Chef’s kiss: a novel

Alexander, T. J. 2022 Romance

Love marriage: a novel

Ali, Monica 2022

The Homewreckers: a novel

Andrews, Mary Kay 2022 Romance

Find your way home: Small town dreams. Book 1

Ashenden, Jackie 2022 Romance

Country of origin: a novel

Azim, Dalia 2022 Historical fiction

Watch out for her: a novel

Bailey, Samantha M. 2022

The eightfold path

Barnes, Steven 2022 Graphic novels

When women were dragons: a novel

Barnhill, Kelly Regan 2022 Fantasy

Woman on fire: a novel

Barr, Lisa 2022 Historical fiction

Seven steeples

Baume, Sara 2022

The wedding season

Birchall, Katy 2022 Romance

Book of night

Black, Holly 2022 Fantasy

The Paris showroom

Blackwell, Juliet 2022 Historical fiction

The lioness

Bohjalian, Chris 2022 Historical fiction

Love, hate & clickbait

Bowery, Liz 2022 Romance

The ghost in you: a Reckless book

Brubaker, Ed 2022 Graphic novels

Never a duke: Rogues to riches novel. Book 7

Burrowes, Grace 2022 Romance

The Marvels. Vol. 1, The war in Siancong

Busiek, Kurt 2021 Graphic novels

The hacienda

Cañas, Isabel 2022

Iron Man. Vol. 2, Books of Korvac II, Overclock

Cantwell, Christopher 2021 Graphic novels

A family affair: a novel

Carr, Robyn 2022 Romance

Where they wait: a novel

Carson, Scott 2022 Horror

Call me Nathan

Castro, Catherine 2022 Graphic novels

End of the world house: a novel

Celt, Adrienne 2022 Fantasy

Blood will tell: a novel

Chavez, Heather 2022


Chen, Mike 2022 Science fiction

The stand-in

Chu, Lily 2021 Romance

La herencia de Orquídea Divina [español]

