The reading list: a novel

Adams, Sara Nisha 2021


Anipare, Sifton Tracey 2021 Fantasy

The house of rust: a novel

Bajaber, Khadija Abdalla. 2021 Fantasy

The pessimists: a novel

Ball, Bethany 2021

The fall of Babel: Books of Babel. Book 4

Bancroft, Josiah 2021 Fantasy

In another light: a novel

Banner, A. J 2021

Good catch: Harper Landing novel

Bardsley, Jennifer 2021 Romance

A reckless match: Ruthless rivals. Book 1

Bateman, Kate 2021 Romance

The ballad of Laurel Springs

Beard, Janet 2021 Historical fiction


Binet, Laurent 2021

Mary Jane: a novel

Blau, Jessica Anya 2021 Historical fiction

As dawn breaks

Breslin, Kate 2021 Romance

Child of light

Brooks, Terry 2021 Fantasy

Grievers: Black Dawn A series. Book 1

Brown, Adrienne M 2021 Science fiction

Mercy Creek: a Jo Wyatt mystery. Book 2

Browning, M. E 2021 Mystery

Plagio (Una novela) [español]

Carmin, Hector Aguilar 2020

Hairspray and switchblades

Castro, V. 2020 Fantasy


Clammer, James 2021

State of terror: a novel

Clinton, Hillary Rodham 2021 Suspense

A lot like adiós: a novel

Daria, Alexis 2021 Romance

Cascade: stories

Davidson, Craig 2021 Short stories

Jacket weather: a novel

DeCapite, Michael 2021 Love stories

Cloud cuckoo land: a novel

Doerr, Anthony 2021 Science fiction

The Museum of Rain

Eggers, Dave 2021 Short stories

Husband for rent [tagalog]

Eurekaa 2020 Romance

The Christmas promise

Evans, Richard Paul 2021 Romance

The trees: a novel

Everett, Percival 2021 Suspense

The hidden child: a novel

Fein, Louise 2021 Historical fiction

Dear Miss Metropolitan

Ferrell, Carolyn 2021

Cul-de-sac: a novel

Fielding, Joy 2021

A season on the wind

Fisher, Suzanne Woods 2021 Christian

Christmas dessert murder: :

Fluke, Joanne 2021 Mystery

The bookshop of second chances: a novel

Fraser, Jackie 2021 Romance

Blanco letal [español]

Galbraith, Robert 2021

Just thieves

Galloway, Gregory 2021 Mystery


García Lorca, Federico 2021 Graphic novels

Alagojā aura anya kahāniyām̐ [hindi]

Gaura, Jaya Rāma Siṃha 2020 Short stories

The hidden: a novel

Golding, Melanie 2021

The Union. The Britannia project

Grist, Paul 2021 Graphic novels

Nick and Noel’s Christmas playlist

Hall, Codi 2021 Romance

Burntcoat: a novel

Hall, Sarah 2021 Romance


Hanks, Dan 2021

Cảm ơn người đã rời xa tôi [vietnamese]

Hà Thanh Phúc 2021 Short stories

The love hypothesis

Hazelwood, Ali 2021 Love stories

The vow

Howells, Debbie 2020

Refuge: a novel

Jackson, Dot 2021

The Christmas house: a novel

James, Victoria 2021 Romance

The burning: a Clay Edison series. Book 4

Kellerman, Jonathan 2021 Mystery


Kellogg, M. Bradley 2021 Science fiction

The cabinet

Kim, Ŏn-su 2021 Science fiction

Forgiving Paris: a novel

Kingsbury, Karen. 2021 Christian

OMAC: one man army corps by Jack Kirby

Kirby, Jack 2021 Graphic novels

Bo nadal Cię kocham [polish]

Kordel, Magdalena 2020

The family

Krupitsky, Naomi 2021 Historical fiction

Go home, Ricky!: a novel

Kwak, Gene 2021

Carter [polish]

Leończuk, Klara 2021 Romance

Sherlock holmes and the three winter terrors

Lovegrove, James 2021 Mystery

The Italian

Mabkhūt, Shukrī 2021 Historical fiction

Taskmaster. The rubicon trigger

MacKay, Jed 2021 Graphic novels

3,1 kg hạnh phú [vietnamese]c

Mai, Thanh Nga 2021

Kiecka i krynolina [polish]

Maludy, Aleksandra Katarzyna, ǂe author. 2021 Science fiction

The seven visitations of Sydney Burgess

Marino, Andy 2021 Horror

1979: an Allie Burns novel. Book 1

McDermid, Val 2021 Mystery

Thy love [tagalog]

Mia, Binibining 2020 Romance

Santa cruise

Michaels, Fern 2021 Romance

Hellboy universe essentials. Hellboy

Mignola, Mike 2021 Graphic novels

Nīlī fieṭa kāra [hindi]

