Rainforest Opposites” by Erin Suzanne Kelly

Review by Amy Atzert, collection development librarian

Today is World Rainforest Day. How should you celebrate? Well, that is easy — by checking out “Rainforest Opposites” of course! Young readers will enjoy the animal facts and bold colors. The author has added a fun twist by focusing on all things opposite. The first page displays a well organized contents page that helps the reader pick a particular type of opposite instead of going through the book page by page. Looking for animals that are fast versus slow? You can easily turn to page six and discover information about the fast eagle and the slow sloth. The varied text size on each page allows new readers to concentrate on just a few words in big print, while a more established reader could handle the more detailed information in the smaller print. The bright colors and photographs of animals paired together stand out and successfully catch the reader’s attention. A glossary and index round out the helpful features. 

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