2022 Society & social sciences

The ball in the air: a golfing adventure

Bamberger, Michael 2023 Sports & recreation

Exponential theory: the power of thinking big

Bare, Aaron D 2022 Business

The lives we actually have: 100 blessings for imperfect days

Bowler, Kate 2023 Religion & spirituality

A renaissance of our own: a memoir & manifesto on reimagining

Cargle, Rachel Elizabeth 2023 Biography

I can’t save you: a memoir

Chin-Quee, Anthony 2023 Biography

Spillane: king of pulp fiction : a biography

Collins, Max Allan 2022 Biography

Principles: your guided journal

Dalio, Ray 2022 Business

Monsters: a fan’s dilemma

Dederer, Claire 2023 Art & photography

Poverty, by America

Desmond, Matthew 2023 Society & social sciences

Soil: the story of a Black mother’s garden

Dungy, Camille T. 2023 Biography

King: a life

Eig, Jonathan 2023 Biography

Iceland 2022: the Bradt guide

Evans, Andrew 2022 Travel

Fodor’s Prague 2023

2023 Travel

Lost son: an American family trapped inside the FBI’s secret wars

Forrest, Brett 2023 Society & social sciences

Good girls: a story and study of anorexia

Freeman, Hadley 2023 Health

Magnolia Table. Volume 3

Gaines, Joanna 2023 Food & drink

GMAT premium prep 2024

2023 Business

GRE prep, 2024

2023 Society & social sciences

Manhood: the masculine virtues America needs

Hawley, Josh 2023 Religion & spirituality

An Amerikan family: the Shakurs and the nation they created

Holley, Santi Elijah 2023 History & genealogy

The handy Supreme Court answer book: the history and issues explained

Hudson, David L. 2023 Society & social sciences

Quietly hostile: essays

Irby, Samantha 2023 Literature

The wreck: a daughter’s memoir of becoming a mother

Jackson, Cassandra 2023 Biography

The new China playbook: beyond socialism and capitalism

Jin, Keyu 2023 Society & social sciences

My own magic: a reappearing act

Kloots, Anna 2023 Biography

Undaunted: how women changed American journalism

Kroeger, Brooke 2023 Entertainment

Raw dog: the naked truth about hot dogs

Loftus, Jamie 2023 Food & drink

Safe all along: trading our fears and anxieties for God’s unshakable peace

Majors, Katie Davis 2023 Religion & spirituality

Planting our world

Mancuso, Stefano 2022 Science

A good mom’s guide to making bad choices

Mapp, Jamilah 2023 Parenting

Bold move: a 3-step plan to transform anxiety into power

Marques, Luana 2023 Personal development

The Queen: her life

Morton, Andrew 2023

Diana, William, and Harry

Patterson, James 2022

Hurricane Sandy on New Jersey’s forgotten shore

Perkiss, Abigail 2022 History & genealogy

The Russo-Ukrainian war: the return of history

Plokhy, Serhii 2023 History & genealogy

1,531 ACT practice questions 2023

Princeton Review 2023 Society & social sciences

Uncle of the year: & other debatable triumphs

Rannells, Andrew 2023 Biography

Ask the brindled: poems

Revilla, Noʻu 2022 Literature

Brutal minds: the dark world of left-wing brainwashing in our universities

Ridgley, Stanley K 2023 Society & social sciences

Seduced by the light: the Mina Miller Edison story

Rimer, Alexandra 2023 Biography

Son of the city

Ross, Dante 2023 Music

My cousin Maria Schneider: a memoir

Schneider, Vanessa 2023 Biography

Scotland 2023

2023 Travel

The world: a family history of humanity

Sebag Montefiore, Simon 2023 History & genealogy

Trace evidence: poems

Shanahan, Charif 2023 Literature

Size: how it explains the world

Smil, Vaclav 2023 Science

The gravity of existence: poems

Sng, Christina 2022 Literature

Women we buried, women we burned: a memoir

Snyder, Rachel Louise 2023 Biography

The spirited kitchen: recipes and rituals for the wheel of the year

Spagnola, Carmen 2022 Personal development

The LGBTQ + history book

2023 Society & social sciences

Easily slip into another world: a life in music

