October Focus on Horror: Max Booth III

Created by Bob Helmbrecht, collection development librarian

Our Focus on Horror author for today is writer, publisher, and editor Max Booth III. 

In 2020, Booth’s novella “We Need to Do Something” was published. It’s a claustrophobic tale of domestic horror, in which a family is trapped in their bathroom during a tornado, and the tornado is pretty much the least terrible thing that happens to them. The book was adapted into a movie of the same title, released in theaters in September.

Booth’s novel “Touch the Night” was also published in 2020. I haven’t had a chance to read this one yet, but the publisher describes it as “Stranger Things” meets “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre,” so it’s moving up in my to-be-read pile.

The library also has Booth’s 2019 novel “Carnivorous Lunar Activities.” A Southern-Fried take on the werewolf genre, it’s a great combination of gore and comedy. What do you do when your best friend says they need you to put a silver bullet through their heart?

Booth is also the publisher of one of my favorite small presses, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, putting out such titles as Jessica Leonard’s “Antioch,” Lisa Quigley’s “The Forest,” and David James Keaton’s “She Was Found in a Guitar Case.” Check out a book by Max Booth III or Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing today!