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Normal by Graeme Cameron

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Normal by Graeme Cameron

Normal by Graeme Cameron
Waiting for the next (and last!) Dexter book?  Or have a burning need to read something darkly comic yet pretty sick?  Look no further!
A man breaks into a house and accidently kills a girl in her kitchen.  She wasn’t supposed to die that soon.  He cleans up the crime scene and bags up the body methodically, these things happen.  He pulls his van up to the yard and discovers something unfortunate.  He locked his keys in the car.  So begins the journey of small mistakes that plague our anti-hero as he kidnaps women, kills and gets away with it until the unexpected seems to happen all at once.  He meets a kindred spirit, saves a life, makes a friend and quite possibly falls in love.  But one thing to always remember, he is not normal.
The author uses humor to make you like his serial killer.  You can’t justify him being a good guy like with Dexter who only kills other killers.  This guy (who is never named or described to reinforce that he could be anyone) kills woman randomly because he likes to play games with them and kill them.  There is nothing redeeming about him, but you find yourself liking him and wanting him to get away with all the horrible things he’s done.  Then you remember what he’s done and feel wrong for rooting for him.  This is an author with talent.  Can’t wait to see what he does next.

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