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Books for Children and Teens

Camp Quiltbag” by Nicole Melleby
An unforgettable story about the importance of and joy in finding a community.

A Child’s Introduction to Pride: The Inspirational History and Culture of the LGBTQIA+ Community” by Sarah Prager
Celebrates love, hope, equality, and progress by taking an inspirational and essential look at the rich history and culture of the LGBTQIA+ community in the United States and around the world.

Grandad’s Pride” by Harry Woodgate
Grandad and Milly are back for another adventure, this time honoring the past and celebrating the future with a pride parade.

I Am a Rainbow” by Mark Kanemura
Mark’s rainbow cape makes him feel brave enough to be himself and make new friends, but when the cape goes missing, he worries that his confidence will disappear too.

Imogen, Obviously” by Becky Albertalli
Pretending to be her queer best friend Lili’s former girlfriend, heterosexual Imogen Scott spends a lot of time with Lili’s friend Tessa and starts to wonder if her truth was ever all that straight to begin with.

Jude Saves the World” by Ronnie Riley
The story of Jude, a nonbinary kid who knows exactly who they are and decides to create a safe space in their community.

Lion’s Legacy” by L.C. Rosen
Against the backdrop of a sunlit Greek landscape, author L. C. Rosen masterfully weaves together adventure, romance, and magic in a celebration of the power of claiming your queer legacy.

The Meaning of Pride” by Rosiee Thor
Celebrating the culture and achievements of the LGBTQ+ community, this vibrant picture book shows young readers that there are many ways to show your pride and make a difference.

Rainbow Revolutionaries: 50 LGBTQ+ People Who Made History” by Sarah Prager
This illustrated biography collection takes young readers on an eye-opening journey through the lives of influential queer figures who have made a mark on every century of human existence.

The Stonewall Riots: Making a Stand for LGBTQ Rights” by Archie Bongiovanni
Three modern teenagers are magically transported to the legendary Stonewall Inn in the summer of 1969, finding themselves amidst the infamous riots that made the struggle for LGBTQ rights front-page news.

Books for Adults

365 Gays of the Year (Plus 1 for a Leap Year): Discover LGBTQ+ History One Day at a Time” by Lewis Laney and Charlotte Macmillan-Scott
This witty, unique celebration of queer history promises to inspire and empower readers with its wealth of bright stars.

Alphabet Soup: The Essential Guide to LGBTQ2+ Inclusion at Work” by Michael Bach
Diversity and inclusion expert Michael Bach breaks down everything you need to know about creating inclusive workplaces for people who don’t fit squarely into the “straight” and “cis” box.

Asylum: A Memoir & Manifesto” by Edafe Okporo
A moving memoir and urgent call to action for immigration justice by a Nigerian asylee who, after spending months in a US immigration detention center, went on to lead a refugee center in Harlem and become a global gay rights and immigrant rights activist.

Bad Gays: A Homosexual History” by Huw Lemmey and Ben Miller
Too many popular histories seek to establish heroes, pioneers and martyrs but, as Huw Lemmey and Ben Miller argue, the past is filled with queer people whose sexualities and dastardly deeds have been overlooked.

Carmilla: The First Vampire” by Amy Chu
Inspired by the gothic novel that started the vampire genre and layered with dark Chinese folklore, this queer, feminist murder mystery graphic novel is a tale of identity, obsession and fateful family secrets.

Decolonizing Wellness: A QTBIPOC-Centered Guide to Escape the Diet Trap, Heal Your Self-Image, and Achieve Body Liberation” by Dalia Kinsey
A road map to body acceptance and self-care for queer people of color, Decolonizing Wellness is filled with practical eating practices, journal prompts, affirmations, and mindfulness tools.

The Humble Lover” by Edmund White
From National Book Award honored author Edmund White, a wildly hilarious and irreverent novel about a rich older man who falls in love with a young ballerino.

Light Carries On” by Ray Nadine
After taking Leon’s body for an accidental joy ride, the ghost introduces himself as Cody, a queer punk rocker who died decades ago. Of course, he doesn’t remember how he wound up dead but the two decide investigating might be the only way to end the haunting.

Marry Me a Little: A Graphic Memoir” by Robert Kirby
A graphic memoir exploring the author’s personal and political feelings about his decision to marry his longtime partner when same-sex marriage became legal.

The Skin and its Girl” by Sarah Cypher
A young, queer Palestinian American woman pieces together her great-aunt’s secrets in this sweeping debut, a family saga confronting questions of sexual identity, exile, and lineage.