Threadgill, Henry 2023 Biography

The shift: change your perspective, not yourself

Tinx 2023 Personal development

Letters to Trump

Trump, Donald 2023 Biography

When the world didn’t end: a memoir

Turner, Guinevere 2023 Biography

Life worth living: a guide to what matters most

Volf, Miroslav 2023 Personal development

Oh my mother!: a memoir in nine adventures

Wang, Connie 2023 Biography

Created to dream: the 6 phases God uses to grow your faith

Warren, Rick 2023 Religion & spirituality

Meet me tonight in Atlantic City: a memoir

Wong, Jane 2023 Biography

The exceptions: Nancy Hopkins, MIT, and the fight for women in science

Zernike, Kate 2023 Society & social sciences



A good person

2023 Motion picture

Ant-Man and the Wasp. Quantumania

2023 Motion picture

Baby ruby


Benjamin Franklin

2022 Documentary



Creed III




















Meet cute


Moving on


Plan A






Zoot suit

2022 Motion picture

Walk around the moon

Dave Matthews Band 2023 Rock/Pop

72 seasons

Metallica 2023 Rock/Pop

Moving on skiffle

Morrison, Van 2023 Rock/Pop


Nickel Creek 2023 Country

Tubular bells: 50th anniversary celebration

Oldfield, Mike 2022 Rock/Pop

Lover’s game

War and Treaty 2023 Rock/Pop

Blue, Barry & Pancakes. 5, Big time trouble

Abdo, Dan 2023 Comics/graphic novel

My dad is a tree

Agee, Jon 2023 Picture book

Vladimir Putin: Russia’s autocratic ruler

Allen, John 2023 Biography

The nature journal: a backyard adventure

Allen, Savannah 2023 Picture book

Cat’s Seasons

Anderson, Airlie. 2023 Picture book

The greatest kid in the world

Anderson, John David 2023 Fiction

The thief who sang storms

Anderson, Sophie 2023 Fiction

The Inca

Andrews, Elizabeth 2023 Nonfiction

Manolo & the unicorn

Azúa Kramer, Jackie 2023 Picture book

I survived. The attack of the grizzlies, 1967

Ball, Georgia 2022 Comics/graphic novel

Harmony & Echo: the mermaid ballet

Barrager, Brigette 2023 Picture book

Bug bonanza!

Beaty, Andrea 2023 Nonfiction

Stanley’s boat

Bee, William 2023 Picture book

Betrayal by the book: Swallowtail legacy. 2

Beil, Michael D. 2023 Fiction

I am cat!

Bently, Peter 2023 Picture book

When summer comes: exploring nature in our warmest season

Bissonette, Aimée M 2023 Picture book

The night tent

Blair, Landis 2023 Picture book

The gray day: Rainbow days. 1

Bolling, Valerie 2023 Early reader

Puncilmation: a pencilmation joke book

Bollinger, Ross 2023 Nonfiction

Logan’s greenhouse

Brown-Wood, JaNay 2022 Picture book

My dad is a DJ

Brown, Keith Henry 2023 Picture book

The red tin box

Burgess, Matthew 2023 Picture book

My dog just speaks Spanish

Cáceres, Andrea 2023 Picture book

Stars of Major League Baseball

Calcaterra, Craig 2023 Nonfiction

Too many rabbits

Calì, Davide 2023 Picture book

The fastest tortoise in town

Calvert, Howard 2023 Picture book

Wei Skates On

Chen, Nathan 2023 Picture book

Night market rescue

Cheng, Charlotte 2023 Picture book

A city for everyone

Chi, Luna 2023 Picture book

A world of dancers

Clarke, Ginjer L. 2023 Nonfiction

84 amazing math games to boggle your brain!

Claybourne, Anna 2022 Nonfiction

When things aren’t going right, go left

Colagiovanni, Marc 2023 Picture book

Here: I can be mindful

Condie, Allyson Braithwaite 2023 Picture book

Yoshi’s big swim: one turtle’s epic journey home

Copp, Mary Wagley 2023 Nonfiction

Fish and Crab

Coppo, Marianna 2023 Picture book

Service dogs

Coupé, Jessica 2023 Nonfiction

My day with Dad

Crawford, Rae 2023 Early reader

Nobody likes frogs: a book of toadally fun facts

Davis-Pyles, Barbara 2023 Nonfiction

Through the fairy door

Dawnay, Gabby 2023 Picture book

Pete the Cat’s 100 first words

Dean, James 2023 Board book

Hickory dickory dock

Dean, Kim 2023 Picture book

La guitarrista

Diaz, Lucky 2023 Picture book

You can be a good sport, Pout-Pout Fish!