Córdova, Zoraida 2021 Fantasy


Cornell, Paul 2022 Science fiction

The woman at the front

Cornwall, Lecia 2022 Romance

Birds of California: a novel

Cotugno, Katie 2022 Romance

Little souls

Dallas, Sandra 2022 Historical fiction

Mad for a mate: BeWere my heart. Book 3

Davidson, MaryJanice. 2022 Romance

The magnolia palace: a novel

Davis, Fiona 2022 Historical fiction


Díaz, Hernán 2022 Historical fiction

The last queen

Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee 2022 Historical fiction

Queerly beloved: a novel

Dumond, Susie 2022

The unplanned life of Josie Hale

Eding, Stephanie 2022

One soul

Fawkes, Ray 2021 Graphic novels

Shadow fire: Shadow Riders novel. Book 7

Feehan, Christine 2022 Romance

An honest lie

Fisher, Tarryn 2022 Suspense

Acts of service: a novel

Fishman, Lillian 2022

Every summer after

Fortune, Carley 2022 Romance

Lessons in chemistry

Garmus, Bonnie 2022 Historical fiction

Drop dead gorgeous: a novel

Gibson, Rachel 2022 Fantasy

Vigil Harbor

Glass, Julia 2022

That cowboy of mine

Grant, Donna 2022 Romance

By the book: a meant to be novel. Book 2

Guillory, Jasmine 2022 Romance

Traitor: a Kirk McGarvey novel. Book 27

Hagberg, David 2022 Suspense

The unknown beloved: a novel

Harmon, Amy 2022

The other mother: a novel

Harper, Rachel M. 2022

Las diez mil puertas de enero

Harrow, Alix E 2021 Fantasy

Or else: a thriller

Hart, Joe 2022

We do what we do in the dark

Hart, Michelle 2022

Book Lovers

Henry, Emily 2022 Romance

Bad actors: Slough house. Book 8

Herron, Mick 2022 Mystery

Child zero

Holm, Chris F. 2022

Mulberry Hollow: Riverbend romance. Book 2

Hunter, Denise 2022 Christian

Starry-eyed love

Hunting, Helena 2022 Romance

Dreaming of flight: a novel

Hyde, Catherine Ryan. 2022

Scarlet carnation: a novel

Ibrahim, Laila 2022 Historical fiction

In bloom

2022 Romance

Patience is a subtle thief: a novel

Ishola-Ayodeji, Abi 2022 Romance

Unstable: Pike, Wisconsin. Book 3

Ivy, Alexandra 2022 Romance

Eyes of the Rigel

Jacobsen, Roy 2022

Never been kissed

Janovsky, Timothy 2022 Romance

Part of your world

Jimenez, Abby 2022 Romance

Superman Action Comics. Volume one, Warworld rising

Johnson, Phillip Kennedy 2022 Graphic novels

All the lovers in the night

Kawakami, Mieko 2022

Nettle & Bone

Kingfisher, T. 2022 Fantasy

The meeting point

Lara, Olivia 2021 Romance

Face the night: a novel

Lastufka, Alan 2022 Horror

The apartment on Calle Uruguay: a novel

Lazar, Zachary 2022 Romance

Set on you

Lea, Amy 2022 Romance

The partition: stories

Lee, Don 2022 Short stories

Secret passages: 1985-1986

Lenoir, Axelle 2021 Graphic novels

The missing piece: Dismas Hardy novel. Book 19

Lescroart, John T 2022 Mystery

The Kew Gardens girls at war

Lovell, Posy 2021 Historical fiction

The last party: a novel

Lucas, Cassidy 2022

Rules for engaging the earl

MacGregor, Janna 2022 Romance

The death of Doctor Strange

MacKay, Jed 2022 Graphic novels

The forgotten life of Eva Gordon

MacKillop, Linda 2022 Christian


Madden, Hope 2022 Horror

Wedding season: a Carolina girls novel. Book 3

Major, Michelle 2022 Romance

Strangers we know

Marr, Elle 2022

Mustique Island: a novel

McCoy, Sarah 2022 Romance


McCulloch, Amy 2022

Seasonal fears: Alchemical journeys. Book 2

McGuire, Seanan 2022 Fantasy

The children on the hill

McMahon, Jennifer 2022 Horror

The murder rule: a novel

McTiernan, Dervla 2022

Darling girl: a novel of Peter Pan

Michalski, Liz 2022 Fantasy

The change: a novel

Miller, Kirsten 2022

Country born: Painted Pony Creek. Book 3

Miller, Linda Lael 2022 Romance

The memoirs of Stockholm Sven

Miller, Nathaniel Ian 2022

The wild girls: a novel

Morgan, Phoebe 2022

Summer Island: a novel