Modiano, Patrick 2020

A bright young thing: a novel

Moore, Brianne 2021 Historical fiction

The Christmas escape

Morgan, Sarah 2021 Romance

Apples never fall: a novel

Moriarty, Liane. 2021

All her little secrets: a novel

Morris, Wanda M 2021 Mystery

Ekstremista [polish]

Mróz, Remigiusz 2021


Muffaz, A. M 2021

The almost queen

Murray, Alys 2021 Fantasy

Cry macho: a novel

Nash, N. Richard 2021 Western

Snowflake: a novel

Nealon, Louise 2021


Newland, Courttia 2021 Science fiction

Lạnh lùng [vietnamese]

Nhất Linh 2021

Sankofa: a novel

Onuzo, Chibundu. 2021

Una cura para el alma [español]

Orazal, Mariam 2021 Romance

The night of many endings

Payne, Melissa 2021

Chapter and curse: Cambridge bookshop. Book 1

Penney, Elizabeth. 2021 Mystery

Blade Runner: origins. 1, Products

Perkins, K 2021 Graphic novels

The Ghosts of Thorwald Place

Power, Helen 2021 Suspense

We are not like them: a novel

Pride, Christine 2021

Death at Greenway: a novel

Rader-Day, Lori 2021 Historical fiction

La dernière tempête [french]

Ragnar Jónasson 2021

Reign of X. Volume 2

2021 Science fiction

The last checkmate: a novel

Saab, Gabriella 2021 Historical fiction


Sable, Mark 2021 Graphic novels

Warriors of God: Hussite trilogy. Book 2

Sapkowski, Andrzej 2021 Fantasy

A royal Christmas fairy tale

Schaler, Karen 2021 Romance

Wendy. 1

Scott, Walter 2021 Graphic novels

Wendy. 2, Wendy’s revenge

Scott, Walter 2021 Graphic novels

Holiday ever after: an anthology

Shalvis, Jill 2021 Romance

The secret of snow

Shipman, Viola 2021 Romance

Gore in the garden: a Washington whoduni. Book 5

Shogan, Colleen J. 2021 Mystery

LaserWriter II: a novel

Shopsin, Tamara 2021

Death defying devil: our home

Simone, Gail 2020 Graphic novels

Hollywood ending

Skilton, Tash 2021 Romance

The days of Afrekete

Solomon, Asali 2021

The wish

Sparks, Nicholas 2021 Romance

Infamous: a Rebels of the Ton. Book 3

Spencer, Minerva 2021 Romance

The death of Jane Lawrence

Starling, Caitlin 2021 Horror

Appointment in Tehran: a Snake Eater chronicles. Book 2

Stejskal, James 2021 Historical fiction

It’s not what you thought it would be

Stewart, Lizzy 2021 Short stories

Oh William!: a novel

Strout, Elizabeth 2021

Fidā-e-Lakhanaū [hindi]

Talha, Parveen 2021 Short stories

Sleigh bells ring

Thayne, RaeAnne 2021 Romance

Lonely receiver

Thompson, Zac 2021 Graphic novels

Whitesands: A John Dark Case

Thorsson, Johann. 2021 Occult


Thúy, Kim 2021 Historical fiction

Mo hu [chinese]