Diesen, Deborah 2023 Early reader

If you wake a skunk

Doeringer, Carol 2023 Picture book

LEGO el libro de las ideas

Dolan, Hannah 2023 World languages

No-dig children’s gardening book

Dowding, Charles 2023 Nonfiction

Survival scout. 1, Lost in the mountains

Eaton, Maxwell, III 2023 Comics/graphic novel

The eyes & the impossible

Eggers, Dave 2023 Fiction

The nature club

Elliott, Rebecca 2023 Fiction

Harry can hear

Engler, Fynisa 2023 Picture book

The little book of North American trees

Farley, Christin 2023 Nonfiction

Peaceful me

Feder, Sandra V 2023 Picture book

The umbrella

Ferry, Beth 2023 Picture book

What my daddy loves

Figueroa, Raissa 2023 Picture book

Our dragon

Fox, Mem 2023 Picture book

The little mermaid: make a splash

Franklin, Ashley 2023 Picture book

Daddy and me, side by side

Freelon, Pierce 2023 Picture book

The museum of lost teeth

Friedland, Elyssa 2023 Picture book


Gino, Alex 2022 Fiction

Evil genius: Smartest kid in the universe. 3

Grabenstein, Chris 2023 Fiction

NO is all i know

Grabenstein, Chris 2023 Picture book

Sandy toes: a summer adventure

Grant, Shauntay 2023 Picture book

Two degrees

Gratz, Alan 2023 Fiction

How to handle STRESS for middle school success

Guerra, Silvi 2023 Nonfiction


Harrison, Vashti 2022 Picture book

Some of these are snails

Higgins, Carter 2023 Picture book

We don’t lose our class goldfish

Higgins, Ryan T 2023 Picture book

One day

Ho, Joanna 2023 Picture book

The storyteller

Hobson, Brandon 2023 Fiction

Adele: music megastar

Holleran, Leslie 2023 Biography


Houran, Lori Haskins 2023 Nonfiction

Let’s play gonggi

Im, Seo-Ha 2023 Picture book

Nancy wins at friendship

Jaimes, Olivia 2023 Comics/graphic novel

Maple & Rosemary

James, J. Alison 2023 Picture book

One true wish

Kate, Lauren 2023 Fiction

The cobra’s song

Kelkar, Supriya 2023 Fiction

A giant problem: Mihi ever after. 2

Keller, Tae 2023 Fiction

Only only Marisol Rainey: Maybe Marisol. 3

Kelly, Erin Entrada 2023 Fiction

Danbi’s favorite day

Kim, Anna 2023 Picture book

The train home

Kim, Dan-ah 2023 Picture book

The digger and the butterfly

Kuefler, Joseph 2023 Picture book

In the beautiful country

Kuo, Jane 2022 Fiction

When clouds touch us

Lai, Thanhha 2023 Fiction

Summer is for cousins

LaRocca, Rajani 2023 Picture book

Real to me

Lê, Minh 2023 Picture book

Animals in pants

Levinson, Suzy 2023 Nonfiction

Ruby lost and found

Li, Christina 2023 Fiction

Search and rescue dogs

Lilley, Matt 2023 Nonfiction

Sled dogs

Lilley, Matt 2023 Nonfiction

Therapy dogs

Lilley, Matt 2023 Nonfiction

Once upon a book

Lin, Grace 2023 Picture book

Awake, asleep

Lukoff, Kyle 2023 Picture book

Baby-sitters little sister. 5, Karen’s school picture

Martin, Ann M. 2022 Comics/graphic novel

The firefly summer

Matson, Morgan 2023 Fiction

¡Sol!: uno entre mil millones

McAnulty, Stacy 2022 World languages

¡Tierra!: mis primeros 4540 millones de años

McAnulty, Stacy 2022 World languages

Fergus and Zeke for President

Messner, Kate 2023 Early reader

A silly, sticky problem

Michaels, Patty 2023 Early reader

In our garden

Miller, Pat Zietlow 2022 Picture book

The Super Mario Bros. movie: official storybook

Moccio, Michael 2023 Picture book

El rollo

Montagnana, Alessandro 2022 World languages

Artemis Fowl: the graphic novel. [3], The eternity code :