Noble, Shelley 2022 Romance

Sankofa: a novel

Onuzo, Chibundu 2022


Orlando, Steve 2022 Graphic novels

Spider-Woman. Vol. 3, Back to basics

Pacheco, Karla 2021 Graphic novels

Everything must go: a novel

Pagán, Camille 2022 Romance

Kaikeyi: a novel

Patel, Vaishnavi 2022

The lost apothecary

Penner, Sarah 2021 Historical fiction

‘Til death: Witch City mystery. Book 12

Perry, Carol J 2022 Mystery

The maid: a novel

Prose, Nita 2022 Mystery

All these ashes

Queally, James 2022

When she dreams: Burning Cove novels. Book 6

Quick, Amanda 2022 Romantic suspense

Hidden pictures

Rekulak, Jason 2022 Horror

The book woman’s daughter: a novel

Richardson, Kim Michele 2022 Historical fiction

Book boyfriend

Ripper, Kris 2022 Romance


Rock, Peter 2022 Horror

The mad girls of New York: Nellie Bly novel. Book 1

Rodale, Maya 2022 Historical fiction

One of us is dead

Rose, Jeneva. 2022

Maria, Maria: and other stories

Rubio, Marytza K 2022 Short stories

West with giraffes: a novel

Rutledge, Lynda 2021 Historical fiction


Saint, Jennifer 2022

Daughters of the occupation: a novel of WWII

Sanders, Shelly 2022 Historical fiction

Immortal rising: an Argeneau novel. Book 34

Sands, Lynsay 2022 Romance

The dolphin house

Schulman, Audrey 2022 Historical fiction

When the corn grows waist high

Scott, Jeremy 2022

The patient: a novel

Shemilt, Jane 2022

Ruthless rival

Shen, L. J 2022 Romance

The cartographers: a novel

Shepherd, Peng 2022

Rouge street: three novellas

Shuang, Xuetao 2022


Sin, Kyŏng-suk 2022


Skördeman, Gustaf 2022

The seeds of change

Snelling, Lauraine 2021 Christian

Little Rabbit

Songsiridej, Alyssa 2022

The detective’s daughter

Spindler, Erica 2022

Sangre azul [español]

Steel, Danielle. 2022 Romance

Resilient: Fractal series. Book two

Stroud, Allen 2022 Science fiction

Eyes of the void: Final architecture. Book two

Tchaikovsky, Adrian 2022 Science fiction

Summer love: a novel

Thayer, Nancy 2022

Excellence. Volume two, The present tense

Thomas, Brandon 2022 Graphic novels

Murder on Madison Square: a gaslight mystery. Book 25

Thompson, Victoria 2022 Historical fiction

Mother country: a novel

Townsend, Jacinda. 2022

Greetings from Asbury Park

Turtel, Daniel H. 2022

The Cape May movie theater: Cape May. Book 9

Vance, Claudia 2022 Romance

Cape May monarch butterflies: Cape May. Book 7

Vance, Claudia. 2021 Romance

Remarkably bright creatures: a novel

Van Pelt, Shelby 2022 Mystery

The immortal King Rao: a novel

Vara, Vauhini 2022

Siren queen

Vo, Nghi 2022 Fantasy

The love of my life

Walsh, Rosie 2022 Romance

Liarmouth: a feel-bad romance

Waters, John 2022

The summer place: a novel

Weiner, Jennifer 2022

The last white rose: a novel of Elizabeth of York

Weir, Alison 2022 Historical fiction

Your nostalgia is killing me: linked stories

Weir, John 2022 Short stories

The druid: Dawning of Muirwood. Book 1

Wheeler, Jeff 2022 Fantasy

Our little world: a novel

Winn, Karen 2022 Historical fiction

City on fire: a novel

Winslow, Don 2022

Getting good at being you: learning to love who God made you to be

Alaina, Lauren 2021 Religion & spirituality

The Trayvon generation

Alexander, Elizabeth 2022 Society & social sciences

Future war and the defence of Europe

Allen, John R. 2021 Society & social sciences

Love me as I am

Beauvais, Garcelle 2022 Biography

Best colleges: 2022 edition

2021 Society & social sciences

How to tell a story

Bowles, Meg 2022 Literature

Good eats 4: the final years

Brown, Alton 2022 Food & drink

How to begin: start doing something that matters

Bungay Stanier, Michael 2022 Personal development

California 2022

2022 Travel

Portugal: the cookbook

Carreira, Leandro 2022 Food & drink

iMac for dummies [11th edition]

