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Quiver by Holly Luhning

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Quiver by Holly Luhning

Quiver by Holly Luhning
Danica Winston moved from America to England for two reasons: to follow her artist boyfriend and to work at Stowmoor Psychiatric Hospital and interview Martin Foster.  Martin Foster brutally murdered a 14-year old girl mimicking the savage murders of Countess Elizabeth Bathory.  Danica has always been intrigued with the Bathory legend: known as the Blood Countess this Hungarian noblewoman is thought to have murdered over 600 young women and bathed in their blood.  Maria, Danica’s archivist friend who seems to pop up at the same conferences as Danica over the past few years, is also intrigued with Bathory and has finally found, and is beginning the translation of, the Countess’ diaries.  The stories of the past and present intertwine in this mysterious thriller.
The premise and the gradually growing oppressive tone of the book were great.  The story needed a little more.  Maybe because I read a lot I saw where the story was going, but the ending was still good.  I just think she needed a little less predictability to go with her atmospheric novel.  I’ll be interested to see what she writes next.
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