Tian, Zhonghe 2021

The runaway heiress

Tilly, Meg 2021 Romance

A picture of hope: Heroines of WWII. Book 2

Tolsma, Liz 2021 Historical fiction

Four-fisted tales: animals in combat

Towle, Ben 2021 Graphic novels

Sophie Valroux’s Paris stars

Vérant, Samantha 2021 Romance

History of the Marvel Universe

Waid, Mark 2021 Graphic novels

First degree: a crime anthology

Walker, David 2021 Graphic novels

The last house on needless street

Ward, Catriona 2021 Horror

To end in fire: Honor Harrington. Book 19

Weber, David 2021 Science fiction


White, Gordon B 2021 Horror

The attic on Queen Street

White, Karen 2021

How high? — that high: stories

Williams, Diane 2021 Short stories

The dictionary of lost words: a novel

Williams, Pip 2021 Historical fiction

Still life

Winman, Sarah 2021 Historical fiction

The ghost sequences

Wise, A. C 2021 Short stories

Foul play: Stone Barrington novel. Book 59

Woods, Stuart 2021 Mystery

Both/And: a life in many worlds

Abedin, Huma 2021 Biography

Hollowed Out: a warning about America’s next generation

Adams, Jeremy S. 2021 Society & social sciences

The game console 2.0: a photographic history from Atari to Xbox

Amos, Evan 2021 Technology & engineering

Peterson field guide to weather

Anderson, Jay 2021 Science

AP environmental science prep 2022

2021 Society & social sciences

There she was: the secret history of Miss America

Argetsinger, Amy 2021 Entertainment

Elderhood: Redefining aging, transforming medicine, reimagining life

Aronson, Louise 2021 Society & social sciences

Seasons of a magical life: a Pagan path of living

Ballard, H. Byron 2021 Religion & spirituality

Not dead yet: rebooting your life after 50

Ballinger, Barbara 2021 Society & social sciences

Rebel homemaker: food, family, life

Barrymore, Drew 2021 Food & drink

Metalwork and machining hints and tips

Bradley, Ian 2021 Crafts & hobbies

Greek religion

Bremmer, Jan N. 2021 Religion & spirituality

Sams teach yourself Java in 21 days

Cadenhead, Rogers 2020 Computers

Metalworking for home machinists

Cain, Tubal 2021 Crafts & hobbies

Conquistadores: a new history of Spanish discovery and conquest

Cervantes, Fernando 2021 History & genealogy

Vaccines for dummies

Coffee, Megan 2021 Health

The missing mountain: new and selected poems

Collier, Michael 2021 Literature

The fitness instructor’s handbook

Coulson, Morc 2021 Health

Going there

Couric, Katie 2021 Biography


Dante Alighieri 2021 Literature

Writing of the gods: the race to decode the Rosetta Stone

Dolnick, Edward 2021 Dictionaries & languages

Grit [espanol]: el poder de la pasión y la perseverancia

Duckworth, Angela 2021 Personal development

Taking Paris: the epic battle for the city of lights

Dugard, Martin 2021 History & genealogy

Bilhana: wholefood recipes from Egypt, Lebanon, and Morocco

Elgharably, Yasmine 2021 Food & drink

Giannis: the improbable rise of an NBA MVP

Fader, Mirin 2021 Sports & recreation

Drawing perspective

Fisher, Tim 2021

Boîtes à lunch véganes [french]: pour petits et grands

Fortin, Gabrielle 2021 Food & drink

Beyond Biden: rebuilding the America we love

Gingrich, Newt 2021 Society & social sciences

Sa kanto ng makabud at mangga, may eskuwela [tagalog]

Gonzales, Vladimeir B. 2020 Literature

The book of hope: a survival guide for trying times

Goodall, Jane 2021 Personal development

Baking with Dorie: sweet, salty & simple

Greenspan, Dorie 2021 Food & drink

The storyteller: tales of life and music

Grohl, David 2021 Biography

Robert E. Lee: a life

Guelzo, Allen C 2021 Biography

Poet warrior: a memoir

Harjo, Joy 2021 Biography

The boys: a memoir of Hollywood and family

Howard, Ron 2021 Biography

America’s forgotten colonial history

Huntley, Dana 2021 History & genealogy

The last duel: a true story of crime, scandal, and trial by combat

Jager, Eric 2020 Society & social sciences

Critical care nursing demystified

Keogh, James Edward 2021 Health

Slonim Woods 9: a memoir

Levin, Daniel Barban 2021 Biography

A state of secrecy: Stasi informers and the culture of surveillance

Lewis, Alison 2021 Society & social sciences

Man Ray: the artist and his shadows

Lubow, Arthur. 2021 Biography

The archaeology of qumran & the dead sea scrolls

Magness, Jodi 2021 Religion & spirituality

Of fear and strangers: a history of xenophobia

Makari, George 2021 Society & social sciences

Form your own limited liability company 2021: create an LLC in any state

Mancuso, Anthony 2021 Society & social sciences

A camera obscura: poems

Marcum, Carl 2021 Literature

Somebody else sold the world

Matejka, Adrian 2021 Literature

Alexa for dummies

McFedries, Paul 2021 Computers

Raspberry Pi for dummies

McManus, Sean 2021 Computers

Sorry not sorry

Milano, Alyssa 2021 Biography

Yaha candramā kisakā hai? [hindi]: lalita nibandha saṅgraha

Miśra, Surendra Kumāra 2020 Literature


Mixon-Webster, Jonah 2021 Literature

Cultish: the language of fanaticism

Montell, Amanda 2021 Society & social sciences

MATLAB for dummies: 2nd edition

Mueller, John 2021 Science

In Trump time: a journal of America’s plague year

Navarro, Peter 2021 History & genealogy

Su yu lian [chinese]: Ri chang de yi fu

Ning, Yuan 2020 Crafts & hobbies

My life in full: work, family, and our future

Nooyi, Indra K. 2021 Business

Together: memorable meals made easy

Oliver, Jamie 2021 Food & drink

On animals

Orlean, Susan 2021 Science

Other people’s comfort keeps me up at night

Parker, Morgan 2021 Literature

Yoga after fifty for dummies

Payne, Larry 2020 Health

Meal prep cookbook for dummies

Peterson, Wendy Jo 2021 Food & drink

The heart: Frida Kahlo in Paris

Petitjean, Marc 2020 Art & photography

Portugal 2021

2021 Travel

Rāmarājya [hindi]