Chambers, Mark L 2022 Computers

Sunday best: cooking up the weekend spirit every day

Cheatham, Adrienne 2022 Food & drink

Raid on the inarticulate

Chopra, Deepak 2022 Literature

Idiots: marriage, mother, milk & mistakes

Clery, Laura 2022 Biography

Easy beauty: a memoir

Cooper Jones, Chloé 2022 Biography

Finding me

Davis, Viola 2022 Biography

A dangerous place

DesAutels, Chelsea B. 2021 Literature

Thin places

Dochartaigh, Kerri ní 2022 History & genealogy

Croatia 2022

Dragicevich, Peter. 2022 Travel

The clarity of distant things

Duran, Jane 2021 Literature

Planet of the apes: the complete history

Egan, Sean 2021 Entertainment

Indonesia 2021

Eimer, David 2021 Travel

Legacy of violence: a history of the British empire

Elkins, Caroline 2022 History & genealogy

To walk about in freedom: the long emancipation of Priscilla Joyner

Emberton, Carole 2022 Society & social sciences

Welding for dummies

Farnsworth, Steven Robert 2022 Technology & engineering

Out of the corner: a memoir

Grey, Jennifer 2022 Biography

Vagina obscura: an anatomical voyage

Gross, Rachel E 2022 Health

Tiger & Phil: golf’s most fascinating rivalry

Harig, Bob 2022 Sports & recreation

The drift: stopping America’s slide to socialism

Hassett, Kevin A 2021 Society & social sciences

Nasty, brutish, and short: adventures in philosophy with kids

Hershovitz, Scott 2022 Personal development

If your mouth could talk

Hoss, Kami 2022 Health

Population trends in New Jersey

Hughes, James W 2022 Society & social sciences

Maroon choreography

Ife, Fahima 2021 Literature

Start without me: (I’ll be there in a minute)

Janetti, Gary 2022 Entertainment

How we can win: race, history and changing the money game that’s rigged

Jones, Kimberly 2021 Society & social sciences

Dignity in a digital age: making tech work for all of us

Khanna, Ro 2022 Society & social sciences

Milk Street: the world in a skillet

Kimball, Christopher 2022 Food & drink

Restorative rituals: ideas and inspiration for self-care

Koren, Leslie 2021 Personal development

Persians: the age of the great kings

Llewellyn-Jones, Lloyd 2022 History & genealogy

Barron’s TOEFL iBT writing 2021

Lougheed, Lin 2021 Dictionaries & languages

Recessional: the death of free speech and the cost of the free lunch

Mamet, David 2022 Society & social sciences

Midlife bites: anyone else falling apart or is it just me?

Mann, Jen 2022 Society & social sciences

This will not pass: Trump, Biden and the battle for America’s future

Martin, Jonathan 2022 Society & social sciences

Mi cocina

Martínez, Rick 2022 Food & drink

Don’t worry: 48 lessons on relieving anxiety from a Zen Buddhist monk

Masuno, Shunmyō 2022 Religion & spirituality

We prefer the damned

Matos, T. Carlo 2021 Literature

Teach yourself visually Windows 11

McFedries, Paul 2022 Computers

Home/land: a memoir of departure and return

Mead, Rebecca 2022 Biography

A whole world: letters from James Merrill

Merrill, James 2021 Biography

The big book of HR

Mitchell, Barbara 2022 Business

Hedged out: inequality and insecurity on Wall Street

Neely, Megan Tobias 2022 Business

Oceans of grain: how American wheat remade the world

Nelson, Scott Reynolds 2022 Business

Paradise falls: the true story of an environmental catastrophe

O’Brien, Keith 2022 Society & social sciences

The new bankruptcy 2022: will it work for you?