Moreci, Michael 2022 Comics/graphic novel

Coming up short

Morrison, Laurie 2022 Fiction


Murray, Laura K. 2023 Nonfiction

Mina belongs here

Niebuhr-Siebert, Sandra 2023 Picture book

Star trek: lower decks. 1

North, Ryan 2023 Comics/graphic novel


2023 Video


Ortega, Claribel A 2022 Comics/graphic novel

The noise inside boys: a story about big feelings

Oswald, Pete 2023 Picture book

Reina Ramos: meets a big puppy

Otheguy, Emma 2023 Early reader

Dolly Parton’s Billy the Kid makes it big

Parton, Dolly 2023 Picture book

Minerva Keen’s Detective Club: Minerva Keen. 1

Patterson, James 2023 Fiction

Mrs. Peanuckle’s ocean alphabet

Peanuckle, Mrs 2023 Board book

Let’s go puddling!

Perry, Emma 2023 Picture book

My mommies built a treehouse

Peter, Gareth 2023 Picture book

Cat Kid comic club. [3], On purpose

Pilkey, Dav 2022 Comics/graphic novel

Hombre Perro. 10, Cumbres maternales

Pilkey, Dav 2022 World languages

Egyptian lullaby

Pliska, Zeena M. 2023 Picture book

So you want to be a frog

Porter, Jane 2023 Nonfiction

How to navigate middle school

Pozzatti, Anna 2023 Nonfiction

The secret life of the flying squirrel

Pringle, Laurence 2023 Nonfiction

Little Tractor and the baby deer

Quintart, Natalie 2023 Picture book

Oh no, the aunts are here

Rex, Adam 2023 Picture book

Jude saves the world

Riley, Ronnie 2023 Fiction


2023 Board book

Gabby’s Dollhouse 5-minute phonics: vowel sounds

Ruelos, Joanne 2023 Early reader

Pokémon. 2 graphic adventures / Legendary nightmare :

Rusu, Meredith 2023 Comics/graphic novel

Poppleton in summer: Poppleton. 6

Rylant, Cynthia 2023 Early reader

Finding family: the duckling raised by loons

Salas, Laura Purdie 2023 Nonfiction


San Miguel, Samantha 2022 Fiction

King Charles

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2023 Biography

Lewis Hamilton

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2023 Biography


Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2023 Biography

Miss Irwin

Say, Allen 2023 Picture book

Full moon pups

Scanlon, Liz Garton 2023 Picture book

The labors of Hercules Beal

Schmidt, Gary D. 2023 Fiction

Order of the Night Jay. 1, The forest beckons

Schnapp, Jonathan 2022 Comics/graphic novel

Caperucita roja ninja

Schwartz, Corey Rosen 2022 World languages

Joy, to the world

Shappley, Kai 2023 Fiction

What is the Women’s World Cup?

Shaw, Gina 2023 Nonfiction

Mission at the museum

Shaw, Natalie 2023 Early reader

All by myself

Shaw, Stephanie 2023 Picture book

Weather together

Sima, Jessie 2023 Picture book

Repeat after me: big things to say every day

Simon, Jazmyn 2023 Picture book

Beekeepers and what they do

Slegers, Liesbet 2022 Nonfiction

The witch of Woodland

Snyder, Laurel 2023 Fiction

Papa’s home

Soman, David 2023 Picture book

The tryout

Soontornvat, Christina 2022 Comics/graphic novel

Arithmechicks play fair: a math story

Stephens, Ann Marie 2022 Picture book

I am a great friend!

Stohler, Lauren 2023 Picture book

Tiny T. rex and the grand ta-da!

Stutzman, Jonathan 2023 Picture book

I, sea: a tale told in homonyms

Sutherland, Suzanne 2023 Picture book

Gertie: the darling duck of WWII

Swanson, Shari 2023 Nonfiction

Thirty trillion cells: how your body really works

Thomas, Isabel 2022 Nonfiction

You are a honey bee!

Thompson, Laurie Ann 2023 Nonfiction

The first magnificent summer

Toalson, R. L. 2023 Fiction

Lost dog: Adventure friends. 2

Todd, Brandon 2023 Early reader

We are a song

Tu, Lorian 2023 Picture book

Tap! tap! tap!: dance! dance! dance!

Tullet, Hervé 2023 Picture book

This is my body: I get to choose : an introduction to consent

Turner, Brook Sitgraves 2023 Nonfiction

I’ll be a chicken too

Vanderlee, Lana 2023 Board book

How to make a memory

Vickers, Elaine 2023 Picture book

The raptor rescue: Boxcar children. Book 161

Warner, Gertrude Chandler 2022 Fiction

Naming ceremony

Wedlick, Seina 2023 Picture book

Cinda meets Ella

West, Wallace 2023 Picture book

Pokémon. 2 graphic adventures / Gotta catch a what?! :

Whitehill, Simcha 2022 Comics/graphic novel

¡Los unicornios son lo peor!