Rana, Ashutosh 2020 Religion & spirituality

Nie krocz za mną [polish]

RoseMary 2020 Religion & spirituality

Resistance: how women saved democracy from Donald Trump

Rubin, Jennifer 2021 Society & social sciences

Bu wei [chinese]: Lukewen zi zhuan

Rudd, Kevin 2021 Biography

Tapestry design basics and beyond: planning and weaving with confidence

Scanlin, Tommye McClure 2021 Crafts & hobbies

Who’s on first?: new and selected poems

Schwartz, Lloyd 2021 Literature

Scott 2022 standard postage stamp catalogue

2021 Society & social sciences

Karachi Vice: life and death in a divided city

Shackle, Samira 2021 History & genealogy

Khi mọi điểm tựa đều mất [vietnamese]

Shimoff, Marci 2020 Personal development

The first 21: how I became Nikki Sixx

Sixx, Nikki 2021 Biography

New Jersey’s trolley heritage

Springirth, Kenneth C. 2020 Business

Renegades: born in the USA : dreams, myths, music

Springsteen, Bruce 2021 History & genealogy

Oscar Wilde: a life

Sturgis, Matthew 2021 Biography

Ve dina jo kabhī ḍhale nahīṃ [hindi]: saṃsmaraṇa

Śyāmala, Śyāma Bihārī 2021 Biography

Rozmowy z białaczką [polish]

Syed, Sylwia 2021 Biography

Cravings: all together : recipes to love

Teigen, Chrissy 2021 Food & drink

TOEFL iBT prep

2021 Dictionaries & languages

Eruption: conversations with Eddie Van Halen

Tolinski, Brad 2021 Biography

The young H.G. Wells: changing the world

Tomalin, Claire 2021 Biography

Ăn uống là hạnh phúc [vietnamese]

Trần, Thị Huyên Thảo 2020 Parenting

Taste: my life through food

Tucci, Stanley 2021 Biography

Killing John Wayne: The making of the conqueror

Uytdewilligen, Ryan 2021 Entertainment

Unrequited infatuations: a memoir

Van Zandt, Stevie 2021 Biography

El fixer [espanol]