O’Neill, Cara 2022 Society & social sciences

Killing the killers: the secret war against terrorists

O’Reilly, Bill 2021 Society & social sciences

Comedy comedy comedy drama: a memoir

Odenkirk, Bob 2021 Biography

Constellation route

Olzmann, Matthew 2022 Literature

Jill: a biography of the First Lady

Pace, Julie A. 2022 Biography

Simply psychology

Parker, Steve 2022 Personal development

A brief history of equality

Piketty, Thomas 2022

Classical music for dummies

Pogue, David 2022 Music

Maybe it’s me: on being the wrong kind of woman

Pollack, Eileen 2022 Biography

Renters’ rights 2021

2021 Society & social sciences

Lies my mother told me: tall tales from a short woman

Rivers, Melissa 2022 Entertainment

Life makeover

Sachse, Dominique 2022 Religion & spirituality

Headless John the Baptist hitchhiking: poems

Salazar, C. T. 2022 Literature

Apple watch for dummies

Saltzman, Marc 2022 Computers

The digital filmmaking handbook: seventh edition

Schenk, Sonja 2021 Art & photography

Vibrant interiors: living large at home

Schumacher, Andrea Monath 2022 Home & garden

Kafka in action

Scott, Dylan 2022 Computers

Boards: stylish spreads for casual gatherings

Scott, Elle Simone 2022 Food & drink

Hello, Molly!: a memoir

Shannon, Molly 2022 Biography

Renewal: from crisis to transformation in our lives, work, and politics

Slaughter, Anne-Marie 2021 Society & social sciences

Be my baby: a memoir

Spector, Ronnie 2022 Biography

Apple Watch for seniors for dummies

Spivey, Dwight 2022 Computers

American phoenix: heroes of the Pentagon on 9/11

Starnes, Lincoln M. 2021 History & genealogy

Sams teach yourself SQL in 24 hours

Stephens, Ryan K. 2022 Computers

Epilepsia [español]: verdades y mitos

Subirana, Pablo Antonio Quiroga 2021 Health

The 2021 New Jersey driver manual

2021 Society & social sciences

Helping your child overcome reading challenges

Tracey, Diane H. 2022 Parenting

macOS Monterey in easy steps

Vandome, Nick. 2021 Computers

The lives of literature: reading, teaching, knowing

Weinstein, Arnold 2021 Literature

Computers for seniors for dummies

Wempen, Faithe 2022 Computers

Microsoft Office for seniors for dummies/

Wempen, Faithe 2022 Computers

Alaskan dinosaurs

2022 Documentary

American horses

2022 Documentary


2022 Motion picture


2022 Motion picture


2022 Motion picture


2022 Motion picture

In the Heights

2021 Motion picture


2022 Motion picture


2022 Motion picture

Miracle in Milan

2022 Motion picture

Of mice and men

2022 Motion picture




2021 Motion picture

The beast must die. [Season one]