Willan, Alex 2022 World languages

Boy dad

Williams, Sean 2023 Picture book

Ask a scientist

Winston, Robert M. L 2023 Nonfiction

When you can swim

Wong, Jack 2023 Picture book

Heroes of the water monster

Young, Brian 2023 Fiction

I really want to make lemonade!: Really Bird story. 4

Ziefert, Harriet 2023 Early reader

America redux: visual stories from our dynamic history

Aberg-Riger, Ariel 2023 Nonfiction

The final gambit :an inheritance games novel. Book 3

Barnes, Jennifer Lynn 2022 Fiction

The unstoppable Bridget Bloom

Bitz, Allison L 2023 Fiction

Wildblood: a novel

Blackwood, Lauren 2023 Fiction

Royal blood

Carter, Aimée 2023 Fiction

Nexie: Tales from the pizzaplex. Book 6

Cawthon, Scott 2023 Fiction

From the grave: the arcana chronicles

Cole, Kresley 2023 Fiction

Liar’s beach

Cotugno, Katie 2023 Fiction

An improbable season

Eves, Rosalyn 2023 Fiction

The dead lucky. Volume 01, The good die young

Flores, Melissa 2023 Graphic novel

Where you see yourself

Forrest, Claire 2023 Fiction

The girl I like forgot her glasses. 3

Fujichika, Koume 2023 Manga

The night in question: an Agathas mystery

Glasgow, Kathleen 2023 Fiction


Goo, Maurene 2023 Fiction


Hardinge, Frances 2023 Fiction

Queen bee: an anti-historical Regency romp

Howard, Amalie 2023 Fiction

Choujin X. 2

Ishida, Sui 2023 Manga

Five survive

Jackson, Holly 2022 Fiction

Kill joy

Jackson, Holly 2023 Fiction

Change the game: a graphic novel

Kaepernick, Colin 2023 Biography

The Isles of the Gods

Kaufman, Amie 2023 Fiction

Seirei gensouki: spirit chronicles. 2

Kitayama, Yuri 2023 Manga

The Honeys

La Sala, Ryan 2022 Fiction

Buffalo flats

Leavitt, Martine 2023 Fiction

Fake dates and mooncakes

Lee, Sher 2023 Fiction

The last one to fall

Lepore, Gabriella 2023 Fiction

Every day: the graphic novel

Levithan, David 2023 Graphic novel

This time it’s real

Liang, Ann 2023 Fiction

The Davenports: The davenports. Book 1

Marquis, Krystal 2023 Fiction

We are all so good at smiling

McBride, Amber 2023 Fiction

Venom & vow

McLemore, Anna-Marie 2023 Fiction

Your plantation prom is not okay

McWilliams, Kelly 2023 Fiction

Helck. 1

Nanao, Nanaki 2023 Manga

Last canto of the dead: An outlaw saints novel. Book 2

Older, Daniel José 2023 Fiction

Nick y Charlie

Oseman, Alice 2022 World languages

Rogue Sun. Volume one, Cataclysm

Parrott, Ryan 2022 Graphic novel

Chasing Pacquiao

Pulido, Rod 2023 Fiction

Miles Morales: suspended : a Spider-Man novel

Reynolds, Jason 2023 Fiction

Four found dead

Richards, Natalie D 2023 Fiction

Mysteries of Thorn Manor

Rogerson, Margaret 2023 Fiction

Lion’s legacy: Tennessee Russo. Book 1

Rosen, Lev AC 2023 Fiction

Margo Zimmerman gets the girl

Shrum, Brianna R 2023 Fiction

Heroines, rescuers, rabbis, spies: unsung women of the Holocaust

Swartz, Sarah Silberstein 2022 Nonfiction

She is a haunting

Tran, Trang Thanh 2023 Fiction

Lying in the deep

Urban, Diana 2023 Fiction

Made of stars

Voris, Jenna. 2023 Fiction

Missing dead girls

Walters, Sara 2023 Fiction

I like me better

Weber, Robby 2023 Fiction

Nigeria Jones

Zoboi, Ibi Aanu 2023 Fiction