Vega, Miguel Angel 2021 Criminology

Washington information directory 2021-2022

2021 Society & social sciences


Williams, Phillip B 2021 Literature

Gastro obscura: a food adventurer’s guide

Wong, Cecily 2021 Food & drink


Woodward, Bob 2021 History & genealogy

The giant killer

Yuzuk, David A. 2020 Biography

The Santa suit

Andrews, Mary Kay 2021


Cumming, Alan 2021

The missing hours

Dahl, Julia 2021

The judge’s list: a novel

Grisham, John 2021

The other black girl: a novel

Harris, Zakiya Dalila 2021

A spindle splintered

Harrow, Alix E 2021

The neighbor’s secret

Heller, L. Alison 2021

The heart principle

Hoang, Helen 2021

The party crasher: a novel

Kinsella, Sophie 2021

Dear Santa: a novel

Macomber, Debbie 2021

Summer sons

Mandelo, Lee 2021

Authentically, uniquely you

Meyer, Joyce 2021

Three sisters

Morris, Heather 2021

Jailhouse lawyer

Patterson, James 2021

The noise

Patterson, James 2021

This is your mind on plants

Pollan, Michael 2021

Her perfect life

Ryan, Hank Phillippi 2021

The Lincoln highway

Towles, Amor 2021

Project hail Mary: a novel

Weir, Andy 2021

The Martian: a novel

Weir, Andy. 2021

A life at stake

2021 Motion picture

Bad education

2020 Motion picture

Bad tales

2021 Motion picture

Bauhaus: a new era

2021 Television program

Brooklyn nine-nine. Season seven

2020 Television program

Chicago Med. season 6

2021 Television program


2021 Motion picture

Devils. Season one

2021 Television program

Four good days

2021 Motion picture

Gomorrah: the series. Season 1

2021 Television program

Guns for San Sebastian

2021 Motion picture

Jack Irish. Season 3

2021 Television program

Joe Bell

2021 Motion picture

Justice League

2021 Motion picture


2020 Motion picture

Muhammad Ali

2021 Television program

Music of the heart

2021 Motion picture


2021 Motion picture


2021 Motion picture


2021 Motion picture

Star trek IV, the voyage home

2021 Motion picture



The chosen. Season two

2021 Television program

The crown. The complete fourth season

2021 Television program

The English patient

2021 Motion picture

The equalizer. Season one

2021 Television program

The flash. the complete seventh season

2021 Television program

The heart guy. Series 5

2021 Television program

The stand

2021 Television program

The truffle hunters

2021 Documentary

Village of the vampire

2021 Motion picture

When calls the heart. Complete season 8

2021 Television program


2Cellos 2021 Classical

Sitting pretty on top of the world

Alaina, Lauren 2021 Country

Holler if you hear me

Altered Five Blues Band 2021 Blues

American quintets

2021 Classical

Let it be

Beatles 2021 Rock/Pop

Dear America

Bibb, Eric 2021 Blues

The off-season

Cole, J. 2021 Rap

If I could only remember my name

Crosby, David 2021 Rock/Pop

Dearly beloved

Daughtry 2021 Rock/Pop

Blue banisters

Del Rey, Lana 2021 Rock/Pop

Lost not forgotten archives

Dream Theater 2021 Rock/Pop

My bluegrass heart

Fleck, Béla 2021 Country


Ford, Robben 2021 Blues

The roadside EP

Idol, Billy 2021 Rock/Pop


Imbruglia, Natalie 2021 Rock/Pop

The lockdown sessions

John, Elton 2021 Rock/Pop

Cocked and loaded live

L.A. Guns 2021 Rock/Pop

Native sons

Lobos 2021 Rock/Pop

Grapefruit season

McMorrow, James Vincent 2021 Rock/Pop


Medeski, John 2021 Jazz

Beam me up Scotty

Minaj, Nicki 2021 Rap

My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket 2021 Rock/Pop

Tinfoil hat

Popa Chubby 2021 Blues

Call of the wild

Powerwolf 2021 Rock/Pop

Tattoo you

Rolling Stones 2021 Rock/Pop

A common turn

Savage, Anna B. 2021 Rock/Pop

Gotta have the rumble

Setzer, Brian 2021 Rock/Pop

Let the soil play its simple part

Shaw, Caroline 2021 Classical


Sheeran, Ed 2021 Rock/Pop

The ballad of Dood & Juanita

Simpson, Sturgill 2021 Country

The cry of the heart

Smith, Connie 2021 Country


Sparks 2021 Soundtrack

Live in Denver

Tobymac 2021 Religious

El Playlist De Anoche

Torres, Tommy 2021 Latin

Bob’s back pages a night of Bob Dylan songs

Williams, Lucinda 2021 Rock/Pop

The comeback

Zac Brown Band 2021 Country

How to be an artist

Abadzis, S. Natalie 2021 Nonfiction

Barb the last Berzerker. Book 1

Abdo, Dan 2021 Comics/graphic novel

Spindlefish and stars

Andrews, Christiane M. 2021 Fiction

Mystery island: Escape book. 2

Anquetil, Stéphane 2020 Fiction

Clovis keeps his cool

Aronson, Katelyn 2021 Picture book

Accused: my story of injustice

Bah, Adama 2021 Biography

If you are the dreamer

Balouch, Kristen 2021 Picture book

Merry Fish-mas: Purrmaids. 8

Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta 2020 Fiction

Home is…

Barnaby, Hannah Rodgers 2021 Picture book

Mac undercover: Mac B., kid spy. 1

Barnett, Mac 2020 Audiobook

The impossible crime: Mac B., kid spy. 2

Barnett, Mac 2020 Audiobook

Every little kindness

Bartolj, Marta 2021 Picture book


Bauer, Marion Dane 2021 Nonfiction

Emotions = Emociones: English-Spanish

Billings, Patricia 2021 World languages

Gratitude = Wdzięczność: English-Polish

Billings, Patricia 2021 World languages

I’m sorry

Black, Michael Ian 2021 Picture book

Ruff day: Charlie’s rules. 2

Brouwer, Sigmund 2021 Fiction

Heroes: Royal Academy rebels. 3

Calonita, Jen 2021 Fiction

Foxes in a fix: Lily to the rescue. 7

Cameron, W. Bruce 2021 Fiction

Thank you, neighbor!

Chan, Ruth 2021 Picture book

Three ways to be brave: a trio of stories

Clark, Karla 2021 Picture book

Zion unmatched

Clark, Zion 2021 Biography

Lore of the wild: folklore & wisdom from nature

Cock-Starkey, Claire 2021 Picture book

Lost island: Hollow dolls. 2

Connolly, MarcyKate 2021 Fiction

New in town

Cornell, Kevin 2021 Picture book

Pugtato babysits the snouts

Corrigan, Sophie 2021 Picture book


Corso, Phil 2020 Nonfiction

Bye, car

Danis, Naomi 2021 Picture book

Farah rocks Florida: Farah rocks. 4

Darraj, Susan Muaddi 2021 Fiction

Farah rocks new beginnings: Farah rocks. 3

Darraj, Susan Muaddi 2021 Fiction

The snowflake

Davies, Benji 2021 Holiday

DC Super Hero Girls. Ghosting

Deibert, Amanda 2021 Comics/graphic novel

The wall and the wild

Dendy, Christina 2021 Picture book

The Beatryce Prophecy

DiCamillo, Kate 2021 Audiobook

How do we prepare for severe weather?