2022 Television program

The boys in red hats

2022 Documentary

The good fight. Season five

2022 Television program

The great. Season two

2022 Television program

The king’s daughter

2022 Motion picture

The Larkins. Series 1

2022 Television program





12 stars

Aldana, Melissa 2022 Jazz

My echo, my shadow, my covers & me

AWOLNATION 2022 Rock/Pop

St. John Passion

Bach, Johann Sebastian 2022 Classical

Crisis of faith

Billy Talent 2022 Rock/Pop

…Almost proud

Del McCoury Band 2022 Country


Easley, Bill 2022 Jazz

Back from the dead

Halestorm 2022 Rock/Pop

In common III

2022 Jazz

Every note is true

Iverson, Ethan 2022 Jazz

The monster roars

Magnum 2022 Rock/Pop

After dinner we talk dreams

Michelle 2022 Rock/Pop


2021 Classical

Live: songs for beginners, wild tales

Nash, Graham 2022 Rock/Pop

Ghost song

Salvant, Cécile McLorin 2022 Jazz


Scott, Kim 2021 Jazz


Shaman’s Harvest 2022 Rock/Pop

Jake & friends

Shimabakuro, Jake 2021 Rock/Pop


Wiener Sängerknaben 2022 Classical

The 7th hand

Wilkins, Immanuel 2022 Jazz

Fierce Bliss

Wilson, Ann 2022 Rock/Pop

Black girls unbossed: young world changers leading the way

Adams, Khristi Lauren 2022 Nonfiction

Басни Эзопа

Aesop 2021 World languages

Give cheese a chance: DJ Funkyfoot series. 2

Angleberger, Tom 2021 Fiction

How weather works

Armentrout, Patricia 2022 Nonfiction

Living things

Armentrout, Patricia 2022 Nonfiction

Hustle bustle bugs

Bailey, Catherine 2022 Nonfiction

I survived. The attack of the grizzlies, 1967

Ball, Georgia 2022 Comics/graphic novel

The sister surprise: Monster and Boy. 3

Barnaby, Hannah Rodgers 2021 Fiction

Cartas de Cuba

Behar, Ruth 2021 World languages

Wreck at Ada’s reef: Swallowtail legacy. 1

Beil, Michael D. 2022 Fiction

The Bad Guys. 13, Cut to the chase

Blabey, Aaron 2021 Comics/graphic novel

So cute!: Puppies

Boyer, Crispin 2022 Nonfiction


Brandle, Marie 2021 Nonfiction

Into the heartlands

Brown, Roseanne A 2022 Comics/graphic novel

Rocks & minerals

Burgan, Michael 2022 Nonfiction

Fair and square: Unicorn and Yeti. 5

Burnell, Heather Ayris 2021 Early reader

Here we go round the mulberry bush

Cabrera, Jane 2022 Readalong

Old MacDonald had a farm

Cabrera, Jane 2022 Readalong

Over in the meadow

Cabrera, Jane 2022 Readalong

The bear went over the mountain

Cabrera, Jane 2022 Readalong

The library fish

Capucilli, Alyssa Satin 2022 Picture book

Night shadows: Star friends. 5

Chapman, Linda 2021 Fiction

The Marvellers: Marvellerverse. 1

Clayton, Dhonielle 2022 Fiction

Shadow grave

Cohen, Marina 2022 Fiction

Cornbread & Poppy: Cornbread & Poppy. 1

Cordell, Matthew 2022 Early reader

A good place

Cousins, Lucy 2022 Picture book

Record-breaking natural disasters

DeMaio, Mr. 2022 Nonfiction

The biggest stuff in the universe

DeMaio, Mr. 2022 Nonfiction

Exploring space: women who led the way

Dickmann, Nancy 2022 Nonfiction

Where the sky lives

Dilloway, Margaret 2022 Fiction

Turn the tide

Dimopoulos, Elaine 2022 Fiction

That egg is mine!: a silly story about sharing

Dubois, Liz Goulet 2022 Early reader

Evicted!: the struggle for the right to vote

Duncan, Alice Faye 2022 Nonfiction

Nigel and the moon

Eady, Antwan 2022 Picture book

All moms

Ellis, Sarah Kate 2022 Picture book

What are castles and knights?

Fabiny, Sarah 2022 Nonfiction

Miss Quinces

Fajardo, Kat 2022 Comics/graphic novel

Beak & Ally. 3, The big storm

Feuti, Norman 2022 Comics/graphic novel

Rumble and roar: sound around the world

Fliess, Sue 2022 Nonfiction

Life cycle of a frog

Gaertner, Meg 2022 Nonfiction


Gerber, Alyson 2022

Bobcat prowling

Gianferrari, Maria 2022 Nonfiction

The rise (and falls) of Jackie Chan

Giang, Kristen Mai 2022 Biography

Star Wars galactic storybook

Glass, Calliope 2021 Picture book

Sonny Rollins plays the bridge

Golio, Gary 2021 Biography

Fire trucks

Harris, Bizzy 2022 Nonfiction

Sheep on the farm

Harris, Bizzy 2021 Nonfiction

The prince of nowhere

Hassan, Rochelle 2022 Fiction

Electric vehicles

Heitkamp, Kristina Lyn 2022 Nonfiction

The Tiltersmith

Herrick, Amy 2022 Fiction

The fascinating ocean book for kids: 500 incredible facts

Hestermann, Bethanie 2021 Nonfiction

The last Cuentista

Higuera, Donna Barba 2022

A history of underwear: with Professor Chicken

Holt, Hannah 2022 Nonfiction

Mango all the time

Hyman, Fracaswell 2022

Mission to disaster

Ireland, Justina 2022 Fiction


Jaycox, Jaclyn 2022 Nonfiction

Find out about animal babies

Jenkins, Martin 2022 Nonfiction

What is Juneteenth?