Dickmann, Nancy 2021 Nonfiction

Understanding weather patterns

Dickmann, Nancy 2021 Nonfiction

Hockey’s wickedest goals!

Doeden, Matt 2021 Nonfiction

A hundred thousand welcomes

Donovan, Mary Lee 2021 Picture book

Little Grump Truck

Driscoll, Amanda 2021 Picture book


Driscoll, Laura 2021 Nonfiction

Remember to dream, Ebere

Erivo, Cynthia 2021 Picture book


Field, Jacob 2021 Nonfiction

The haunted key: Frightville. 3

Ford, Mike 2020 Fiction

Mighty inside

Frazier, Sundee Tucker 2021 Fiction

Earth’s incredible oceans

French, Jess 2021 Nonfiction

The bookshop of dust and dreams

Fullilove, Mindy Thompson 2021 Fiction

May your life be deliciosa

Genhart, Michael 2021 Holiday

Spy school at sea

Gibbs, Stuart 2021 Audiobook

A quick history of money: from bartering to Bitcoin

Gifford, Clive. 2021 Nonfiction

Night lights: a Sukkot story

Goldin, Barbara Diamond 2020 Holiday

Hurricane: my story of resilience

Gómez-Colón, Salvador 2021 Biography

Mr. Walker steps out

Graff, Lisa 2021 Picture book

Animorphs: the graphic novel. 2, The visitor

Grine, Chris 2021 Comics/graphic novel

A mouse called Miika

Haig, Matt 2021 Fiction

Brayden speaks up

Harrington, Brayden 2021 Nonfiction

Sonny says mine!

Hart, Caryl 2021 Picture book


Haughton, Chris 2021 Picture book

Happy roo year: it’s Rosh Hashanah

Hickman, Jessica 2021 Board book

Best friends-ish: Audrey L & Audrey W. Book 1

Higgins, Carter 2021 Fiction

The lion of mars

Holm, Jennifer L 2021 Fiction


Houran, Lori Haskins 2021 Nonfiction


Houran, Lori Haskins 2021 Nonfiction

The missing pairs

Ivinson, Yvonne 2021 Picture book

The smart cookie

John, Jory 2021

Big city adventures

Johnson, Nicole 2021 Picture book

This is Ms. Marvel

Juhlin, Emeli 2021 Early reader

This is still not a book!

Jullien, Jean 2021 Board book

My sister, Daisy

Karlsson, Adria 2021 Picture book

Rat fair

Kessler, Leah Rose 2021 Picture book

Big shot: Diary of a wimpy kid series. 16

Kinney, Jeff 2021 Fiction

What is the story of Willy Wonka?

Korté, Steven 2021 Nonfiction

Original cat, copy cat

Kurpiel, Sarah 2021 Picture book

Pokémon adventures. Volume 10

Kusaka, Hidenori 2021 Comics/graphic novel

When Langston dances

Langley, Kaija 2021 Picture book

Where three oceans meet

LaRocca, Rajani 2021 Picture book

So you want to build a library

Leslie, Lindsay 2021 Picture book

A peek at beaks: tools birds use

Levine, Sara 2021 Nonfiction

Disney princess cookbook: 50 delicious recipes!

Littlefield, Cindy A. 2021 Nonfiction

Little vampire

2021 Video

Sing with me: the story of Selena Quintanilla

López, Diana 2021 Biography

Ivy lost and found: Book buddies. 1

Lord, Cynthia 2021 Fiction

The ultimate at-home activity guide

Lowery, Mike 2021 Nonfiction


Maheshwari, Priti Birla 2021 Picture book

Julius and Macy: a very brave night

Mahoney, Annelouise 2021 Picture book

Firefighter Kayla

Manushkin, Fran 2021 Early reader

Good morning, Farmer Carmen!

Manushkin, Fran 2020 Early reader

Mr. Patel builds

Manushkin, Fran 2021 Early reader

Rescue on turtle beach: Wind Riders. 1

Marlin, Jen 2021 Fiction

Kristy’s great idea: Baby-sitters Club. 1

Martin, Ann M. 2020 Fiction

Brains!: not just a zombie snack

McAnulty, Stacy 2021 Picture book

Randy, the badly drawn horse–and nobody else!

McBeth, T. L. 2021 Picture book

Judy Moody: in a Monday Mood : Judy Moody. 16

McDonald, Megan 2021 Audiobook

The lurking lima bean: Night frights. 2

McGee, Joe 2021 Fiction

Step by step

McGinty, Alice B. 2021 Picture book

The Bear House

McIsaac, Meaghan 2021 Fiction

How to make a bird

McKinlay, Megan 2021 Picture book

The longer the wait, the bigger the hug

McLaughlin, Eoin 2021 Picture book

Clarice the brave

McMann, Lisa 2021 Fiction


Messner, Kate 2021 Fiction

Sparky: Puppy place. 62

Miles, Ellen 2021 Fiction

Besties. Work it out

Miller, Kayla 2021 Comics/graphic novel

Time to recharge, Harper!

Miller, Kelly Leigh 2021 Picture book

My magic wand: growing with the seasons

Mora, Pat 2021 Nonfiction

North and South: a tale of two hemispheres

Morris, Sandra 2021 Nonfiction

Home alone

Nascimbeni, Barbara 2021 Picture book

If you lived during the Plimoth Thanksgiving

Newell, Chris 2021 Nonfiction

Camping chaos: Secret games of Maximus Todd

Nicodemo, L. M. 2021 Fiction


Palacio, R. J. 2021

Dinomighty! [2]. The heist age

Paleo, Doug 2021 Comics/graphic novel

The Civil War: visual encyclopedia

Parker, Philip 2021 Nonfiction

Garlic & the vampire

Paulsen, Bree 2021 Comics/graphic novel

How to train your dad

Paulsen, Gary 2021 Fiction

The sun: shining star of the solar system

Perdew, Laura 2021 Nonfiction

Full moon

Pintonato, Camilla 2021 Picture book

The fox and the forest fire

Popovici, Danny 2021 Picture book

You are a reader! ; You are a writer!

Prince, April Jones 2021 Picture book

Gitty and Kvetch

Pritchard, Caroline Kusin 2021 Picture book

Football’s sickest sacks!

Pryor, Shawn 2021 Nonfiction

The cursed temple: Escape book. 1

Puysségur, Alain 2020 Fiction

The wind may blow

Quinton, Sasha 2021 Picture book

One life: adapted for young readers

Rapinoe, Megan 2021 Biography

A boy is not a ghost

Ravel, Edeet 2021 Fiction

Penguin patterns

Rebman, Nick 2021 Nonfiction

The Lost Slipper: Ballet bunnies. 4

Reddy, Swapna 2021 Fiction

Construction site: road crew, coming through!

Rinker, Sherri Duskey 2021 Picture book

Better together!

Robach, Amy 2021 Picture book

The great bear: Misewa saga. 2

Robertson, David 2021 Fiction

Alley & Rex

Ross, Joel N. 2021 Fiction

Starlight soup: a Sukkot story

Rubinstein, Elana 2021 Fiction

Mi casa is my home

Sala, Laurenne 2021 Picture book

Camila the baking star

Salazar, Alicia 2021 Fiction

Camila the record-breaking star

Salazar, Alicia 2021 Fiction

Camila the stage star

Salazar, Alicia 2021 Early reader

Camila the video star

Salazar, Alicia 2021 Early reader

Goodnight Ganesha

Salomon, Nadia 2021 Picture book

Martin Luther King Jr.

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2020 Biography

Rock and Vole

Sattler, Jennifer Gordon 2021 Picture book

Mi vida con ceguera

Schuh, Mari C. 2021 World languages

There’s a rang-tan in my bedroom

Sellick, James 2021 Picture book

Phoebe and her unicorn. 14, Unicorn playlist

Simpson, Dana 2021 Comics/graphic novel

All eyes on Ozzy!

Steele, K-Fai. 2021 Picture book

Dragonslayer: Wings of fire, Legends. 2

Sutherland, Tui 2020 Audiobook

How the crayons saved the school

Sweeney, Monica 2021 Picture book

A walk in the words

Talbott, Hudson 2021 Picture book

Only my dog knows I pick my nose

Tarshis, Lauren 2021 Picture book

When I see red

Teckentrup, Britta 2021 Picture book

The beach

2021 Picture book

One million insects

Thomas, Isabel 2021 Nonfiction

Psychology for kids

Toner, Jacqueline B. 2021 Nonfiction

Dragon legend: Dragon realm. 2

Tsang, Katie 2021 Fiction

I am courage: a book of resilience

Verde, Susan 2021 Picture book

Rest = Descansar

Verdick, Elizabeth 2021 World languages

Screen time is not forever

Verdick, Elizabeth 2021 Board book


Vickers, Elaine 2021 Picture book

Minnie Mouse. a graphic novel / 1, Big dreams :