Jewel, Kirsti 2022 Nonfiction

The bad seed goes to the library/

John, Jory 2022 Early reader

Star Wars: Queen’s hope

Johnston, E. K. 2021 Fiction

Happily for now

Jones, Kelly 2021 Fiction

Recipe ruckus: Nancy Drew clue book. 17

Keene, Carolyn 2022 Fiction


Kenney, Karen Latchana 2021 Nonfiction

Apple crush: Peapod farm. 2

Knisley, Lucy 2022 Comics/graphic novel

Finding solutions: problem solving

Krekelberg, Alyssa 2021 Nonfiction

The digger and the duckling

Kuefler, Joseph 2022 Picture book

Again, Essie?

Lacika, Jenny 2022 Picture book

Hundred years of happiness

Lai, Thanhha 2022 Picture book

The haunting: Secret of Glendunny ; Book 1

Lasky, Kathryn 2022 Fiction

Tiger Woods: major winner

Leed, Percy 2021 Biography


Lewis, Caryl 2022 Fiction

Quae llenaraa la canasta? = What will fit?

Lin, Grace 2021 World languages

Fred Korematsu

Loh-Hagan, Virginia 2022 Biography

Grace Lee Boggs

Loh-Hagan, Virginia 2022 Biography

Saving caribou

London, Martha 2021 Nonfiction

Earth has cycles

Lopetz, Christian 2022 Nonfiction

Marco Polo brave explorer: Book buddies. 2

Lord, Cynthia 2022 Fiction

Bug Scouts. 1, Out in the wild

Lowery, Mike 2022 Comics/graphic novel

Is it long? is it heavy?

Lundgren, Julie K. 2022 Nonfiction


Luqman-Dawson, Amina 2022 Fiction

A is for axolotl: an unusual animal ABC

Macorol, Catherine 2022 Nonfiction

Atticus caticus

Maizes, Sarah 2021 Picture book

Just try one bite

Mansbach, Adam 2022 Picture book

The birthday party mystery

Manushkin, Fran 2022 Early reader

The rainbow mystery

Manushkin, Fran 2022 Early reader

Suni Lee

Martinson, Morgan 2022 Biography


Maurer, Tracy 2022 Nonfiction

I am Oprah Winfrey

Meltzer, Brad 2021 Biography

Sci-Fu. 2, It takes 2

Mercado, Yehudi 2022 Comics/graphic novel

I’m not scared, you’re scared!

Meyers, Seth 2022 Picture book

The Supreme Court and us

Mihaly, Christy. 2022 Nonfiction

Little kids first big book of baby animals

Myers, Maya 2022 Nonfiction

Basho’s haiku journeys

Ng, Freeman 2021 Nonfiction

Field guide to the supernatural universe

Noël, Alyson 2022 Fiction

The turtle of Michigan. a novel

Nye, Naomi Shihab 2022 Fiction

10-minute crafty projects

Olson, Elsie 2022 Nonfiction

10-minute kitchen science projects

Olson, Elsie 2022 Nonfiction

Squad goals: Hearts & crafts. 1

Papademetriou, Lisa 2022 Fiction

How to train your dad

Paulsen, Gary 2022 Fiction


Paulsen, Gary 2022

A whale of a tea party

Perl, Erica S. 2021 Early reader

Lightfall. Book two, Shadow of the bird

Probert, Tim 2022 Comics/graphic novel

Dragon kingdom of Wrenly. 7, Cinder’s flame

Quinn, Jordan 2022 Comics/graphic novel

Uni and the butterfly

Ransom, Candice F. 2022 Early reader

The dragon’s dookie: Fart quest. Level 3

Reynolds, Aaron 2022 Fiction

Send a girl!

Rinker, Jessica M. 2021 Biography

Daughter of the deep

Riordan, Rick 2022 Fiction


Roe, Monica 2022 Fiction

Astronaut Academy. 2, Re-entry

Roman, Dave 2021 Comics/graphic novel

Astronaut Academy. 3, Splashdown

Roman, Dave 2021 Comics/graphic novel

On the move: home is where you find it

Rosen, Michael 2022 Nonfiction

Sensational butterflies

Rothery, Ben 2021 Nonfiction

A kitten in Gooseberry Park

Rylant, Cynthia 2022 Fiction

Hello, puddle!