Vitale, Brooke 2021 Comics/graphic novel

Minnie Mouse. a graphic novel / 2, The perfect book :

Vitale, Brooke 2021 Comics/graphic novel

The unforgettable party

Vola, Noemi 2021 Picture book

Grandma and the rooster

Wang, Yimei 2020 Holiday

The beekeper mystery: Boxcar children mysteries. 159

Warner, Gertrude Chandler 2021 Fiction

The Great Greenfield bake off: Boxcar children mysteries. 158

Warner, Gertrude Chandler 2021 Fiction


Watson, Stephanie 2021 Fiction

The underdogs: Underdogs. 1

West, Tracey 2021 Fiction

A life electric: the story of Nikola Tesla

Westergaard, Azadeh 2021 Biography

The world below the brine

Whitman, Walt 2020 Nonfiction

Hello ninja: hello stage fright

Wilson, Nathan D 2021 Early reader

Hello Ninja: Goodbye tooth

Wilson, Nathan D. 2021 Early reader

The cat on the mat: all about mindfulness

Worth, Bonnie 2021 Early reader

How do you live?

Yoshino, Genzaburō 2021 Fiction

Failed Princesses. 3

Ajiichi 2021 Manga

All these bodies

Blake, Kendare 2021 Fiction

Boys run the riot. Vol. 2

Gaku, Keito 2021 Manga

Beasts of prey

Gray, Ayana 2021 Fiction

They went left

Hesse, Monica 2021 Fiction

The tale of the outcasts. 1

Hoshino, Makoto 2021 Manga

The tale of the outcasts. 2

Hoshino, Makoto 2021 Manga

The tale of the outcasts. 3

Hoshino, Makoto 2021 Manga

Defiant: growing up in the Jim Crow South

Hudson, Wade 2021 Biography

Raybearer: Raybearer. Book 1

Ifueko, Jordan 2021 Fiction

Beastars. Volume 1

Itagaki, Paru 2020 Manga

Why we fly

Jones, Kimberly 2021 Fiction

As if on cue

Kanter, Marisa 2021 Fiction

Walking in two worlds

Kinew, Wab 2021 Fiction

This is why we lie

Lepore, Gabriella 2021 Fiction

Time will tell

Lyga, Barry 2021 Fiction

Mushoku Tensei: Roxy gets serious. 5

Magonote, Rifujin na 2021 Manga

Mushoku tensei: Roxy gets serious. 6

Magonote, Rifujin na 2021 Manga

The holiday switch

Marcelo, Tif 2021 Fiction

The girls are never gone

Marsh, Sarah Glenn 2021 Fiction

One of us is next: Bayview High series. Book 2

McManus, Karen M 2020 Fiction

Rainbow Bridge

Orlando, Steve 2021 Graphic novel

Hi score girl. 3

Oshikiri, Rensuke 2020 Manga

Orient. 2

Ōtaka, Shinobu 2021 Manga

Orient. 3

Ōtaka, Shinobu 2021 Manga

Mighty Morphin. Volume two

Parrott, Ryan 2021 Graphic novel

The dangers in my heart. 1

Sakurai, Norio 2021 Manga

The dangers in my heart. 2

Sakurai, Norio 2021 Manga

The color of dragons

Salvatore, R. A. 2021 Fiction

Just Ash

Santana, Sol 2021 Fiction

Jade fire gold

Tan, June CL 2021 Fiction

Reincarnated as a sword. 2

Tanaka, Yuu 2020 Manga

Reincarnated as a sword. 3

Tanaka, Yuu 2020 Manga

Reincarnated as a sword. 4

Tanaka, Yuu 2020 Manga

Reincarnated as a sword. 5

Tanaka, Yuu 2021 Manga

Reincarnated as a sword. 6

Tanaka, Yuu 2021 Manga

Reincarnated as a sword. 7

Tanaka, Yuu 2021 Manga

Daytime shooting star. 10

Yamamori, Mika 2021 Manga

Daytime shooting star. 11

Yamamori, Mika 2021 Manga

Daytime shooting star. 12

Yamamori, Mika 2021 Manga

Daytime shooting star. 4

Yamamori, Mika 2020 Manga

Daytime shooting star. 5

Yamamori, Mika 2020 Manga

Daytime shooting star. 6

Yamamori, Mika 2020 Manga

Daytime shooting star. 7

Yamamori, Mika 2020 Manga

Daytime shooting star. 8

Yamamori, Mika 2020 Manga

Daytime shooting star. 9

Yamamori, Mika 2020 Manga

Neon Genesis Evangelion. 3, Anima

Yamashita, Ikuto 2020 Fiction