Sanchez, Anita 2022 Nonfiction

Happy sloth day!

Sayre, April Pulley 2022 Nonfiction

Celebrate Love Day!

Schwartz, Alexandra Cassel 2021 Holiday

Zahra’s blessing: a Ramadan story

Shamsi, Shirin 2022 Holiday

The book of stolen time

Slater, Dashka 2022 Fiction

The last mapmaker

Soontornvat, Christina. 2022 Fiction

A comb of wishes

Stringfellow, Lisa 2022 Fiction

Meet Hank

Sun, Angie 2021 Early reader

The dangerous gift: Wings of fire. Book 14

Sutherland, Tui 2021 Audiobook

Deb Haaland

Thiele, June 2022 Biography

The best liars in Riverview

Thompson, Lin 2022 Fiction

A pandemic is worldwide

Thomson, Sarah L. 2022 Nonfiction

The view from the very best house in town

Trehan, Meera 2022 Fiction

Osmo Unknown and the Eightpenny Woods

Valente, Catherynne M. 2022 Fiction

Born behind bars

Venkatraman, Padma 2022 Fiction

Red scare

Walsh, Liam Francis 2022 Comics/graphic novel

Call me Miss Hamilton: one woman’s case for equality and respect

Weatherford, Carole Boston 2022 Biography

Me and my mama

Weatherford, Carole Boston 2022 Board book

My very first 100 words

Wells, Rosemary 2022 Picture book

Like mother, like daughter

Yim, Natasha 2022 Picture book

Time to shine: Fairylight friends. 2

Young, Jessica 2021 Early reader

Dreams bigger than heartbreak

Anders, Charlie Jane 2022 Fiction

Scout’s honor

Anderson, Lily 2022 Fiction

Always Jane

Bennett, Jenn 2022 Fiction

My dearest darkest

Cottingham, Kayla 2022 Fiction

Rima’s rebellion: courage in a time of tyranny

Engle, Margarita 2022 Fiction

What we harvest

Fraistat, Ann 2022 Fiction

The wolves are waiting

Friend, Natasha 2022 Fiction

Haikyu!! 34, Cats’ claws

Furudate, Haruichi 2021 Manga

Haikyu!! 37, The party’s over

Furudate, Haruichi 2021 Manga

Haikyu!! 41, The Little Giant versus…

Furudate, Haruichi 2021 Manga

A million quiet revolutions

Gow, Robin 2022 Fiction


Henson, Heather 2022 Fiction

Dr. Stone. 21, Stone sanctuary

Inagaki, Riichiro 2022 Manga

Teen guide to side gigs: working in the new economy

Kallen, Stuart A. 2022 Nonfiction

Kiss & tell

Khorram, Adib 2022 Fiction

K-Pop revolution

Lee, Stephan 2022 Fiction

A magic steeped in poison

Lin, Judy I 2022 Fiction

Family of liars

Lockhart, E 2022 Fiction

Great or nothing

McCullough, Joy 2022 Fiction

Substance addiction

McKinney, Donna Bowen 2022 Nonfiction

Dig two graves

McNeil, Gretchen 2022 Fiction

I kissed Shara Wheeler: a novel

McQuiston, Casey 2022 Fiction

Understanding gender identity

Nardo, Don 2022 Nonfiction

The Weeknd: R&B megastar

Nicks, Erin 2022 Biography

Star Wars, the high Republic. Midnight horizon

Older, Daniel José 2022 Fiction

Wrath & mercy

Rubinkowski, Jessica 2022

Jagged little pill: the novel

Smith, Eric 2022 Fiction

Remember me gone

Stokes, Stacy 2022 Fiction

American shoes: a refugee’s story

Turke, Rosemarie Lengsfeld 2022 Biography